Rebel Music: The Bob Marley Story

Rebel Music: The Bob Marley Story (2000)
Palm Pictures
Extras: Discography, Previews

Bob Marley was without a doubt one of the most influential musicians of his time, who has left his mark on countless people. The reggae superstar touched upon the social problems of his home country as well as issues of global politics. He never did so with a raised finger though like many other ambitious reggae stars, but always with songs that are full of poetic qualities and beauty. His fight for social equality and peace was a message that was heard across the world, catapulting the man from Trenchtown to international stardom. Sadly, Bob fell victim to cancer in 1981 and died at the early age of 36. But the legend lives on…

Palm Pictures is now bringing us ’Rebel Music: The Bob Marley Story’ on DVD, a full-length documentary about the life of Bob Marley, the man, the musician, the victim. Full with interviews of friends and family members, this documentary shed s more life on who Bob Marley really was than you would expect. Presented in fullscreen, the quality of the footage varies naturally, but it has nonetheless been very well transferred to DVD. Even the Super-8 home footage looks considerably clear. Giving us a good look at where Bob Marley and his ambitions came from. Of course the newly done interview segments and additional footage is of much higher quality.

The disc contains a Stereo audio track that is clean and well produced, as you would expect from such a prolific documentary. Concert footage is complemented by a good audio mixes that help us understand the power of Bob’s music so much easier. There is no distortion or other problems in the audio and the natural frequency response makes it enjoyable to watch.

Bob Marley is an icon and a hero, and rightfully so. He as a ferocious fighter for the good things in life, and his weapons were his words and his music. We can count ourselves blessed by the fact that his body of work is still with us, even though he has gone, giving us the chance to remind ourselves every day that there are still a lot of problems in this world. Check this documentary out, if you can!