Elmo’s World: Springtime Fun!

Elmo’s World: Springtime Fun! (2001)
Sony Music
Cast: Elmo and crew
Extras: Clips from other ’Sesame Street’ releases

The characters from the Sesame Street have long been entertaining and educating children around the world and in the past years Elmo has been established as one of the leading characters with his own segment ’Elmo’s World.’ With ’Springtime Fun’ Sony Wonder now releases one dedicated show that focuses on the season of spring. With the formula that has become so popular and successful for ’Elmo’s World, ’ the makes of the show here introduce young viewers to the opening their sense to what’s bustling inside and outside their little worlds. Teaching, explaining and exploring a great many things, this release is a valuable addition to every little viewers’ library, although the lack of catchy songs and tunes may make the program a bit boring for the youngest of viewers.

Sony Wonder presents ’Elmo’s World: Springtime Fun!’ in its original fullscreen aspect ratio and the presentation is fairly good. Being a television production that has most likely been produced on video, the image appears a bit blurry at times and chroma noise is evident in selected shots. Other than that, the image is vibrant with good colors, however, and free of defects. It contains a good amount of detail and given its new production date, it looks much more natural than some of the older Sesame Street releases. The compression has been done well without distracting artifacts.

The disc contains a stereo audio track in PCM encoding, which means it is the equivalent of an audio CD. The frequency response is natural and wide, creating a pleasing presentation, and the dynamic range also ensures faithful representation of the material included. The DVD also contains a series of clips from other ’Sesame Street’ DVD releases, giving you a good overlook as to what else is available.

You can never go wrong with a ’Sesame Street’ release, or ’Elmo’s World’ for that matter. The people behind these shows have long created an assortment of educational bag of tricks from which they keep pulling exciting and interesting material that is both entertaining and highly educational. This DVD is another great release that your young ones will love!