Layer Change List
This is a list of dual layered discs with their layer switch points noted, where known. It is hard sometimes to nail down the exact switch points, especially since they are completely seamless on many players. If you know of a layer switch point that is not in this list, please let us know so that we can make this list as complete as possible.
The 1000 Eyes Of Dr. Mabuse1:08:47, before chapter 20
The 10th KingdomDisc 1 - 1:24:37 / Disc 2 - 1:22:52
12 Monkeys: Collector's Edition1:34:28, before chapter 31
12 Monkeys (DTS)Unknown
15 Minutes: infinifilm Edition1:42:01, in chapter 18*8/14/2001
1941: Collector's Edition0:29:13, before chapter 12
1998 Olympic Skating Competition HighlightsUnknown
2001: A Space Odyssey1:27:25, before chapter 21
2001: A Space Odyssey1:27:25, before chapter 21
28 Days: Special EditionUnknown
The 39 Steps: Special EditionUnknown
The 6th DayUnknown*3/27/2001
A Bug's Life1:28:25, in the fullscreen version
Abbott and Costello Meet FrankensteinUnknown
The Abyss1:05:04, in chapter 25
Academy Award WinnersUnknown
Adventures Of Baron Munchhausen1:08:40
The Adventures of Rocky And Bullwinkle (DTS)Unknown
An Affair Of LoveUnknown
An Affair To Remember0:54:09, before chapter 11
AFI'S 100 Years, 100 MoviesUnknown
Aftershock: Earthquake In New YorkUnknown
Against All OddsUnknown
Aida: Verdi Teatro Alla ScalaUnknown
Alabama: 41 Hits LiveUnknown
The AlamoUnknown
Alice In Wonderland1:14:13
Alien: 20th Anniversary Special Edition1:03:27, before chapter 12
Alien 30:58:21, before chapter 16
Alien Resurrection0:58:12
Aliens: Director's Cut1:04:08, in chapter 13
All About EveUnknown
Almost Famous: Director's Cut0:53:50, in chapter 11
Along Came A SpiderUnknown*9/25/2001
Amateur Nude Strippers #1-4Unknown
American Beauty: Special Edition (DTS)Unknown
American Graffiti: Collector's EditionUnknown
American Pie1:16:59, in chapter 16
American Pie (Unrated Version)1:17:10, in chapter 16
The American President1:04:06, before chapter 19
American Psycho: (Unrated Version)Unknown
American Psycho: (R-Rated Version)Unknown
An American Werewolf In London: Collector's Edition (DTS)Unknown*9/18/2001
Amistad (DTS)Unknown
Anatomy Of A Murder1:15:17, in chapter 13
Anchors AweighUnknown
And The Ship Sails OnUnknown
And Then There Were None1:00:36, in chapter 15
Animal FactoryUnknown
The AnimalUnknown*10/30/2001
Anna and the King: Special Edition1:07:27, before chapter 11
Antz: Signature Selection0:47:56, in chapter 16
Antz (DTS)Unknown
Any Given Sunday: Special Edition Director's CutUnknown
Anywhere But Here1:22:28, in chapter 13
Apocalypse Now1:20:37, before chapter 12
Apollo 13 (DTS)1:09:13
Apollo 13: Collector's Edition0:44:02, before chapter 17
The Apostle: Collector's Edition1:28:15
The Apostle: Special EditionUnknown
Arabian NightsUnknown
Arlington Road1:17:00, before chapter 20
Armageddon1:11:11, before chapter 14
The Art Of WarUnknown
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me: Platinum Edition1:24:36, before chapter 29
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me: Collector's Edition1:24:36, before chapter 29
Babe: Pig In The CityUnknown, between versions
The BachelorUnknown, between versions
Bad Boys: Special Edition0:33:19, before chapter 9
Barber Of Seville, The: Rossini: Netherlands OperaUnknown
Barry LyndonUnknown
The Bat WhispersUnknown
Bat/House On Haunted Hill (1958): Vincent Price CollectionUnknown
Batman BeyondUnknown
Bats0:51:16, before chapter 16
Battlefield EarthUnknown
The Beach1:12:39, in chapter 18
Beany And Cecil: Special EditionUnknown
Beast CopsUnknown
Bedknobs And BroomsticksUnknown*3/20/2001
Bee Gees: On Night Only (DTS)Unknown
Being John Malkovich0:48:42, before chapter 16
Ben HurUnknown*3/13/2001
Best In ShowUnknown
Best Laid PlansUnknown
The Best Man (DTS)1:11:57, before chapter 12
The Best Years Of Our LivesUnknown
