Styx: Return To Paradise

Styx: Return To Paradise (1999)
BMG Entertainment
Cast: Styx
Extras: Behind The Scenes Footage, Interviews, Music Videos

CMC International is a newcomer in the DVD arena and has just released two music DVDs, one of them being the reunion concert of the 80s band “Styx” from 1996. The disc features 17 tracks from the band’s live show that are well presented on his release and represent the various periods of the band’s work.

The disc contains a fullframe transfer of the show that has been recorded with video equipment. Sadly many video artifacts are evident in the transfer and the disc’s visual presentation can never quite keep up with other music video releases from Sony or Warner. Nonetheless, it boasts some strong and vivid colors and clear picture. Compression artifacts are evident on occasion and are slightly enhanced by the video noise from the source material.

The audio section is much more important for such a release and the disc is clearly ahead in that department. Featuring an immersive 5.1 channel Dolby Digital surround mix and a stereo mix on a separate track, the disc delivers a great live atmosphere. With a wide soundfield the disc uses the surrounds to create a great concert hall feeling by running early reflections on those channels that make you feel as if you are standing right in the center of the hall, at the mixing console where traditionally the sound is the best. It is very well mixed and transparent, bringing out the best of Styx’s music.