Blue Planet (IMAX)

Blue Planet (IMAX) (1990)
Warner Home Video

To many of us, space has a magnetic attraction, but only very few of us will ever get the chance actually travel into space and see our world as a whole with their own eyes. To bring our home, the Blue Planet, closer to all of those interested in seeing more of it, Warner Home Video has no prepared a DVD of the IMAX film ’Blue Planet’. Filled with 42 minutes of mesmerizing footage of the Earth from outer space, as seen and filmed by the astronauts make this disc a simply mesmerizing experience that adds new appreciation and awe to the world we seem to know so well. Inspiring and breath-taking, this footage is a thrill-ride beyond comparison, as we get a new look at countries and continents, witnesses weather and storms, and learn to read the real face of the Earth. Ever so often, the documentary takes us back to Earth and explores certain geographic landmarks in more detail to complete the impressive picture observed from above.

Warner Home Video is presenting ’Blue Planet’ in fullscreen presentation on this DVD. The picture is generally good, although some of the older footage shows signs of visible grain. There are many instances however, where the full quality of the 70 mm IMAX film material comes through, giving us a look at the Earth without a hint of noise or grain, painting stark images that are stunningly rich in color and detail.

A 5.1 channel Dolby Digital audio track supports the release, offering a wide spatial soundtrack that consists mostly of atmospheric music and narration. Beautifully orchestrated and choreographed, the pictures and the music weave together like a charm, once again helping to make ’Blue Planet’ a remarkably personal experience.

’Blue Planet’ is a beautiful documentary full of remarkable footage of the Earth. Well written and directed, the film not only manages to educate and inform, but to let your own mind soar in awe. Few documentaries manage to achieve this level of grandeur and for everyone interested in the hidden and overt beauty of this Earth, this DVD is a must-see!