Frankenthumb (2002)
Image Entertainment
Extras: Commentary Track, Bloopers, Interviews, Storyboards, Trailers

And, the thumb-saga continues… Steve Oedekerk and his friends are now taking on another movie classic with their Thumbation technology and their sharp, witty humor. This time it is the horror classic ’Frankenstein’ that serves as the template for the movie and it is quite striking how close the film remains to James whale’s 1930 original. Many of the scenes we learned to love from that film can be found once again here, although with a twist and a rascal’s wink.

The film is presented in a beautiful fullscreen transfer that is free of defects or blemishes. Colors are very good and create a lively image that serves the purpose so well, conjuring up a true gothic atmosphere. Blacks are very deep, giving the image good depth and creating bold shadows. The compression has also been done carefully and no artifacts are evident.

The release features a fine 5.1 channel Dolby Digital audio track, as well as a Dolby Surround track. They are very well produced and, though not overly aggressive, make good use of the surround field. The presentation is very clear and free of distortion. The frequency response is good, allowing for a natural-sounding presentation that also enhances the beautiful music.

Once again, the DVD comes with a commentary track. This time including Steve Oedekerk in the mix, and as on the previous thumb commentaries, this one is a riot. In many ways it is a spoof on the ’Frankenthumb,’ the spoof, itself, and in other ways it reveals so much about the dynamics at work in that group. Do check it out!

Once again Image has been able to dig up some rare bloopers from the film and you will roll on the floor at some of those moments presented here as actors forget their lines and flub whatever it is they have to do.

An interview section also features first-hand accounts of the actors about the production of the movie. There is some serious ego-stroking going on here, but it makes it all the more entertaining. You may have guessed it already, if you’re not familiar with these releases, all those bonus materials are, of course, not to be taken seriously and extend the enjoyment of the feature film quite a bit.

One scene from the movie is once again presented in storyboard form on the disc as well and the release is rounded out by a selection of trailers for other ’Thumb’ films – all to be released soon.

Image is once again delivering a solid DVD for this enchanting and silly movie. Fans will certainly dig the attention to detail that went into this disc and I can’t stress often enough, how enjoyable and entertaining these thumb films are. If you haven’t seen one yet, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Better go out and get yourself one…