Filter: Title Of DVD

Filter: Title Of DVD (1999)
Warner Home Video
Cast: Filter
Extras: Still Gallery

One genre that continues to grow on DVD is the music video segment. It seems like an obvious evolution as DVD can offer CD quality sound, right? Well, not in the case of the new release, “Filter: Title of DVD.” While this video compilation offers some nice treats for Filter fans, the audio leaves much to be desired.

The audio on the DVD is a stereo PCM track and it sounds horrible. I had to work with my receiver and decoder for about 20 minutes to get a sound that resembled something high fidelity stereo. With the excellent audio on recent releases such as “Alice in Chains: Unplugged” and “U2: Rattle and Hum” (both of which had been re-mastered in Dolby Digital 5.1), it’s a mystery why the Filter DVD would sound so bad.

Audio troubles aside, “Title of DVD” is a video compilation that combines Filter’s previous home video release “Phenomonology” with material from their new album “Title of Record”. There are videos for old favorites, such as “Hey Man Nice Shot” and “Dose” and their newer stuff like, “Welcome to the Fold.” Unfortunately, this compilation was put together before the video for their latest hit “Take A Picture” was available. As the videos are from different sources, the quality varies wildly, but for the most part, the picture is very clear and free from any grain or artifacting. “Welcome to the Fold” in particular looks very good. Now, if only the audio had been up to par, this could have been one rocking release.