The Best Years Of Our LivesUnknown
A Better Way To DieUnknown
The Beyond: Limited Edition TinUnknown
The BeyondUnknown
The Big Blue: Director's CutUnknown
The Big Chill1:18:48
The Big CountryUnknown*3/20/2001
Big Momma's House: Special Edition0:52:17, in chapter 11
Big RedUnknown
Big Trouble In Little China: Special Edition (DTS)0:51:38, before chapter 24*5/22/2001
Birdman Of AlcatrazUnknown*3/6/2001
The Birds1:45:07, before chapter 18
Black OrpheusUnknown
Black Rain1:09:53, in chapter 16
Blackmail / Easy VirtualUnknown
Blade: Platinum Edition1:29:13
The Blair Witch Project: Special EditionUnknown
Blast From The PastUnknown, between versions
Blood DollsUnknown
Blow: infinifilm Edition1:50:54, in chapter 23*9/11/2001
The Blue LagoonUnknown
Blue StreakUnknown
Blues Brothers: Collector's Edition2:00:00, in chapter 37
Blues Brothers 2000: Collector's Edition1:12:20
Blues Brothers 2000 (DTS)Unknown
Blues Brothers AnthologyUnknown
Bob Roberts: Special EditionUnknown
Body ShotsUnknown
Boiler Room1:15:55
The Bone Collector (DTS)1:02:52, before chapter 12
Boogie Nights: Platinum Edition1:24:22
Boogie Nights: 2-Disc Special EditionUnknown
Born On The 4th Of July (DTS)Unknown
Born On The 4th Of JulyUnknown
Born On The 4th Of JulyUnknown
The BorrowersUnknown
The BountyUnknown
Bowfinger (DTS)0:39:23, before chapter 9
The Boxer (DTS)Unknown
The Boxer: Collector's Edition1:22:37
Boys Don't Cry1:00:25, before chapter 14
Braveheart1:43:36, beofre chapter 13
Brazil: Special Edition1:15:30, before chapter 22
The Bride of Frankenstein: Classic Monster CollectionUnknown
Bridge On The River Kwai: Limited 2-Disc Special EditionUnknown
Bridge On The River Kwai: Movie-Only EditionUnknown
A Bridge Too Far1:32:50
Bring It On: Collector's Edition (DTS)Unknown
Bringing Out the Dead1:06:43, in chapter 18
Buffalo 660:50:50, in chapter 10
A Bug's Life: Deluxe EditionUnknown
Burn The Floor (DTS)0:38:36, in chapter 6
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid1:00:54, before chapter 17
Caddyshack: 20th Anniversary Edition1:04:22, before chapter 21
Caligula (Unrated Version)Unknown
Camelot: Special Edition1:40:47
Candy: Regular EditionUnknown*4/10/2001
The Car: Collector's EditionUnknown, between versions
Carlito's Way1:14:20
Carnival Of Souls: Special EditionUnknown
Cartoons That Time Forgot: Ub Iwerks Coll. #1Unknown
Cartoons That Time Forgot: Ub Iwerks Coll. #2Unknown
Casino1:31:41, before chapter 10
Casper's Haunted ChristmasUnknown
Cast Away: Special Edition (DTS)1:10:53, in chapter 17*6/12/2001
Cat BallouUnknown
Catch 22: Special EditionUnknown*5/22/2001
Cats1:19:45, in chapter 14
Caveman's Valentine (DTS)0:59:14, in chapter 10*7/17/2001
The Cell: Platinum Series1:27:23, in chapter 19
Chaplin: The Movie1:33:50
Chaplin's Essanay Comedies #1 (Silent)Unknown
Chaplin's Essanay Comedies #2 (Silent)Unknown
Chaplin's Essanay Comedies #3Unknown
Charade: Special EditionUnknown
Charlie's Angels: Special EditionUnknown*3/27/2001
Chasing Amy: Special Edition0:57:25
Chill Factor: Special Edition1:30:28, before chapter 24
Chinatown1:12:34, in chapter 8
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang1:23:35
Cinema Europe: The Other HollywoodUnknown
Circuit 3Unknown
Circuit 4Unknown
Citizen Kane: 60th Anniversary EditionUnknown*9/25/2001
City Lights (Silent)0:56:09, before chapter 16
Clear And Present DangerUnknown
Cleopatra: Five Star CollectionUnknown*4/3/2001
Cleopatra1:22:30, before chapter 18
Cliffhanger: Special EditionUnknown
A Clockwork Orange1:15:27
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (DTS)1:07:46, in chapter 12*5/29/2001
Color Of Night1:16:06, before chapter 15
Communion: Special Edition0:38:58, before chapter 7
Conan The Barbarian: Collector's Edition1:38:56, in chapter 13
The Confession1:12:05
Contact: Special Edition1:00:34
