August 28, 2014

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The Dukes Of Hazzard (UMD)
Some remakes are just so much dumber than others and this one takes the cake. Ineptly cast with people who no one could consider actors even in the remotest sense of the word all the way down to a horrible script, if you want to see how big budget movies can go totally wrong, give this disc a try.
The Hills Have Eyes (UMD)
This is one of horror master Wes Craven's early films that is now also available on UMD for your Palystation Portable. However, despite being a cult favorite, it remains a pretty bad movie.
King Arthur (UMD)
"King Arthur" tells another side of the historic figure that has turned into a myth over generations. Here we get to see another side of the former King of England, one that is edgier, grittier but no less decisive.
The Matrix (UMD)
Best film ever... totally overrated... you be the judge. "The Matrix" did make movie history and now Warner Home Video has also released a UMD version of the movie for the Playstation Portable. How does it compare? Read on and let us tell you the details.
National Treasure (UMD)
It is an action-filled adventure for the whole family, sprinkled with some history lessons. The DVD version of the movie was quite impressive and here we took a look at how the UMD version turned out.
Rush Hour 2 (UMD)
New Line dishes out another great UMD release for you PSP with this buddy-comedy starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. It is still furious and refreshing s we remebered it and well worth a look on UMD.
Sin City (UMD)
One of the best comic-book adaptations of recent memory is also available on UMD for your PSP now. Our reviewer John Nieves sat down and gave it a spin for you.
Training Day (UMD)
Successful in theaters and on DVD, this narcotics cop action drama is now also available for viewing on your Playstation Portable. John Nieves took a closer look for you.
Wedding Crashers: Uncorked (UMD)
Full of big laughs and funny characters, this film was a smash hit in theaters and on DVD. Now we took a look how the UMD version for your PSP turned out.

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