The Secret KGB UFO Files

The Secret KGB UFO Files (1999)
Madacy Entertainment
Cast: Roger Moore
Extras: Trivia, Biographies

Madacy Entertainment has long become one a supplier of low cost programming on DVD, ranging from documentaries all the way to re-releases of feature films. “The Secret KGB UFO Files” is a documentary that tracks alien encounter and abduction accounts from Russia. Most of the material presented stems from low resolution and low quality source material, so don’t expect anything fancy. Even the bridge segments and interviews have been recorded with rather low tech equipment, and as a result the content on this disc is washed out, often fuzzy and sadly also riddled with compression artifacts.

The audio on the disc is presented as a 2-channel Dolby Digital track that is surprisingly well done. It is clear, without much floor noise and absolutely suitable for this kind of documentary presentation.

If you’re just interested in the information contained on this release, “The Secret KGB UFO Files”, hosted by Roger Moore, is an interesting piece, although just as sensationalistic as any UFO-related piece you can see on TV. However, be aware that the quality of this disc is no better than that of an average VHS tape.