The Loves Of Carmen

The Loves Of Carmen (1948)
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Cast: Rita Hayworth, Glenn Ford, Victor Jory, Joseph Bulloff
Extras: Rita Hayworth Featurette, Vintage Advertising, Trailers

Once again, Columbia TriStar Home Video is serving up an incredible looking release of a classic movie. The film is presented in its original fullframe aspect ratio with a great level of detail. Although a few defects in the print are visible, the general presentation is stunning. Especially the color reproduction of the Technicolor movie is rich and vivid, bringing back memories of these glory cinema days with its lush production designs. The disc’s black level is solid with deep shadows and balanced highlights.

“The Loves Of Carmen” contains a monaural audio track with a surprisingly clear sound. The frequency response is good without over-empahsis on the high end, and a rather good bass extension. No notable distortion is evident and dialogues are always celar and understandable, although a bit harsh sounding at times, due to the technical limitations.

Due to its high quality and the addition of some interesting vintage extras, this disc is a sure winner for all lovers of classic movies.