The Contender: Special EditionUnknown*3/6/2001
The Conversation: Special Edition0:50:11, in chapter 7
The CorruptorUnknown
The Cotton ClubUnknown*7/10/2001
Courage Under Fire (DTS)Unknown
The CowboysUnknown
Coyote Ugly1:19:14, before chapter 24
The Craft: Special Edition0:51:28, before chapter 15
Crazy in Alabama0:58:03, before chapter 18
Creature From The Black Lagoon: Classic Monster CollectionUnknown
Crimson RiverUnknown*10/16/2001
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Special Edition1:20:10, before chapter 21
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Superbit Collection (DTS)Unknown*10/9/2001
Cry Freedom1:24:56
A Cry In The Dark1:05:42, before chapter 21
The Crying GameUnknown
Cyber City Oedo 808Unknown
Daft Punk: D.A.F.T.: A Story About Dogs, Androids, Fireman And TomatoesSL DS
Dame Edna's Neighbourhood WatchUnknown
Dances With Wolves: Special Edition1:24:30, in chapter 12
Dangerous GroundUnknown
Dante's Peak: Collector's Edition1:18:42
Dante's Peak (DTS)Unknown
The Dark CrystalUnknown
Daylight (DTS)Unknown
Daylight: Collector's Edition0:59:51
Dead Ringers: Special Edition0:45:02, before chapter 20
Deadbeat At Dawn: Special EditionUnknown
Deep Blue Sea: Special Edition0:55:26, in chapter 17
Deep Red (aka. Profondo Rosso)Unknown
The Deer Hunter1:37:18
Demetrius And The GladiatorsUnknown
Der Rosenkavalier: Strauss: Massimo TheatreUnknown
Detroit Rock City: Special EditionUnknown
The Devil Rides Out0:59:20, in chapter 13
Devil's Advocate: Special Edition1:17:09
Diamonds Are Forever: Special EditionUnknown
Die Hard: Five Star Collection (DTS)Unknown*7/10/2001
Die Hard1:11:22, in chapter 17
Die Hard 2: Die Harder1:08:18, in chapter 15
Die Hard With A Vengeance0:56:06, before chapter 11
Digimon: Season #1Unknown
Diner0:49:07, in chapter 16
Dinosaur: Special Edition (DTS)0:53:26, in chapter 19
Dirty Dozen1:13:40
Dirty Dozen1:13:40
Dogma: Special EditionUnknown
The Doors: Collector's Edition1:46:46
The Doors: The Movie: Special EditionUnknown
Double Jeopardy1:00:13, in chapter 10
Dr. Dolittle 2Unknown*10/23/2001
Dr. No: Special Edition0:55:36, before chapter 19
Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb: Special Edition1:05:22, before chapter 19
Dr. T And The Women: Special EditionUnknown
Dracula: Classic Monster CollectionUnknown
Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story: Collector's Edition1:05:42
Dragon PackUnknown
Dragonheart (DTS)Unknown
Dragonheart: Collector's Edition0:24:53, before chapter 9
Dragonheart: A New Beginning0:48:25, in chapter 11
Drop Dead GorgeousUnknown
Drugstore Cowboy1:01:55, before chapter 24
Dudley Do-Right (DTS)Unknown
Duel In The Sun: Roadshow VersionUnknown
Duets: Special EditionUnknown
Eagles, The: Hell Freezes Over (DTS)0:49:30
Earth Girls Are EasyUnknown
Easy Rider1:09:28, before chapter 23
Edtv (DTS)Unknown
EDtv: Collector's Edition1:55:20
Edward Scissorhands: 10th Anniversary EditionUnknown
Element Of CrimeUnknown
Elizabeth0:57:44, in chapter 10
Elmer GantryUnknown*3/6/2001
The Emperor And The AssassinUnknown
End Of Days: Collector's Edition0:08:15, before capter 3
Enemy Of The State1:16:43
The English Patient1:25:30
Entrapment : Special Edition0:44:19, in chapter 8
Erin Brockovich1:11:44, before chapter 26
Ever After1:11:18
Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn: Special EditionUnknown
Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn: Limited Tin EditionUnknown
The Exorcist: The Version You've Never Seen0:54:11, before chapter 22
Eye Of The Needle1:07:23, before chapter 18
Eyes Wide Shut1:25:25, in chapter 21
Face/Off1:00:00, in chapter 19
The Falcon And The Snowman1:04:50, before chapter 24
Family Man: Special Edition (DTS)1:14:43, in chapter 12*7/17/2001
Family PlotUnknown*3/6/2001
Fando & Lis: Special EditionUnknown
Fantasticks: Special EditionUnknown
Far And AwayUnknown
