The Sex Monster

The Sex Monster (1999)
Trimark Home Video
Cast: Mike Binder, Mariel Hemingway
Extras: Trailer

Ever so often, almost unnoticed, Trimark Home Video is releasing pretty good movies on DVD are get somehow overlooked in the flood of major releases every month. Only recently the independent studio has released “The Sex monster”, a comedy that makes fun of the stereotype that men are crazy about adding a third partner to their existing sex life.

Trimark Home Video has released “The Sex Monster” in a fullframe presentation. Since the picture doesn’t appear to be cropped, this seems to be the aspect ratio the film was originally shot in. The transfer is crisp with a good level of detail and solid colors. The black level is well balanced, creating solid, deep blacks and shadows that maintain a high level of definition without dot crawl. Color delineation is good, although in a number of scenes, colors seem a little pale and desaturated. The compression on this DVD is good without distracting artifacts, although the slightest signs of pixelation are evident in a handful of scenes.

“The Sex Monster” contains a 2-channel language track in English and selectable English, French and Spanish subtitles. The audio is natural sounding with a good and neutral frequency response. Dialogues are well integrated, always understandable and never drowned out by the music or the ambient effects. There is no notable bass extension, but the mix nonetheless creates enough lo ends for the film to work properly.

Marty Barnes had no idea what he is getting into when he asks his wife to join him in a menage-a-trois, his ultimate male fantasy. Before he knows it she enjoys it and suddenly Marty is having more problems than he can handle. He has created a real Sex Monster. This is a funny and entertaining movie, and a great DVD from Trimark, so give this disc a try some time. You will have a great time.