Edgar Ulmer Collection Vol.1

Edgar Ulmer Collection Vol.1 (1939/1946)
All Day Entertainment
Cast: Hedy Lamarr
Extras: Double-feature, Rare Photo Gallery, Interview

All Day Entertainment’s first release in their “Edgar Ulmer Collection” is an impressive double-feature disc that features “The Strange Woman” and “Moon Over Harlem”. Both films have been digitally restored and especially in the case of “The Strange Woman” the result is simply stunning. For a low budget movie from 1946, this film looks breathtakingly sharp and well defined. Although some defects in the film print are visible, for the most part the presentation on this DVD is a great experience. The film itself is a gripping story about a Scarlett O’Hara-like woman who is very determined to make a better life at any cost. A better life for herself and more importantly for other people, that is.

The second film on the disc is “Moon Over Harlem”, an ethnic picture from 1939 that stars jazz legend Sidney Bechet. Although the film is in decidedly worse shape than “The Strange Woman”, the quality is still much better than you would expect from such an old movie that was shot for only $8,000.

Once again, All Day Entertainment proves that gems can be hidden even in little known movies. Saving them from deterioration and obscurity, the studio is presenting two very valuable movies on this DVD in mesmerizingly restored quality.