Farewell My ConcubineUnknown
Fast Times At Ridgemont HighUknown
Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas1:06:08
Feeling MinnesotaUnknown
Felicia's Journey: Special Edition1:28:58, before chapter 26
Fiddler On The RoofUnknown*10/2/2001
Field of Dreams: Collector's EditionUnknown
The Fifth Element: Superbit Collection (DTS)Unknown*10/9/2001
Fight Club1:07:33, in chapter 19
Filth And The Fury: The Sex PistolsUnknown
Final Destination: Platinum EditionUnknown
Final Fantasy: The Spirits WithinUnknown*10/23/2001
Finding Forrester1:28:59, in chapter 21*4/24/2001
First StrikeUnknown, between versions
The Fisher King1:04:31
Fishing With JohnUnknown
The Five SensesUnknown
Flash Gordon Conquers The UniverseUnknown
Flash Gordon: Space SoldiersUnknown
The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas (DTS)0:41:59, in chapter 9
The Flintstones: Collector's EditionUnknown
For All Mankind: Special Edition0:32:45, before chapter 8
For Love Of The Game0:54:41, before chapter 7
For Richer Or Poorer (DTS)Unknown
For Whom The Bell Tolls1:27:41
For Your Eyes Only: Special Edition1:49:00, in chapter 48
Forrest Gump: Special Edition1:09:46, in chapter 9*8/28/2001
Fortune CookieUnknown*3/6/2001
Frank Sinatra #1-5: His Life And Times (Box)Unknown
Frank Sinatra 2-Pack: Suddenly/Till The Clouds Roll ByUnknown
Frankenstein: Classic Monster CollectionUnknown
Frequency: Platinum SeriesUnknown
Fried Green Tomatoes: Collector's Edition1:45:08
Friendly PersuasionUnknown
From Dusk Till Dawn: Special EditionUnknown
From Here To EternityUnknown*10/23/2001
From Russia With Love: Special Edition1:44:11, before chapter 28
From The Earth To The Moon: Collector's EditionUnknown
The Fugitive: Special EditionUnknown*6/5/2001
Full Metal Jacket1:19:41
Fushigi Yugi: The Mysterious Play: Suzaku BoxUnknown
Galaxy Quest0:55:16, before chapter 12
Gatchaman CollectionUnknown*7/17/2001
The Gauntlet1:20:25
The GeneralUnknown
The General's Daughter1:10:15, in chapter 11
Gen-X Cops1:35:34, before chapter 25
Get CarterUnknown
Get Carter: Special EditionUnknown
Gettysburg: Special EditionUnknown
Ghost and The DarknessUnknown
Ghostbusters0:48:33, in chapter 15
Girl, InterruptedUnknown
Girls Just Want To Have FunUnknown
Gladiator (DTS)1:16:27, in chapter 14
Go: Special EditionUnknown, between versions
Gods And Monsters: Collector's Edition0:44:52, in chapter 10
Godzilla: Special Edition0:56:45, before chapter 14
Going My Way / Holiday InnUnknown
GoldenEye: Special EditionUnknown
Goldfinger: Special EditionUnknown
Gone In 60 Seconds1:21:17, in chapter 23
Gone In 60 Seconds (DTS)Unknown
Good Will Hunting: Collector's Edition1:22:50
The Good, The Bad And The Ugly1:29:21
The Goonies: Special Edition0:56:10, in chapter 19*8/21/2001
Gorillas In The Mist0:57:51
The Gospel According To St. MatthewUnknown
Grace Of My Heart1:20:26
The GraduateUnknown
Grand Illusion: Special Edition0:57:05, before chapter 11
The GrandfatherUnknown
Grateful Dead: Anthem To BeautyUnknown
Grateful Dead: View From The VaultUnknown
The Great Escape1:37:46
The Greatest Story Ever ToldUnknown*3/6/2001
The Green Mile1:39:15, in chapter 29
Grey Owl1:21:25, before chapter 21
The GuardianUnknown, between versions
Gulliver's TravelsUnknown
The Guns Of NavaroneUnknown
Hallelujah TrailUnknown*3/20/2001
Hallmark Home Entertainment DVD CollectionUnknow
Halloween: Limited 2-disc Special Edition0:08:35, In the documentary
Halloween: Special EditionUnknown
Halloween H200:51:14, before chapter 19
Hamburger Hill1:49:58
Handel: The Messiah: Nat'l Choir Of LyonUnknown
Hanging UpUnknown
Happy Texas: Special EditionUnknown
Hard Boiled: Special Edition0:52:30, before chapter 21
The Haunting: Signature SelectionUnknown
Haydn: The Creation: Chambord SinfoniettaUnknown
He Got Game1:06:36
Hearst Castle: Building The DreamUnknown
Heat1:35:05, before chapter 28
