Acceptable Risk

Acceptable Risk (2001)
Artisan Entertainment
Cast: Kelly Rutherford, Chad Lowe

When moving into an 18th century mansion with his wife, Dr. Edward Wells discovers a mold that turns out to have extreme healing powers. It has the power to heal wounds, sharpen the memory, enhance desires and defeat degenerative diseases. But with the scientific break-through comes mental breakdown, and not before too long Edward realizes that his miracle drug has some serious side effects that take him on the road to madness.

’Acceptable Risk’ comes in a fullscreen presentation on this DVD from Artisan Home Entertainment. The transfer is clean and clear and shows no noticeable signs of defects or blemishes. The image has good detail and color reproduction is faithful at all times. Never oversaturated the colors of the film are vibrant and rich throughout, rendering a strong and pleasing image. Blacks are solid, without dot crawl and never break up. No distracting signs of edge-enhancement are evident. The compression has been done carefully as well, and no compression artifacts of any sort are evident.

The DVD features a Dolby 2.0 Stereo audio track in English that is of good quality. The frequency response is wide and natural with good bass and high frequency reproduction. The dynamic range is also good, making it a lively presentation with nice subtleties. This release has no extras whatsoever and let me tell you, it is really strange to look at a main menu screen that shows only two entries – ’Play Film’ and ’Scene Selection.’

’Acceptable Risk’ is a perfect midnight B-movie in many ways it is cheesy, poorly acted and has a plot that is often quite silly. It truly is a candidate for the ’Mystery Science Theater’ and my recommendation would be to take the film, bring on some friends and begin mocking the film and its production as you go along. It will be a hoot!