Samurai X: The Movie

Samurai X: The Movie (1997)
ADV Films
Extras: Trailers

I am not a particular fan of the Anime genre but I know a good film when I see it – or so I claim. ’Samurai X, ’ which has just been released by ADV Films on DVD clearly has to rank as one of the best Japanese animated films I have ever seen. Taking place in Feudal Japan, ’Samurai X’ tells the story of the former government assassin Kenshin who has sworn never to kill again. But his past is coming back to haunt him as peace is at stake and he has to protect the poor and innocent from oppression.

ADV Films is once again providing a spectacular DVD version of the film here. If anyone ever claimed, DVD was a poor format for animated films, here’s the ultimate proof that it’s ultimately a myth. Consistently, ADV Films sends some of the best looking animated film transfers our way that can even make Disney blush. Solid colors without bleeding, razor-sharp images, blacks that are rock solid and perfectly clean transfers, make these Japanese animations come to life like never before. The compression is flawless, giving the video enough headroom to maintain even the most subtle line details and keeping all colors fully intact without fading, bleeding or noise.

’Samurai X’ contains an English and a Japanese Dolby Stereo audio track that are also well produced. They sound natural and are quite well acted, making either language version fun to watch. With a good dynamic range and wide frequency response, you couldn’t ask for more.

With every new DVD that ADV Films is releasing I am more impressed by the commitment this company is showing. Not only do they specialize in a specific niche genre, they also make sure they bring these titles to market in the best possible quality without sacrifices. Give ’Samurai X’ a try and you’ll see what I mean – and you’ll get to see a kick-ass film on top of it!