Heaven And EarthUnknown
Heavy Metal: Special EditionUnknown
Hellbound: Hellraiser 2Unknown*7/24/2001
Hellraiser: Special EditionUnknown
Henry And June1:20:13
Henry V1:09:44, in chapter 23
Henry V1:11:54, before chapter 29
Herbert Von Karajan: "New Year's Concert" Vienna 19870:51:42
Hercules: Amazon Women/Lost Kingdom0:25:04, in episode "The Gauntlet"
The HiddenUnknown
High & Low1:14:31, before chapter 12
High FidelityUnknown
Hilary & JackieUnknown
Hollow Man: Special Edition0:56:59, before chapter 15
Hook1:08:22, before chapter 14
The Horse Whisperer1:29:58
Hot Body: Summer Wet T Shirt FinalsUnknown
House On Haunted Hill: Special EditionUnknown
How Green Was My Valley1:06:25, before chapter 8
How Stella Got Her Groove BackUnknown
How The West Was Won1:29:17
Human Condition 2Unknown
Human Condition 3Unknown
The Hunt For Red October0:09:39
The Hurricane: Collector's Edition1:28:04, in chapter 13
I Know What You Did Last Summer / I Still Know What You Did Last SummerUnknown
I Love TroubleUnknown
I Spy #01Unknown
I Spy #02Unknown
I Spy #03Unknown
I Want My DVD #2Unknown
I Want My DVD Vol. 1Unknown
Immortal Beloved1:03:37, Before chapter 16
In The BeginningUnknown
In The Heat Of The NightUnknown
In The Line Of Fire: Special EditionUnknown
In the Mouth of Madness: Special EditionUnknown
In The WoodsUnknown
The In-Crowd: Special EditionUnknown
Independence DayUnknown
Indian TombUnknown
Indochine1:30:04, in chapter 18
The Insider1:21:53, in chapter 17
Instinct1:13:29, in chapter 13
Interview With The Vampire: Special Edition (DTS)1:12:14, in chapter 15
Into The WoodsUnknown
Iria: Vol. 1-6Unknown
It Happened One Night: Special Edition1:08:53, in chapter 19
It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad WorldUnknown*9/18/2001
Jack FrostUnknown
The Jackal (DTS)Unknown
The Jackal: Collector's Edition1:30:34
Jacob's Ladder: Special Edition0:50:40
Jamaica Inn / Rich And StrangeUnknown
James And The Giant Peach: Special Edition (DTS)1:00:46, before chapter 17
James Taylor: Live At The Beacon Theater1:04:29
Jason And The Argonauts1:33:09, in chapter 20
Jaws: 25th Anniversary Collector's Edition (DTS)0:43:27, in chapter 9
Jaws 2Unknown*5/22/2001
Jesus1:30:48, before chapter 20
Jesus Of NazarethUnknown
JFK: Special EditionUnknown
Jill The Ripper: Special EditionUnknown
John Belushi CollectionUnknown
Johnny Mnemonic: Superbit Collection (DTS)Unknown*10/9/2001
Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (DTS)0:59:41, before chapter 17
Juliet Of The SpiritsUnknown
Jumanji: Collector Series1:06:29, before chapter 16
The Jungle BookUnknown
Jungle Fever1:24:59
Jurassic Park: Collector's Edition (DTS)Unknown
Jurassic Park: Collector's Edition0:38:05, in chapter 8
Jurassic Park: Collector's EditionUnknown
Just The Ticket1:24:51
Karajan: Mozart: Don GiovanniUnknown
Kelly's Heroes1:06:44, in chapter 17
The KidUnknown
The King And IUnknown
The King And I1:24:58
The Kiss: Second ComingUnknown
Knightriders: Special EditionUnknown
Kramer vs KramerUnknown*8/28/2001
L.A. Confidential1:26:10, before chapter 17
La BambaUnknown
La Forza Del Destino: Verdi: Metropolitan OperaUnknown
La SentinelleUnknown
Lady And The Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure (DTS)Unknown
Lady In WhiteUnknown
Lapdance 2000Unknown*6/6/1966
The Last Emperor: Director's Cut1:44:17
The Last Of The MohicansUnknown
The Last Of The Mohicans (DTS)Unknown
The Last Picture Show1:37:04, before chapter 25
The Last Starfighter: Collector's Edition0:58:12
Last Tango In Paris1:14:21
The Last Temptation of Christ: Special EditionUnknown
Leaving Las VegasUnknown, between versions
Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains The Same1:28:07, before chapter 22
Legends Of The Fall: Special Edition1:21:58, before chapter 20
Legionnaire: Millenium Edition1:05:58
Leon: The Professional1:13:19
