The Erotic Witch Project

The Erotic Witch Project (1999)
Full Moon Pictures
Cast: Katie Keane, Darian Cane, Victoria Vega
Extras: Behind the scenes, Trailers, Photo Gallery

I’ve always felt that a pop-culture phenomenon hasn’t really made it big until it has been spoofed in a porno movie. Well, apparently “The Blair Witch Project” has reached that level, as Seduction Cinema brings us “The Erotic Witch Project”. It combines a dead-on satire of the independent horror film, while also offering some very hot sapphic action.
“In November 1999 three college co-eds disappeared in the woods of Bacchusville, N.J. while searching for the mythical Erotic Witch. Two weeks later ”this“ video was found.” So begins “The Erotic Witch Project”. We see three young women, Katie Keane, Darian Cane, and Victoria Vega leaving their house and entering the woods in search of the Erotic Witch. We are told that in the 19th century, a young woman had sex with everyone in town and was banished to the forest. Legend has it that she appears to people who wander into the woods and makes them incredibly sexually excited. As the trio hike into the woods, they each began to feel the power of the Erotic Witch, or is it just their imaginations? As I stated before, “The Erotic Witch Project” does a fantastic job of mimicking “The Blair Witch Project”. It’s obvious that director John Bacchus studied “Blair Witch” to exploit as many of its attributes as possible. We are treated to the “I’m filming you filming me!” shots at the beginning. As they enter the woods and begin to feel “excited”, they argue over whether it’s real or just their imaginations running wild. Instead of bizarre laughing and children singing at night, they hear the sounds of people crying out in ecstasy. They find strange things left outside of their tent. But, as opposed to stick figures, they find sex toys and the words “Eat me” spelled out in twigs. Katie Keane does the close-up confessional shot, but the camera ends up focusing on her breasts. The funniest part of the film are the interviews with the locals who have encountered the witch, especially the fishermen.
On top (!) of this comedic fare, “The Erotic Witch Project” also offers a great deal of “girl on girl” action. These scenes don’t fall into XXX land, but they are pretty steamy.
“The Erotic Witch Project” is presented in a full-frame format, as it was all shot on video. The image on the DVD is crystal-clear, as if you’d just pulled it out of your own camcorder. The audio on the DVD is in mono, but it works quite well, and you don’t even need to adjust the volume during Katie’s whispered confession.
The DVD offers a 50-minute documentary entitled “Inside the Erotic Witch”. This gives behind the scenes video of the film being shot, offers some of the scenes from the film from different angles and gives us an opportunity to get to know the cast better.

For those of you who are trying to catch all of the “Blair Witch” spoofs, don’t pass up a chance to see “The Erotic Witch Project”. If you want to see the “Blair Witch” hit where it hurts and you’re into lesbian action, then this is the film for you. The bottom line is that it’s more entertaining than the real “Blair Witch Project”. You don’t see the witch at the end of this one either — but you get to see a lot of other stuff!