Twin Falls Idaho

Twin Falls Idaho (1999)
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Cast: Michael Polish, Mark Polish, Michele Hicks
Extras: Commentary track, Trailers, Production notes, Talent files

Columbia TriStar Home Video is presenting “Twin Falls Idaho”, a striking and untraditional love story, directed by Michael Polish on this DVD in an anamorphic widescreen presentation. The transfer of this generally clean, although some scratches and speckles in the film print are visible occasionally. As we have come to expect from most Columbia TriStar releases, the compression on this disc is without artifacts, nicely reproducing all the details from the film print. To visually underscore the oftentimes somber note of the film, the movie has a muted color scheme almost throughout, one that dwells in dark colors with highlights that are only accentuating the imagery rather than fully lighting them. The DVD nicely renders these images with deep shadows that give the picture their visual depth.

“Twin Falls Idaho” comes with a 5.1 channel Dolby Digital and a Dolby Surround audio track in English. The soundtrack is well produced and restores many of the subtle ambient sounds found in the film. It has a natural sounding quality with a good bass and high-end extension. The disc also contains a very informative commentary track by writer/director/actor duo Mark and Michael Polish that touches upon both the production and human aspects of the movie.

This is a very original and stylish movie that touches upon a subject that is often overlooked. The idea to display the emotional life of Siamese twins certainly requires the most tactful and delicate approach. The filmmaker of “Twin Falls Idaho” fully succeed in creating a somber movie that isn’t melodramatic but always daring and challenging to explore the physical and emotional bond of the twins.