Leon: The Professional1:13:19
Les Vampires (Silent)Unknown
Let The Devil Wear BlackUnknown
Lethal Weapon: Director's Cut (DTS)1:01:35, in chapter 20
Lethal Weapon 2: Director's Cut (DTS)0:57:00, in chapter 21
Lethal Weapon 3: Director's Cut (DTS)1:02:16, in chapter 16
Letters From A Killer: Special Edition1:14:01, before chapter 17
Liar Liar: Collector's Edition0:54:42, in chapter 12
Liberty HeightsUnknown
Licence To Kill: Special Edition1:42:32, before chapter 47
Life1:01:30, in chapter 12
Light It Up1:19:41, in chapter 17
Limbo1:15:49, before chapter 18
The Limey0:44:54, before chapter 15
The Lion In WinterUnknown*3/6/2001
Lisa And The Devil / House Of Exorcism: Special EditionUnknown
Little NickyUnnown
The Little VampireUnknown*3/6/2001
Little Women: Collector's Series1:03:48, in chapter 14
Live And Let Die: Special Edition1:30:21, before chapter 36
The Living Daylights: Special Edition1:07:32, before chapter 20
Lock, Stock and Two Smocking BarrelsUnknown
Lolita: Special Edition1:35:37, in chapter 21
Lone Star1:31:28, before chapter 28
Lonesome DoveUnknown
The Longest Day1:24:27, in chapter 6
Lord Of The Flies: Special EditionUnknown
The Lost Continent1:06:24, in chapter 22
Lost Horizon: Special EditionUnknown
Lost In Space: Platinum Edition1:30:56
Lost WeekendUnknown
The Lost World: Collector's Edition0:40:44, in chapter 6
The Lost World: Collector's Edition (DTS)Unknown
Lost World, The: Jurassic Park: Collector's EditionUnknown
Love And Basketball: Platinum Series1:22:34, before chapter 22
Love Potion #9Unknown
Lucky NumbersUnknown*3/20/2001
Macross 2: The Movie0:05:55, in chapter 7
The Magical Legend Of The LeprechaunsUnknown
The Magnificent Seven: Special EditionUnknown
Magnolia: Special Edition1:41:43
Malcolm X1:40:16, before chapter 27
Mallrats: Collector's Edition1:18:06
The Maltese FalconUnknown
Man On The Moon (DTS)0:55:05, before chapter 10
The Man Who Knew Too MuchUnknown*3/6/2001
The Man With The Golden Gun: Special Edition1:21:22, in chapter 21
Manhunter1:06:09, before chapter 19
Manhunter: Limited Edition1:06:09, before chapter 19
Mantis In LaceUnknown
Marnie: Collector's EditionUnknown
The Mask Of Zorro: Special EditionUnknown*8/28/2001
The Mask Of Zorro1:20:52
Masterpieces Of Opera: Der Rosenkavalier / Nabucco / TannhauserUnknown
The Matrix: Special Edition1:07:43, before chapter 21
Me, Myself & Irene1:00:56, in chapter 12
Meet Joe Black: The Ultimate Edition (DTS)Unknown*7/17/2001
Meet Joe Black1:25:12
Meet The ParentsUnknown*3/6/2001
Men In Black: Collector's Series (DTS)Unknown
Men In Black: Limited 2-Disc Special EditionUnknown
Men In Black: Collector's SeriesUnknown
Mercury Rising: Collector's Edition0:27:07
Merle Haggard In ConcertUnknown
Message In A Bottle: Special Edition1:19:04
Messenger, The: The Story of Joan of Arc1:23:02, before chapter 15
Midaq Alley (DTS)Unknown
Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil1:30:53
Miracles1:14:49, in chapter 17
The Misadventures Of James SpawnUnknown
Miss Congeniality: Special Edition0:45:23, in chapter 14
Mission Impossible 2: Special Edition1:10:07, before chapter 9
Mission To Mars: Special EditionUnknown
Moby Dick1:37:56
Modern Times1:11:54, in chapter 13
Monkeybone (DTS)Unknown*7/10/2001
Monsieur Verdoux1:30:59, before chapter 14
Monty Python: Life Of BrianUnknown
MoonrakerUnknown, between versions
Moonraker: Special EditionUnknown
Mother NightUnknown
Mousehunt (DTS)Unknown
Mr. Holland's OpusUnknown
Mr. Wong SeriesUnknown
Mrs. Doubtfire0:18:32, before chapter 6
Muhammad Ali: The Greatest CollectionUnknown
The Mummy: Collector's Edition1:29:55, before chapter 14
The Mummy: Collector's Edition1:29:55, before chapter 14
The Mummy: Classic Monster Collection1:00:26, in chapter 15
The Mummy's Shroud1:01:06, in chapter 18
A Murder Of Crows: Special Edition0:45:44
The MuseUnknown
