The Cat From Outer Space

The Cat From Outer Space (1978)
Anchor Bay Entertainment
Cast: Ken Berry, Sandy Duncan, Roddy McDowall, Harry Morgan, McLean Stevenson

This 1978 Disney film has been lovingly restored by Anchor Bay for release on this DVD. While the picture is clear, the source material appears to have been on the dark side and there is some grain evident at times. No serious film artifacting like scratches or dust is visible however throughout the film.
The movie is correctly framed at an 1.66:1 aspect ratio and there are no compression artifacts or pixelation of any sort.

The disc contains a simple stereo Dolby Digital soundtrack, which is a disappointment, when one considers how the space-ship and the mid-air chase during the finale could have sounded in Dolby Digital 5.1. There are no extras on the disc.

“The Cat From Outer Space” is about Jake, a…well…a cat from outer space. Jake crash lands his spaceship on Earth and must enlist the help of scientist Ken Berry and his gambling buddy McLean Stevenson to get $600,000 worth of gold to recharge his ship. The film also contains appearances by Sandy Duncan and Harry Morgan. Yes, the special effects are very dated, but this is a fun film that never gets boring and Jake is a beautiful cat. Although the film is rated G, one may want to think twice about this as family entertainment, as drinking and gambling figure heavily in the plot. Things sure have changed since 1978.