Martian Successor Nadesico: Endgame

Martian Successor Nadesico: Endgame (1996)
ADV Films

The sixth and final installment in ADV Films’ line of DVD releases of the ’Martian Successor Nadesico’ series is once again, a showcase for the quality DVD can achieve with animation films, when treated properly. An alien triggers the final showdown with the Jovians, destroying the slim chance of peace that existed. In order to bring back peace, the crew of Nadesico decides to return to Mars to put an end to the war. But to get their, they have to get through the battle lines of the Nergal and Jovians first!

The DVD contains five episodes, all of which are presented in their fullscreen aspect ratio. The image is sharp and clean without notable defects or blemishes. Only the slightest sheen of grain is visible in some shots and without edge-enhancement, the picture is rendered very faithfully, maintaining the bold strokes of the cel animation, as well as the subtle nuances in the image. Colors are perfectly reproduced and very vibrant. Never washed out, the colors leap off the screen and bring this climcatic story to life. As expected, the compression on this disc is also without flaws, never introducing compression artifacts, even under the most demanding circumstances.

You will find the original Japanese audio track on this disc, accompanied by an English dub. Both tracks are in stereo and well produced with a natural sounding frequency response. Dialogues are clear and always understandable and sound effects are very dynamic, adding to the nature of the material. No extras of any sort are found on this disc.

ADV Films is once again going all the way, using a dual-layered DVD for this release in order to maintain the highest possible presentation quality. Japanese animation may be a niche market but you would never be able to tell from looking at beautiful releases such as this one!