Trader Hornee

Trader Hornee (1970)
Image Entertainment
Cast: Buddy Pantsari, Elizabeth Monica, Lisa Grant, Fletcher Davies
Extras: Commentary track, Trailer, Photo gallery

As part of their line of releases from ’Something Weird Video, ’ Image Entertainment is now sending ’Trader Hornee’ your way. As the title already suggests, the movie is somewhat suggestive and explicit in its nature, but nonetheless worth a mention. Using the setup of two zoologists missing in the jungle to be recovered by a sexually overactive rescue team, the film is a softcore adult movie with a truly funny note.

Image Entertainment presents ’Trader Hornee’ in its 1.66:1 widescreen aspect ratio in a non-anamorphic transfer. The transfer is generally good, although some defects like dust and scratches are evident in the source print. Slight registration problems cause the image to waver slightly. The DVD creates a colorful image that appears a little soft at times. The black level is good and without edge-enhancement, the picture is clear and balanced throughout. No compression artifacts are visible in the transfer, creating a good lookng presentation.

The disc contains a monaural audio track in Dolby Digital. It sounds dated and muffled at times with a limited frequency response. Dialogues are always understandable however and without noise or notable distortion. An informative commentary track by producer David F. Friedman can also be found on the disc in which he elaborates on a lot of the action on screen as well as sharing behind-the-scenes anecdotes. The disc also contains an extensive photo gallery with posters and still images for a series of Friedman’s films which will undoubtedly be a great assets to fans and collectors of his work.

’Trader Hornee’ is a weird movie, as are most sex comedies. For fans of the genre, releases like this one are without a doubt a great addition to their libraries and Image’s nice presentation on this DVD makes it easy to make up your mind.