Lilo & Stitch: Read Along

Lilo & Stitch: Read Along (2002)
Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Extras: Music Videos, Sing Alongs, Games,

Another one of Disney’s Read Along DVD titles just ended up on my desk. This time it’s the one for ’Lilo & Stitch.’ These DVDs are conceptualized to be learning tools that help your children read or learn and improve on a different language, depending on your preferences. The entire DVD is presented in 5 different languages – English, German, French, Spanish and Italian – and thus makes it a truly valuable and universal tool for your language development skills.

The DVD features a storybook, telling the story of ’Lilo & Stitch.’ It is designed as a read-along for children to read while a narrator reads it aloud for them. It uses images from the film and a large typeface for easy reading.

Two Music Videos are also included in the release as well as a Sing-Along featuring two songs form the movie, including the Hawaiian inspired ’Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride.’ The lyrics appear in large letters on the screen as the song goes along, once again in 5 different languages.

A vocabulary teacher helps you wrangle those words while a few games and info about other Disney products are also included.

The ’Lilo & Stitch: Read Along’ DVD is presented in fullscreen with a good transfer. It is noticeably better in quality than the ’Monsters Inc.’ version we reviewed earlier and compression artifacts are much less common. Colors are also better reproduced and the transfer shows deep blacks. The audio is also well presented and adds to this quality release by giving it a professional note.

I find these Read Along DVDs quite valuable. The fact that the entire content is presented in five languages give incentives to your children to explore different languages and to get a feel for them. They may not become native speakers of those languages but at least they can begin to see similarities between the languages, get accustomed to the phonetic sound of these languages and maybe pick up a new favorite word along the lines. At $14.99 these DVDs are certainly a good supplement to your other educational materials.