August 29, 2014

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10 (Blu-Ray)
Blake Edwards' beloved mid-life crisis comedy is now available in high definition and we took a cloe look for you to see how it turned out.
2:22 (DVD)
An independent production, this film has never made much of in impact on the circuit, but it is now availale on DVD and John Carpenter took a closer look.
And Soon The Darkness (Blu-Ray)
The remake of a critically acclaimed 1970s movie, this film has a lot going for it and holds a lot of promise. John Carpenter decided to take a look for you how it all turned out.
Avatar: Three-Disc Extended Collector's Edition (Blu-Ray)
Coming on three discs, this release is packed to the brim with extras, elaborating more and more on the film that shattered records.
Black Dynamite (Blu-Ray)
Please welcome back our reviewer John Carpenter as he takes a look at the Blu-Ray version of Black Dynamite.
Bored To Death: Season One (DVD)
John Carpenter took a closer look at the HBO series "Bored To Death" that is now available on DVD.
The Candy Snatchers (DVD)
No, this is not a kid's movie. It is a dark 70s exploitation film that belies its B-movie origins in many ways, now available on DVD with some great bonus materials.
Cannibal Girls (DVD)
One of comedy director Ivan Reitman's rearliest films, this movie is a wonderful throwback into the 70s. filled with gimmicks, blood and humor, it is a film that is as campy as they get.
Chain Letter (Blu-Ray)
John Carpenter checked out this torture porn horror film but soon regretted the decision as this film is as bad and derivative as they come.
City Island (Blu-Ray)
Overlooked and never-heard-of probably describes this film best, but as John Carpenter found out, it is a really intriguing and well put together movie, actually.
Crash (DVD)
'Crash' is the latest release from Lions Gate and John Carpenter took a close look at the DVD. Not to be confused with the David Cronenberg film, this is an entirely different experience with a tight script and an exciting plot. Read all about it in his in-depth review
The Crazies (DVD)
A new take on George A. Romero's 1973 infection thriller, this remake delivers shocks in spades and makes for a great showing.
Daughters of Darkness (Blu-Ray)
As Blue Underground is releasing another cult class in high definition, John Carpenter took the time to check it out in detail. Clearly, it is not a film to everyone's taste but aficionados will find a lot of things to love here.
Dead And Breakfast (DVD)
Another cool indie film from Anchor Bay, this movie is highly entertaining despite a bit of an identity crisis. It doesn't seem to know whether it wants to be a horror film, a comedy or a musical... and yet, it is sheer fun.
Dead And Breakfast (UMD)
After its successful launch onto DVD, this dark and funny, independent horror comedy is also avilable on a UMD disc for your PSP. Great stuff for fans of the film.
The Devil's Rejects: Unrated Director's Cut (DVD)
Musician-gone-filmmaker Rob Zombie is back with a new gorefest. Following up on the success of "House Of 1000 Corpses" he continues the story of Otis, Baby and Captian Spaulding. With more mayhem than ever.
The Disappearance Of Alice Creed (Blu-Ray)
A taught thriller with a great script and even better acting, this movie will keep you on the edge of your seat!
Don McKay (Blu-Ray)
Featuring a great cast, this thriller by new director Jake Goldberger has all the ingredients for a great film. John Carpenter took a closer look to see how it turned out in the end.
Elf (UMD)
Jan Favreau's take on the Christmas family genre features Will Ferrell as a human among elves. It is a funny story with great moments, but also not entirely without flaws.
Eric Idle's Personal Best (DVD)
From A&E Home Video's line of Monty Python releases comes 'Eric Idle's Personal Best'. A collection of sketches, skits and episodes from throughout the years, all highlighting Eric's incredible talents. John Carpenter took a close look for you.

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