Shoot Out

Shoot Out (1971)
Goodtimes Home Video
Cast: Gregory Peck, Robert F. Lyons, Pat Quinn

“Shoot Out” contains a pan & scan version of the film in an exceedingly clean transfer. This transfer has been digitally restored to achieve the level of quality required for this release. Unfortunately some restoration artifacts are evident in certain scenes, when parts of the image seem locked down in place for a number of frames and the suddenly jump or trail into their original position. While it is noticeable, it is for the most part not really distracting are problematic. The transfer has been well compressed for the DVD and the image is virtually free of artifacts, creating a picture that is bold with colors and detail.

Color reproduction is very good with very faithfully rendered fleshtones and strong hues and solid blacks throughout.

The disc contains a monaural English language track, presented in Dolby Digital, but in order to support additional languages, publisher Goodtimes has supplied subtitles in English, French and Spanish on this release. Just like the image, the soundtrack comes across clean and without noise, but seems a bit muffled and flat throughout – no doubt a result of the film’s age.

“Shoot Out” is a classic Western and delivers the goods as you would expect from the genre specialists associated with this film. Its great presentation on this DVD makes it a great addition to every DVD collection.