Tigers Of The Snow

Tigers Of The Snow (2000)
Warner Home Video
Extras: Bonus documentary, Photo Gallery, Trivia, Siberian Tiger Facts, Previews

“Tigers Of The Snow” is a great documentary that takes you into the habitat of the Siberian tiger, the biggest cat on Earth. In breathtaking pictures, you get to see these graceful animals ion their natural habitat, and see their struggle against modern pressures and the threat of their primordial forest kingdoms.

National Geographic released this glorious documentary in a fullframe presentation on this DVD. The transfer is mostly free of compression artifacts, although slight signs of pixelation are evident in a handful of scenes, mostly due to the noisy nature of the source material in those scenes. The image has a good level of detail and with its solid blacks and rich shadows, the image creates a beautiful rendering of the imagery. Colors are strong and appear faithful throughout, bringing the gorgeous wildlife photography to full life.

“Tigers Of The Snow” contains a stereo audio track in Dolby Digital that is well produced and very clear. The narration is always placed well on top of the ambient sound and sounds well-balaned and natural without any signs of artificial harshness. The DVD contains a number of interesting supplements, such as an additional 25-minute documentary called “Tiger’s Eye.” A beautiful photo gallery, trivia, a Tiger range map, facts and more can also be found on this DVD, making this a great and well-rounded release.

For all fans of nature documentaries, National Geographic’s work on the forefront of the genre makes releases like “Tigers Of The Snow” a great addition to any DVD library. The educational and informational value of this programming is immeasurable and not the documentary has received a fine treatment on this DVD.