The Music Man1:08:51
Music Of The Heart: Special EditionUnknown
My Fair Lady: Premiere Collection1:41:48
My Favorite Martian0:47:39, in chapter 10
My Sex LifeUnknown
Mystery Men0:31:30, before chapter 5
Nabucco: Giuseppe VerdiUnknown
National Lampoon's Animal House: Collector's Edition1:26:31
Natural Born Killers: Director's CutUnknown
Natural Born KillersUnknown
The NaturalUnknown*4/3/2001
The Negotiator: Special Edition1:34:17
Never Come BackUnknown
Nicholas And Alexandra1:48:34
The Night PorterUnknown
A Night To Remember1:23:05
The Nightmare Before Christmas: Special Edition (DTS)Unknown
A Nightmare On Elm StreetUnknown, between versions
The Ninth Gate0:59:36, in chapter 13
No Escape1:37:47
Noah's Ark1:28:17, before chapter 27
North By Northwest: Special Edition1:27:12
Nosferatu: Special EditionUnknown
Notting Hill: Collector's Edition0:57:13, before chapter 8
Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps Uncensored: Special Edition (DTS)Unknown*5/22/2001
O Brother, Where Art Thou? (DTS)1:27:13, in chapter 20*6/12/2001
October SkyUnknown
Octopussy: Special Edition1:06:00, before chapter 20
Odin Volume 1-2: Photon Space Sailor StarlightUnknown
The Omen0:51:50, before chapter 10
On Golden Pond: Special Edition1:22:38
On Her Majesty’s Secret ServiceUnknown
On The WaterfrontUnknown*10/23/2001
Once Upon A Time In China: Special EditionUnknown
One Night At McCool'sUnknown*9/25/2001
One True Thing1:08:12
Orlando Furioso: Vivaldi: San Francisco OperaUnknown
Our Daily Bread & Other Films Of The New DealUnknown
Out Of Africa: Collector's Edition1:42:58, in chapter 12
Out Of Sight: Collector's Edition1:11:26
Out Of Sight (DTS)Unknown
The Outlaw Josey Wales1:14:06, before chapter 19
The OutlawUnknown
Parasite EveUnknown*8/14/2001
The Parent Trap1:10:20
Paris Concert For Amnesty International1:14:27, before chapter 26
A Passage To IndiaUnknown*3/20/2001
Passion Of Joan Of ArcUnknown
Patch Adams (DTS)Unknown
Patch Adams0:58:15
Patch Adams: Collector's Edition0:58:15
The Patriot1:35:54, in chapter 19
Paulie (DTS)Unknown
Pay It Forward0:55:45, in chapter 17
The Peacemaker (DTS)Unknown
The Peacemaker0:54:09, in chapter 7
Pee Wee's Big AdventureUnknown
The Perfect Storm: Special Edition1:10:14, in chapter 21
The Perfect Storm: Platinum Mini-Box Collector's Edition1:10:14, in chapter 21
The Perfect Storm: AUTOGRAPHED Collector's Edition1:10:!4, in chapter 21
The Perfect Storm: Collector's Edtion1:10:14, in chapter 21
A Personal Journey With Martin Scorsese Through American MoviesUnknown
Phantasm: Special EditionUnknown
The Phantom Lover: 2-Disc Special EditionUnknown
Phantom Of The Opera: Collector's EditionUnknown
Phenomena0:58:59, before chapter 12
The PianoUnknown, between versions
Picking Up The PiecesUnknown
Picnic At Hanging Rock0:55:44, before chapter 17
Pink Floyd: The Wall1:02:23, before chapter 19
Pinocchio0:53:04, before chapter 15
Piranha1:00:20, before chapter 16
The Plague of the Zombies1:00:10, in chapter 19
Plain JaneUnknown
Planet Of The Apes: The Evolution: Limited Edition Box SetUnknown
Pleasantville: Platinum Edition1:20:43, before chapter 30
The PledgeUnknown*6/19/2001
Poison Ivy 1Unknown
Poison Ivy 2: LyliUnknown
Poison Ivy 3: The New SeductionUnknown
Pollock: Special EditionUnknown*7/24/2001
The Postman1:34:30
Predator (DTS)Unknown
Prelude To A KissUnknown
Pretty Woman: 10th Anniversary Special Edition1:08:17, in chapter 11
Primary Colors1:05:06
Primary Colors (DTS)Unknown
The Prince Of Egypt1:09:13, in chapter 22
The Princess Bride: Special EditionUnknown*9/4/2001
Princess MononokeUnknown
Progeny: Millenium EditionUnknown
The Prophet's Game (DTS)Unknown
Psycho: Collector's EditionUnknown
Psycho (1998): Collector's Editio0:57:20
Pulp Fiction1:20:15
The Puppet Films Of Jiri TrnkaUnknown
The Puppetoon MovieUnknown
Python: Special Edition1:06:07, before chapter 15
