Meatballs (1979)
HBO Home Video
Cast: Bill Murray
Extras: Theatrical Trailer

A summer camp movie with Bill Murray is always a promising start for a good romp, and this time it’s even presented in a 16×9 enhanced widescreen version from HBO Home Video.
The transfer presents the film in an aspect ratio that is approximately 1.66:1. Sadly the film print that was used for this transfer is in a bad shape and some noticeable problems, such as grain and speckles are evident during the film. The compression also shows some problems, mostly showing some signs of pixelation. Colors appear washed out and the transfer seems to have a red-overemphasis, making fleshtones appear unnaturally rosy at times. Overall the film’s presentation appears aged.

“Meatballs” contains Dolby Digital soundtracks in English, French and Spanish. Although a stereo remix of the original monaural soundtrack is available on the disc, is maintains a very centered image. The remaining audio tracks are harsh sounding monaural with slight signs of distortion in certain instances.

Although “Meatballs” is certainly not the greatest of Ivan Reitman’s and Bill Murray’s films, it is an enjoyable campy movie that offers a few good laughs if you like Murray’s outrageous sense of humor.