Twilight Zone #12

Twilight Zone #12 (1959-1962)
Image Entertainment
Extras: rivia, Reviews, Cast Information, Season-by-season commentary

The Twilight Zone #12 contains two very early episodes of the series, as well as some later ones, all in top notch quality. Although the source material has visibly aged in some scenes, the transfer quality is superb, especially considering the episodes’ age. Slight grain and dot crawl is evident in a few moments but in others the image quality is simply astounding with very deep blacks and very goods highlights.

The disc contains a 2.0 channel Dolby Digital mono soundtrack that has been well converted to the DVD, although once again age has left its marks. The tracks are generally clean and relatively noise free, but in a few moments there is audible clipping and distortion evident in the tracks. Nothing to be too concerned about however and by far the best the episodes have ever looked and sounded.

Containing a mix of very good episodes from the series, this disc with the subtitle “Second Chances” tells vivid stories about people who find their second chance in life. Especially “The Trade-Ins” is an episode that is as true today as it was in 1962 when it first aired.