Aquaria (1999)
DVD International
Cast: Borneo Cardinal, Percula Clown, Anemone Crab, Chocolate Chip Starfish
Extras: Fishographies, Fish Calendar, Screen Savers

“Aquaria” is probably best explained as a ‘virtual aquarium’. Just like fireplace footage can be used to create a cozy atmosphere without the hassles of a real fireplace, “Aquaria” can serve as a selectable aquarium without having to feed the fish or worries about PH and temperatures.

The disc is one of the first DVD-18 releases, featuring dual-layers on both sides of the disc. This massive storage space allows for 15 hours of uninterrupted video and music. Select your aquarium and run the video. You can also focus on certain fish and obtain species related information through the disc’s “Fishography”. The video quality is generally good, although some slight color bleeding and chroma noise is evident. Compression is very good without notable digital artifacts. The disc contains a 16×9 enhanced widescreen version as well as a fullscreen presentation of all footage.

The disc contains four separate audio tracks, including a track of bubbling sound, one with a soft surf, and two tracks with 5.1 surround relaxation music. The soundtracks are well produced with good spatial integration for a full musical surround experience. Choose any of the five available aquariums and you can have your own fish without the trouble in this quite unique release.