The Diamond Of Jeru

The Diamond Of Jeru (2001)
USA Entertainment
Cast: Billy Zane, Paris Jefferson, Keith Carradine
Extras: Interview Featurette

Based on a Louis L’Amour novel, ’The Diamond Of Jeru’ is an adventure story of an American couple bored with their marriage as they travel to Borneo in search of diamonds. Their guide Mike takes them through the jungles of Borneo but also through the jungle of their own souls, as the couple decides to split from the guide and search of the infamous diamond of Jeru for themselves, eventually getting into a lot of trouble and danger from which only Mike can rescue them.

USA Home Entertainment presents the TV production ’The Diamond Of Jeru’ in its original fullscreen aspect ratio on this DVD in a transfer that is meticulously clean and virtually free of defects or blemishes. The image shows good detail and has pristine shadow definition without ever breaking up. Solid blacks and good highlights create a pleasing image while colors are faithfully reproduced, rendering a very natural looking image. The compression is without flaws and artifacts.

The audio on the disc is presented as an English 5.1 channel Dolby Digital mix, that is active an engaging. Making good and frequent use of the surround channels the DVD creates a wide sound field with aggressive surround usage that engulfs the viewer. The mix is well-balanced and dialogues are never drowned out by the sound effects or the music.

’The Diamond Of Jeru’ is a little gem of its own. It’s a great flick with a high production value for a TV movie. Beautiful settings and a lush scenery bring the jungle to life as our protagonists go through a series of adventures and encounters that will keep you on the edge. Sure, it is a bit like ’Indiana Jones,’ but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially since Billy Zane – a highly underrated actor in my book – makes for a truly delightful hero in the film. Make a point to check it out sometime.