August 20, 2014

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American Teen (DVD)
Want to know what it's like to be a teenager in today's world of sensationalist overload and complete media penetration? This documentary will give you an idea.
August (DVD)
Josh Hartnett plays a ruthless dotcom entrepreneur giving him the freedom to get away from his nice boy image in this film. Ray Van Horn Jr. checked out the DVD and tells you all about it.
The Beach Boys And The Satan (DVD)
There was a time when Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys were caught in a maelstrom of bad - not to say evil - influences, including one maniac Charles Manson. This documentary sheds some light on this time in the career of the Beach Boys.
The Bodguard/The Bodyguard 2 (DVD)
Hailing from Thailand, here are two action films that offer up a good sense of humor. Ray Van Horn Jr. took a close look at these two films that come as a DVD Double Feature.
Brutal Massacre (DVD)
Here we have a rare gem of a genre spoof that not only features a host of genre veterans but also a wonderfully understated sense of humor, filled to the brim with in-jokes that will have you giggle endlessly.
Clutch: Full Fathom Five (DVD)
After a 15-year career, "Clutch" finally has a DVD featuring 20 of their best tracks performed in front of a live audience. Ray found a lot to like about this release.
Come Together: A Night For John Lennon's Words and Music (DVD)
"Come Together: A Night For John Lennon's Words and Music" is an incredibly touching and aspiring concert that honors and pays tribute to one of the modern music geniuses and a man who tried to change the world for the better.
Dead Space: Downfall (DVD)
Although animated, this is not a children's cartoon, as this video game-based movie has a lot of common with dark scifi horror films such as "Alien" and "The Thing"
Duran Duran: Rio (DVD)
In their Classic Albums line of products, Eagle Vision has put the spotlight on Duran Duran's 1982 album "Rio," taking a closer look at the music, the band, the times and the phenomenon.
Grace (DVD)
Anchor Bay is bringing an underdog horror movie to DVD with "Grace," that will have people not only surprised, but squirming and uncomfortable. Everything a horror film should do...
Heavy Metal In Baghdad (DVD)
A documentary of an unconventional type comes to us courtesy of Vice Films, as a group of musicians tries to survive in war-torn Iraq while doing what they do best - play Heavy Metal.
His Name Was Jason (DVD)
Jason Vorhees has become one of the greatest horror villains of all time and this new Starz documentary takes a closer look at the long way this franchise has come.
Iggy Pop: Lust For Life (DVD)
Punk icon Iggy Pop is getting a deserved close-up look in this German documentary, covering the musician's career from the early days until now.
The Lather Effect (DVD)
This is a film that is so easily overlooked yet so wonderfully nostalgic and recommendable. Ray Van Horn checked out the Gen X trip down memory lane in his review.
Living Colour: New Morning: The Paris Concert (DVD)
Living Colour has long been one of the most impressive and overlooked bands in the arena. Their music is probably too difficult for the general populace to understand, but for afficionados this quartet features some of the best musicianship and social commentary you will ever find.
Look (DVD)
Here we have a very cool indie movie that takes a very unique approach to its storytelling by putting the viewer behind the lens of countless security system cameras to show you things no one were supposed to see.
Mad Money (DVD)
A light-hearted comedy about three women scheming their way into millions is Ray Van Horn's first review for our site. Read what he has to say.
Metalocalypse: Season 2 - Black Fire Upon Us (DVD)
Catering to a very specific - and dedicated - demographics, this Adult Swim cartoon allows us to witness the outrageous antics of Dethlok, a made-up trash metal band with absolutely no restraint or common sense. Riotous fun, though not for everyone!
The Moody Blues: Threshold Of A Dream (DVD)
In 1970 The Moody Blues were playing the Island of Wight Festival along with many other music legends. Eagle Rock is now presenting their show on DVD for the first time - don't miss it!
Mr. Rock'n Roll: The Alan Freed Story (DVD)
Alan Freed, also known by his on-air handle "Moondog," was one of America's first disc jockey personalities, and here we have a look at his life and influence on our music culture.

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