Tower Of Evil

Tower Of Evil (1972)
Elite Entertainment
Cast: Bryant Haliday, Gary Hamilton, Jill Haworth
Extras: Theatrical Trailer

Elite Entertainment presents ’Tower Of Evil’ in a beautifully clean transfer on this release that is rich in color and detail, restoring the movie’s original widescreen aspect ratio of 1.85:1. Although not enhanced for 16×9 TVs, the transfer is crisp and sharp, although some noise reduction has been applied to rid the presentation of the worst film defects, such as speckles and scratches, leaving a very small number of trailing artifacts in the DVD transfer. The compression is good without notable compression artifacts, bringing out the best of the movie’s stylish photography.

’Tower Of Evil’ contains a Dolby Stereo soundtrack that is well produced, with dialogues that are always understandable. The frequency response is somewhat limited, creating a rather thin sounding presentation, but it fully serves the movie without distracting from it.

This is a very atmospheric horror movie without too much gore, but a lot of tension. following a familiar somone’s-hiding-around-here-killing-people theme, ’Tower Of Evil’ may not be innovative, but it will sure smack a good dent on your nerves.