Heroes Of Woodland Valley

Heroes Of Woodland Valley (2002)
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Extras: Sing-Alongs, Bonus Trailers

In their series of release of the Jim Henson Company’s children series ’Bear In The Big Blue House, ’ Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment has now released ’Heroes Of Woodland Valley’ on DVD. It is taking the story of Bear and his friends a step further this time by leaving the Big Blue House for the first time and introducing audiences to the town they are living in, Woodland Valley, as the story explores the meaning of the words ’community’ and ’together.’
As you would expect from this series of stories, ’Heroes Of Woodland Valley’ is once again a heart-warming story, this time in the length of multiple episodes that teaches its values without appearing moralistic or scholarly.

Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment’s DVD version is bringing us a fullscreen version of the film in a clean transfer. The image is free of defects and the colors are beautifully rendered, bringing the rich world of Bear and his friends to glorious life on the screen. The image is balanced with solid shadows and good highlights. The compression has also been handled well and compression artifacts are at a minimum for the most part.

Songs make up a good part of every ’Bear In The Big Blue House’ episode and as such it is great to see that this DVD also reproduces the film’s soundtrack nicely, without distortion or other deficiencies. Dialogues are very well integrated and produced and especially the songs are well-balanced with a natural-sounding frequency response.

A few extras round out this release, similar to other releases in the series before. You will find Sing-Alongs for the four songs in the film here as well as a selection of bonus trailers for other Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment releases.

For all friends of the Big Blue House, this is another great release in the series that parents should check out. It is a great story as the entire community pulls together to rebuild the city’s library after it was destroyed in a storm, and as usual, the production values are very high.