Bride Of The Monster

Bride Of The Monster (1956)
Image Entertainment
Cast: Bela Lugosi, Tor Johnson, Dolores Fuller
Extras: Theatrical trailer

As another entry in their Edward D. Wood Jr. Library, Image Entertainment has recently released “Bride Of The Monster” on DVD, another one of the unintentionally fun-filled, awkward and inept movies of the congenial filmmaker. The film once again boasts Wood’s favorite cast, consisting of Bela Lugosi, Tor Johnson and his wife Dolores Fuller. The film contains Lugosi’s infamous tentacle-fighting scene that has been made famous by Tim Burton’s chronicle of the director “Ed Wood.”

Image has once again prepared a great looking DVD of this cult classic. The print is mostly clean, showing only small signs of defects and scratches. The image has a very good black level and balanced highlights, creating a very bold black and white image with good contrast. The level of detail in the transfer is remarkably high, giving you a good look at every little detail of the production, including many of the mistakes and inefficiencies of the production itself.

The DVD contains an English language track in Dolby Digital Mono. It is mostly free of noise and defects, leaving most of the ambience of the original production intact. The limited frequency response of the track gives it a harsh sounding quality without much of a low end, but given the technical limitations at the time, this was to be expected.

Image is throwing another great Ed Wood incarnation in the ring. After “Plan 9 From Outer Space”, this story of a mad scientist and his attempts to create atomic supermen is as hilarious as it is kitschy. Taking itself absolutely serious, this film once again “transcends” the boundaries of traditional filmmaking and turns into a spoof of itself. For connoisseurs of Ed Wood’s work, this DVD is another superb release that brings the film to life like never before. Don’t miss it…