August 21, 2014

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27 Dresses (Blu-Ray)
Here is another romantic comedy that is so full of stereotypes that it hurts. Poorly conceived and executed "27 Dresses" is just an overall disappointment.
30 Days Of Night (Blu-Ray)
A vampire story in the isolation of Alaska, "30 Days Of Night" plays up many of the genre clichés but gives it a cool new look. Not the best of horror films, but not bad either.
300 (HD-DVD)
A sales record breaker, "300" is an amazing special effects film that is wowing high definition owners around the country. Chris Thompson took a close look at what it's all about.
Apocalypto (Blu-Ray)
Mel Gibson's "Apocalypto" is a mesmerizing movie that is daring, different and extremely violent. Telling a story set in the ancient culture of the Maya, this film is unlike anything you have seen before. It is utterly impressive!
Appleseed:Ex Machina (Blu-Ray)
An animated Japanese movie, inspired by John Woo's style, this science fiction story has a lot going for it, but also some bad sides as Chris Thompson found out when he checked out the Blu-Ray version of the film.
The Aviator (HD-DVD)
Martin Scorsese's bio-pic about legendary genius Howard Hughes is returning to home video in staggering high def versions. Chris Thomspon took a look at the HD-DVD version for you.
Be Kind Rewind (Blu-Ray)
This is a quirky comedy that has love for movies in every frame. While it may not be a total laughfest, it is a truly charming film with some great and funny moments.
Becoming Jane (Blu-Ray)
Loosely based on Jane Austen's life, "Becoming Jane" is an engaging film that has now arrived in high definition.
Belly (Blu-Ray)
The first and only feature film by music-video director Hype Williams, this film is a cool experiment that succeeds on some levels , but also falls short on others. Nonetheless, Hip Hop fans will love this film for what it is.
The Big Lebowski (HD-DVD)
One of the most beloved films by the Coen Brothers is now available in high definition also. Chris Thompsontook a close look at this release , which also happens to be one of his most favorite films.
Black Snake Moan (HD-DVD)
From the director of "Hustle & Flow" comes this new movie. It is an unexpected mix of genres and characters that is every bit as engaging as movies get. Read more detail in Chris Thompson's full review.
Blood Diamond (Blu-Ray)
Powerful and deserving all the accolades it has received, Edward Zwick's "Blood diamond" is a thrill-ride with a strong social commentary. Don't miss it as it is now available on Blu-Ray Disc also.
Bonnie and Clyde (HD-DVD)
As HD-DVD releases begin to slow to a trickle, we decided to give "Bonnie & Clyde" a thorough check-up. Here's what Chris Thompson has to say about the release.
The Bourne Ultimatum (HD-DVD)
The third part in the Bourne-series of action thrillers manages to put a remarkable end to the series of the spy in search of his own identity. Superbly paced and plotted this is a true high definition highlight no to be missed!
Celine Dion: A New Day (Blu-Ray)
Say what you want. Like her or not, but this concert production from Las Vegas is a staggering and mesmerizing tribute to imagination and music. Colorful and bombastic it is a concert like none you may have seen before. After all, it is Vegas, Baby!
Cloverfield (Blu-Ray)
To some it's just a horribly misguided movie, to others a revelation. Chris Thompson checked out the Blu-Ray version of this film and tells you in detail what he thinks about it.
College Road Trip (Blu-Ray)
Firmly targeted at a teenage girl audience, this film has its genre appeals, but for most of us it simply seems as if Martin Lawrence is losing his comedic bite.
The Cowboys (HD-DVD)
Another great film starring the Duke has made its high definition debut and Chris Thompson gave it a thorough check-up. Read what he has to say about it.
Cruel Intentions (Blu-Ray)
This is a film that caters to a certain audience, and one audience only. The rest of us won't even have to bother with this poor attempt at a teenage sexy thriller. Still for fans of the movie, this Blu-Ray version is probably as good as it gets.
Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds Live at Radio City (Blu-Ray)
Hands down the best music release in high defintion bar none, Chris Thompson was absolutely blown away by this release from Sony Music. and that, even though he's not even a Dave Matthews fan. But he's seen the future of high definition music presentations.

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