August 30, 2014

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3rd Rock From The Sun: Season 2 (DVD)
It is an intelligent TV sitcom with great writing, acting and a hilarious premise. Meet the aliens... err... Solomons.
Alien vs. Predator: Unrated Edition (DVD)
Two alien species duking it out with humans in the middle. Presenting a movie that bridges to of the most memorable and successful scifi monster franchises of modern cinema, here now we have an unrated version of Paul Anderson's movie.
The Amazing Race: Complete First Season (DVD)
Here we have a great example that goes beyond the cheap screaming-in-your-face attitude of most reality shows. Teams trekking around the world are the center of this series that will stir a lust for adventure even in you.
The Amityville Horror (DVD)
A remake of the horror classic from 1979, the question remains whether it was worth the effort or now. Add to it the claim to be based on a dubious true story and it becomes a real toss-up.
Audioslave: Live In Cuba (DVD)
Bringing together some of the more creative and experimental heads of the dried-up grunge scene, Audioslave has become the first rock band to play live in Cuba. Here's their DVD as a testament.
Backdraft (HD-DVD)
Murray decided to give Ron Howard's fiery thriller about a dangerous arsonist a check up in high definition. Great looking and with some nice extras, it is certainly a disc to look out for.
Basic Instinct (HD-DVD)
While the movie is availabe on Blu-Ray only here in the US, you can always grab a HD-DVD version from Europe to enjoy Paul Verhoeven's thriller in high definition, too. Murray decided to do just that and tell you all about it.
Batman Forever (DVD)
After Tim Burton's approach to the Batman franchise, Joel Schumacher took over in 1995 and gave the series a new look and feel.
Beach Café (DVD)

The Big Lebowski: Collector's Edition (DVD)
Another dark comedy from the Coen Brothers returns to DVD. Here we have a film that is all about people mistking people for others and the inevitable results of the confusion.
The Bird With The Crystal Plumage (DVD)
This is Dario Argento's first feature film as a writer and director and thus marks the first giallo film he made. It establishes the genre formula he would himself copy countless times later on.
Blue Collar TV: Season One / Volume One (DVD)
Jeff Foxworthy and his friends take you on a riotous ride in their TV show, giving everyone the lowdown on plain ole redneck humor. It is a show that is filled with great moments as Murray just found out.
The Break-Up (HD-DVD)
Universal is bringing Jon Favreau's A-list comedy to high definition and Murray took a closer look at the HD-DVD/DVD combo for you.
The Brown Bunny (DVD)
Not many films have the dubious honor of ranking as some of the worst movies ever made. As Murray found out, here we have a clear candidate for the category. A film that is utterly superfluous and stupid.
Capote (DVD)
Based on real life events in the life of acclaimed writer Truman Capote, this film shows how he researched and wrote his non-fiction novel "In Cold Blood." The novel would change the literary world and the man who wrote it forever.
Casino: 10th Anniversary Edition (DVD)

The Cave (DVD)
It is a horror film with a lot of promise but leaves somewhat to be desired in its delivery. Still, it is an entertaining flick that is not without its appeal.
Cemetery Man (DVD)
It is a horror film with many funny moments, yet not a horror comedy, really. Cultishly adored by legions of horror fans, Michele Soavi's "Cemetery Man" has finally received the Anchor Bay treatment.
 Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (DVD)
Tim Burton did it again. Applying his unique visual style, throwing in his favorite star and topping it off with an eccentric story for all ages, he has quite simply created a new family classic.
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (HD-DVD)
Tim Burton's remake of the famous Roald Dahl children's story is a colorful and quirky movie that is highly entertaining. Now available on HD-DVD, Murray Wasylnuk decided to give it a closer look.

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