Santana: Supernatural Live

Santana: Supernatural Live (2000)
BMG Entertainment
Cast: Santana
Extras: Music Videos, Interview, Biography, Behind-The-Scenes Footage, and more

The much ballyhooed comeback of Santana has been the material of a media feeding frenzy for months now, and although Carols and his band had never really disappeared, people simply had lost the band out of their sight. Powerful and updated, Santana presents itself as versatile as ever and the latest album, ’Supernatural’ manages to blend a vast variety of influences, ethnic music themes and styles into an amalgam that is as impressive as it is energetic.

Arista Records and BMG Entertainment have now release an evening of music from the ’Supernatural’ tour on DVD, adding the colors, faces and moves to the songs we have all become so familiar with. Boasting an incredible line-up of guest-stars, including Lauryn Hill, Dave Matthews, Sarah McLachlan and countless others, this DVD is a feast for your eyes and ears!

The concert is presented in a crystal clear video presentation that is free of artifacting and presents us a sharply defined image with good detail and virtually no bleeding. Much of the concert is presented in natural tones, but some of the heavy stage lighting tinges the entire set in colorful hues that are vividly reproduced. The compression is without artifacts, creating a beautiful presentation that is entirely free of distractions.

In comes the music, and BMG really went all the way on this release. Apart form a beautiful 5.1 channel Dolby Digital mix, the DVD contains a DTS audio track. Since live performances usually feature a variety of very subtle textures and sounds, the DTS track is perfect to capture the magic of such a live performance. Whether it’s the attack of a guitar string that is slightly altered due to the hand positioning on the fret board, the changed transparency of the cymbals when hit out of the center, or just the energy that is coming from the horn sections, the audio track captures it all perfectly and plants you right in the middle of this spectacular event.

The whole DVD is topped off with in incredible amount of extras, such as the original music videos of ’Smooth,’ ’Maria Maria,’ ’Put Your Lights On’ and ’Corazon Espinado.’ Interview, rehearsal footage, lyrics and countless other bonus materials are also found on this disc.

If you bought and enjoyed Santana’s ’Supernatural’ you have to have this DVD to top it off! This is a breathtaking concert that shows just how sophisticated a guitar player Carlos Santana is. Blistering at times, emotional at others, his tone is unmistakable and backed by an incredible combo, ’Supernatural Live’ belongs into every music fan’s DVD collection!