September 1, 2014

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Hidden/Hidden II (DVD)
An 80s classic, Jack Shoulder's horror film is returning to DVD. Only this time the destructive alien has its own sequel piggybacked on the disc.
26 Men: Volume One (DVD)
A Western TV series from the 50s, this show has more than a few fans and it is now available on DVD from Alpha Video. See how it fares compared to other TV releases.
Best Of The Chris Rock Show 1 & 2 (DVD)
Chris Rock's comedy show on HBO was a huge success a few years ago and had people rolling with laughter. Aggressive and with no-holds-barred comments, Rock is one of the funniest comics in today's culture and this DVD set will show you, just why that is.
Coach Carter (UMD)
Based on a true story, this film about an urban basketball teacher who uses the kids' love for the sport to make them learn and become better people.
The Defender (DVD)
An explosive action film, yes, but what about the story and some logic? This Dolph Lundgren doesn't manage to satisfy as a movie or as a DVD with its many technical flaws.
Desperate Housewives (DVD)
The sexy TV sensation is now also making its DVD debut, as Buena Vista rolls out the first season of one of the most provocative and entertaining shows of recent years.
F For Fake (DVD)

Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex (UMD)
Now also available on UMD disc for the PSP, "Ghost In The Shell" is one of the most acclaimed anime series and will certainly please genre fans in this new incarnation as well.
Gone In 60 Seconds (UMD)
This story about a retired car thief pulled back into the circle of crime to save his brother is now available on UMD and we took a closer look.
Hellraiser (UMD)
Spawning a big series of films, the original "Hellraiser" still stands out as the darkest and best film in the entire franchise. Directed by Clive Barker, based on his own, successful novel, this is a modern horror classic that you can now enjoy on your PSP.
Jamie Foxx: I Might Need Security (UMD)
"In Living Color" alumni and Academy-Award winner Jamie Foxx is doing a stand-up comedy gig in this 2002 production from the old Paramount Theater in Oakland.
The New World (DVD)
This is a remarkable re-telling of a piece of American history, brought to the screen by Terence Malick, who once again proves that he has the magic touch when dealing with history on an emotional, human level.
The Night of the Iguana (DVD)
Shot on location in Mexico, John Huston's is a character-driven drama based on a Tennessee Williams novel and makes for some great viewing.
Pulp Fiction (UMD)
This was the break-through film that catapulted Quentin Tarantino on the Hollywood scene. It's not a really good film, but it was daring and different, and still has legions of fans as a result of its gritty atmosphere and no-hold-barred violence.
Sacred Flesh (DVD)
Part nun-sploitation, part horror film and part soft-porn, "Sacred Flesh" is a very unusual film but not without its attraction.
Secondhand Lions (UMD)
A coming-of-age movie of a slightly different kind takes Walter Caldwell on a ride to explore the past of his strange uncles and as it turns out, the grumpy old men are full of adventures and history.
Time Bandits (UMD)
Carrying the unique signature of Terry Gilliam, this fantasy adventure takes you through times and places you may have never seen.
Walt Disney Treasures: Elfego Baca/Swamp Fox (DVD)
"Elfego Baca" and "Swamp Fox" are two excellent Disney TV shows from the 50s that finally made it in part to DVD in this great DVD release from the "Walt Disney Treasures" series.
The Wild Bunch: Special Director's Cut (DVD)
Sam Peckinpah's films are infamous and among them "The Wild Bunch" is easily one of the most notorious. Warner Home Video has created a new Special Edition release and Brad Baker took a closer look at it.

Hell of the Living Dead / Rats (Blu-Ray)
Pompeii (Blu-Ray)
Amistad (Blu-Ray)

Hell of the Living Dead / Rats
Rosemary's Baby
The Escape Artist
A Young Doctor's Notebook
A Winter's Tale
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S. / Godzilla: Final Wars
True Detective
The Terminal
Ripper Street
Torture Chamber
Mr. Selfridge: Season 2
The Bletchley Circle: Season 2
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
The Wolf of Wall Street
Saving Mr. Banks
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