September 2, 2014

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 101 Dalmatians: 2-Disc Platinum Edition (DVD)
Sometimes we forget how charming the classic Disney movies are until we rediscover them many years later. This happened to Felix Gonzalez as he viewed this Disney masterpiece for the first time since his childhood.
24: Season 5 (DVD)
FBI agent Jack Bauer is on the case again, which means breathtaking episodes accounting for a full 24 hours of his life. Fox has once again packed it all in a nice DVD set that we checked out for you.
3:10 to Yuma (DVD)
A remake of a classic Western, this movie pits Russell Crowe against Christian Bale in a battle of wit rather than physical superiority. Not bad for a remake, actually.
51 Birch Street (DVD)
A small independent documentary that will make you think just how well you know the people around you, "51 Birch Street" is a very personal journey of a filmmaker to get to know his parents. It is one of the great mystery films of our time, as Felix found out.
8 Mile (Blu-Ray)
You certainly have to be a fan of Eminem and his music to appreciate this film but for those among you who fit this category, "8 Mile" now arrives in a crystal clear high definition version.
Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers: The Collection Volume 1 (DVD)
Unlike so many of the popular children's series of the 1980s, "Adventures of Galaxy Rangers" was given much more depth both in its storylines and characters making this one of the more enjoyable series that is finally available on DVD.
André Téchiné Boxset (DVD)
French filmmaker André Téciné is not a houshold name and yet he has crafted some marvellous films that focus mostly on human relationships. Four of his films are now available in a great boxset.
Animaniacs: Vol. 1 (DVD)
Amblin and Warner created some highly entertaining cartoons during the 90s and finally Warner Home Video has made the first volume of "Animaniacs" available on DVD. Of course, we had to take a look.
The Animation Show: Volume 3 (DVD)
Animated short films are typically not on people's short lists and as a result it is all the more exciting to see compilations like this volume 3 of "The Animation Show"
Aurora Borealis (DVD)
The sad part about much of the indie film scene is that so many truly wonderful movies fly under the radar. "Aurora Borealis" is such a film that deserves to be seen.
Balls of Fury (DVD)
With an undeniable nod to Bruce Lee's "Enter The Dragon," this movie sets out to be a farce of ping-pong-fu but sadly it falls flat on its face. See what Felix has to say about it.
Bandidas (DVD)
Riffing on the Western genre, this comedy puts Penélope Cruz and Salma Hayek in the saddle and teams them up with Steven Zahn for some fun across the border.
The Bank Job: 2-Disc Special Edition (DVD)
In the tradition of the finest heist movies, "The Bank Job" is a cool crime caper that gets pretty much everything right. Felix took a close look at the 2-disc edition.
Batman Beyond: Season Two (DVD)
For nearly seven decades, the Caped Crusader has battled villainy and corruption around Gotham City and here he is still fresh in this animated cartoon series that is now also on DVD. We took a closer look.
Bella (DVD)
"Bella" is without doubt one of the least apologetic blendings of heartfelt intentions, cinematic manipulation, and ultra sentimentality that I have seen in some time - and perhaps that's what makes it enjoyable.
Beowulf: Director's Cut (DVD)
Setting new standards in rotoscoped computer animation, "Beowulf" begs the qestion if it's really worth the effort to go down that route. Unconvincing and lacking, this film is anything but great cinema.
The Best of Whose Line Is It Anyway? (DVD)
This comedy show, more than any other perhaps, challenged its participants to fly by the seat of their pants. The result were some of the funniest and unexpected moments in TV comedy as Felix can attest to.
The Black Hole (DVD)
Coming to DVD from the Sci-Fi Channel as a TV movie, "The Black Hole" is sadly a standard off-the-mill movie without many highlights.
Blade: House of Chthon (DVD)
A new installment in New Line's "Blade" franchise has arrived on DVD. With a new cast this is the feature-length pilot episode of the new TV series. We tell you how it turned out.
Blood Rain (DVD)
"Blood Rain" is an interesting Korean period thriller with some good potential. Sadly it is entirely destroyed by Pathfinder's shoddy technical DVD quality.

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