Hudson Hawk

Hudson Hawk (1991)
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Cast: Andie MacDowell, Bruce Willis, Danny Aiello, Sandra Bernhard, James Coburn
Extras: Theatrical trailer, Commentary track

“Hudson Hawk” is a furious gag-filled action comedy that shows off Bruce Willis’ comedic talents, as well as his rough action side. The film is boasting with colors that are rich and create a stunning image. The picture is sharp and well defined with plenty of detail. The disc contains an excellent fullscreen, open matte transfer of the film as well as a superb 16×9 enhanced widescreen transfer. Colors reproduction is very good with neutral highlights and very faithfully rendered fleshtones.
The compression on this disc is flawless and conjures up a very good, almost film like look of the movie on your TV set.

The disc features a solid Dolby Surround soundtrack that is quite active and aggressive. While a 5.1 channel mix would certainly have improved the spatial integration of the score and sound effects, the soundtrack presented here is nevertheless captivating and pays full tribute to the furious film. The soundtrack has a good low end and sounds very well produced overall. You can also find an interesting commentary track with the film’s director Michael Lehmann on this release.

Highly underrated, this is actually a really funny movie!