The Possession Of Nurse Sherri

The Possession Of Nurse Sherri (1978)
Inecom Media
Cast: Jill Jacobson, Geoffrey Land
Extras: Commentary Track, Alternate Cut, Trailer, TV Spot

Drive-in films fans should rejoice, as the Al Adamson/Sam Sherman cult classic ’Nurse Sherri’ has found its way to DVD under the title ’The Possession of Nurse Sherri’. (The title change won’t be that jarring to fans, as the film played drive-ins in the 70s under at least six different titles!) The film is a benchmark of the ’So Bad, It’s Good!’ genre, as it contains enough padding to make a sofa and so much stock footage that Ed Wood would blush. The story concerns a cult leader (Bill Roy) who died on the operating table, following a surgical procedure that he didn’t want. After his death, he possesses a nurse named Sherri (Jill Jacobson) and proceeds to have her murder the doctors responsible for his death.

’Nurse Sherri’ is the kind of zero-budget film where a hallway with a water fountain serves as a hospital set and five people are enough to make up a cult. But, it’s these things that make the film such schlocky fun. Credit must be given to the team of Adamson and Sherman for cramming the film with every genre that was popular at the time: sexy nurses, possession, slashers, car chases, and Blaxploitation. The intriguing thing about ’Nurse Sherri’ is that once the plot shows up (some 45 minutes into the movie), the film is actually interesting and the climax does offer some suspense. I could have done without the five minute car chase whose uselessness reminded me of the alley fight in ’They Live’. Fans of bargain basement should make an appointment with ’Nurse Sherri’.

’The Possession of Nurse Sherri’ checks in on DVD as a Special Edition from Shock-O-Rama. The film is presented full-frame, and considering its age and low-budget roots, looks pretty good. It’s evident that care went into this transfer, but the print is still scarred with scratches and blemishes. The movie is made up of both 16mm and 35mm elements, so the level of grain and contrast shifts throughout the movie. The audio is a digital stereo track which offers suitably clear dialogue, which isn’t overpowered by the sound effects or cheesy music.

This DVD contains a never before seen alternate cut of ’Nurse Sherri,’ which runs 3 minutes less than the other one. This new cut puts the emphasis on sex, rather than horror, and plays as a completely different movie. We are also treated to an audio commentary by producer Sam Sherman on the main feature. His talk is fun and informative, but it’s incredibly annoying that he keeps referring to ’Carrie’ as a film about possession!

’Carrie’ is also referenced in both the theatrical trailer and TV spot which are presented here. Both of these clips are throwbacks to the days when low-budget films weren’t afraid to mention the movies that they were ripping off.