Babe: Pig In The City

Babe: Pig In The City (1998)
Universal Home Video
Cast: James Cromwell, Mickey Rooney, Magda Szubanski
Extras: Screen Saver, Production Notes, Cast & Crew Bios, Trailers

“Pig In The City” comes with a 16×9 enhanced 1.85:1 widescreen transfer and a fullscreen version on the same disc, which is a mix between an open matte and a pan & scan presentation. Both are stunning, producing a vividly sharp image with strong color reproduction and good level of detail.
The print is clean and neither film artifacts nor grain are evident. The compression is flawless, as expected from Universal, and maintains a high level of detail without dot crawl, pixelation or other compression artifacts. The film utilizes a dual layer disc to allow you to select the different film versions from the interactive menu without having to flip the disc over.

A powerful score accompanies this movie. Like the overall mood of the film, the soundtrack is much darker than the original score in “Babe”, although many of the elements form the first part have made their way into this score as well. It has been very well converted to this DVD’s 5.1 channel Dolby Digital soundtrack. It is active and makes good use of the sonic spectrum and the discrete channels.

Although “Pig In The City” is not as good as the first “Babe” movie, it is a definitely worthy sequel and a lot of fun. It has even better special effects than the original and is more oriented towards adults but with that in mind it’s an enjoyable rollercoaster.