Big Trouble

Big Trouble (2001)
Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Cast: Tim Allen, Rene Russo, Dennis Farina, Tom Sizemore
Extras: Five Minute Movie, Commentary Track

’Big Trouble’ is an entertaining little comedy by ’Men in Black’ director Barry Sonnenfeld that stars a great comedy cast lead by Tim Allen. But also Omar Epps, Dennis Farina, Janeane Garofalo, Rene Russo, tom Sizemore and Stanley Tucci throw in their comedic talents to make this a truly hilarious cat and mouse flick.

It is a chaotic film as different worlds and people collide in a series of incidents that are unrelated yet happen to happen to this small group of odd people while the fallout of the incidents keeps bringing them back together. The film conjures up hair-raising situations that get wackier and wackier with each moment until the movie’s climax ties it all up in a furious laugh-out. So, all in all, ’Big Trouble’ is a lot of fun!

Buena Vista Home Entertainment presents the movie in its 1.85:1 aspect ratio in a 16×9 enhanced widescreen transfer. The image is meticulously clean and free of defects of any sort. Very good definition bring out the subtlest details of the production and with a very faithful color reproduction, the movie looks absolutely gorgeous. Blacks are deep and solid and no compression artifacts are evident.

The DVD comes wit ha 5.1 channel Dolby Digital mix hat is very active and makes good use of the surround channels. The sound stage is wide and gives the audio good dimensionality that is finely delineated through all channels. Basses are solid while the high ends are very clear and free of distortion or sibilance.

The DVD contains a feature called ’Five Minute Movie’ which turns out to be a quirky addition to the disc. It is a version of the move edited down to run 5 minutes – well, 7:30 actually. It’s pretty cool to see how the essence of the film really comes across even in the short version.
The only other extra on the disc is an entertaining and informative commentary track by director Barry Sonnenfeld in which he sheds some light on the production, the script and his cast.

’Big Trouble’ is good for big laughs. I had a great time watching this film and enjoyed every minute of it. Maybe you too should give it a try some time.