Oh My Goddess: Volume 1

Oh My Goddess: Volume 1 (1993)
Extras: Commentary Track, Isolated Score, Slide Show

Among the countless Anime releases, it is often hard to find films that offer more than just plain made-for-TV production values and content. ’Oh My Goddess’ is one such series of Japanese animations that is now coming to DVD courtesy of genre specialist AnimEigo.

Here we have the first volume of the series, featuring the episodes ’Moonlight And Cherry Blossoms,’ the beginning of the story, as well as ’Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and ’Burning Hearts On The Road.’ The next volume is already slated for release later this month.

’Oh My Goddess’ tells the story and tribulations of College student Morisato Keiichi, who orders dinner and gets a real-life Goddess delivered instead. Granting him a wish, Keiichi wishes for a girlfriend like her, and this is what he gets. From there on, his life becomes a series of high-wire events.

The DVD contains a fullscreen presentation of the episodes, featuring very clean and clear transfers. There are no noticeable defects or blemishes in the prints, and the level of detail is also very good. Colors are very strong, creating powerful renderings of the beautiful art. Edges are well delineated, but no edge-enhancement has been applied, leaving the picture free of ringing artifacts. Blacks are deep and solid, giving the image good visual depth.

The audio is presented in Dolby Stereo tracks in Japanese and English. The tracks are well produced and create a good sounding presentation. Although the Japanese language track is to be preferred, I found the English dub quite good, too, without the ridiculousness found in countless other releases. The disc also contains an interesting audio commentary by the English voice talent, as well as a separate audio track featuring only the music and sound effects – in case you want to create your own dub.
The disc is rounded out by a slideshow and as most other AnimEigo releases, the DVD also contains some very well-done liner notes that offer valuable information regarding the genre and these films in particular.

Once again, AnimEigo releases a great DVD-version of an acclaimed Anime series, and fans will clearly eat this disc up!