CinderElmo (2000)
Sony Music
Extras: Behind-the-scenes Footage, Trivia Game, Highlights

Good children’s programming is still a rather rare commodity on DVD, although every once in a while a good release does surface, like Sony Wonder’s brand new ’Cinderelmo.’ Told from the perspective of your favorite Sesame Street three year old, Elmo, this film retells the classic fairy of ’Cinderella’ with all your favorite Sesame Street characters. With guest appearances by French Stewart and Keri Russel, Oliver Platt and Kathy Najimy, the film not only contains an enchanting story, but great educational songs too.

The disc contains the movie in its original fullframe presentation and shows a great level of detail. Clear and with strong colors, the image on this DVD is sure to please young and old alike. The black level on the release is very good and highlights are always warm and well-balanced. The compression is without distracting artifacts and without signs of chroma noise or color bleeding.

On the DVD you will find a stereo audio track in Dolby Digital. It is well produced and always understandable, with a rather good frequency response. It is lacking a bit in the lower ends however, giving the audio a bit of an emphasis in the high ends, but without ever being distorted or making the track noticeably harsh sounding.

’Cinderelmo’ is a great and educational movie for children, and a light-hearted entertaining film for adults to watch it with them. Combined with the great supplements and the great menus on the disc, this DVD is a great buy for all parents who want to have a great time with their children, re-experiencing the magic of classic fairy tales.