Q&A1:33:34, before chapter 13
The Quiet Man1:09:53
Quiz Show1:07:05, in chapter #15
Rain ManUnknown, between versions
Rake's Progress, The: Stravinsky: Salzburg FestivalUnknown
Rambo: First Blood Part 21:06:50
Random Hearts1:22:46, before chapter 19
Rangers: Special EditionUnknown*4/17/2001
Rasputin: The Mad Monk1:04:42, in chapter 17
Ravenous1:04:18, in chapter 18
Rear WindowUnknown*3/6/2001
Rebel Without A Cause: Special Edition1:06:19, before chapter 20
Record Of Lodoss WarUnknown
Red LettersUnknown
The Red Shoes1:22:18, before chapter 24
The Red Violin (DTS)1:06:05, in chapter 9
Reform School GirlsUnknown*3/13/2001
Reindeer GamesUnknown
The Replacements: Special EditionUnknown
The Reptile1:02:27, before chapter 16
Requiem For A Dream: Special Edition1:29:20, in chapter 31*5/22/2001
Revolutionary Girl Utena: the Rose Collection 1Unknown
Ride With The Devil1:05:16, in chapter 11
Rio BravoUnknonw
The River0:57:57
Road Trip (DTS)Unknown
Road Trip (DTS)Unknown
Robocop: Director's Cut0:41:05, in chapter 12
The Rock: Special Edition (DTS)Unknown*3/13/2001
The Rocky Horror Picture Show: 25th Anniversary Special Edition0:31:58, in chapter 9
Romeo And Juliet1:18:45, in chapter 22
Romeo Must Die1:25:01, in chapter 31
Romper Stomper (DTS)Unknown
Round MidnightUnknown
Rugrats, The: The MovieUnknown
Rules Of Engagement: Special EditionUnknown
Runaway Bride0:57:07, before chapter 13
Rush Hour1:29:07
Rushmore - Criterion CollectionUnknown
S.O.S. Coast GuardUnknown*4/18/2000
Salem's Lot1:33:25, before chapter 26
Sand PebblesUnknown
Santa Claus: The Movie1:16:11
Santa Claus: The MovieUnknown
Saving Private Ryan1:33:34
Saving Private Ryan (DTS)1:25:36, in chapter 12
Scarface: Collector's Edition1:03:32, before chapter 21
Scent Of A Woman1:29:50
Sci-Fi FilesUnknown
Scream: Collector's Edition1:12:16
Se7en: 2-Disc Platinum Edition (DTS)Unknown
Semiramide: Rossini: Metropolitan OperaUnknown
Sense And SensibilityUnknown
Seven Days In May1:04:30, in chapter 16
The Seven Samurai: Special Edition1:51:35, before chapter 17
The Seventh Voyage Of SinbadUnknown
Shadow Of A DoubtUnknown*3/6/2001
Shadow Of The Vampire: Special Edition (DTS)Unknown*5/29/2001
The Shadow (DTS)Unknown
Shakespeare In Love1:15:01
Shakespeare In Love: Special EditionUnknown
Shanghai NoonUnknown
Shawshank Redemption1:13:34, before chapter 20
The Shining0:51:15
Short Circuit: Special Edition1:08:05, before chapter 16
The Siege (DTS)Unknown
The Siege1:07:21
Silence Of The Lambs: Special Edition0:27:59, before chapter 8
A Simple Plan1:00:48
The Simpsons: First SeasonUnknown*9/25/2001
Sinbad And The Eye Of The TigerUnknown
The Skulls: Collector's EditionUnknown
Sleepless In SeattleUnknown
Sleepless In Seattle: Special EditionUnknown, between versions
Sleepy Hollow0:32:42, in chapter 7
The Slipper and the RoseUnknown
Small Soldiers: Signature Selection1:05:21, in chapter 9
Small Soldiers (DTS)Unknown
Snow Falling on Cedars1:22:41, in chapter 13
Somewhere In Time: Collector's EditionUnknown
Sophie's Choice1:13:12
The Sorcerer Hunters #1: Magical EncountersUnknown*3/27/2001
Sorcerer Hunters #2: Magical DesiresUnknown*7/31/2001
Sorcerer Hunters #2: Magical DesiresUnknown*9/11/2001
The Sound Of Music: Five Star Collection1:27:57, before chapter 29
Space Jam: Special EditionUnknown
Space Truckers: Millenium EditionUnknown
Sphere: Special Edition1:09:41
Spiders, The (Silent)Unknown
The Spy Who Loved Me: Special EditionUnknown
The Spy Who Loved MeUnknown, between versions
Stand By Me: Special EditionUnknown
The Standbetween separate titles
A Star Is BornUnknown
Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home1:17:39, in chapter 13
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace: Special EditionUnknown*10/16/2001
Stargate: Special Edition0:59:51 / 0:54:44, special version / theatrical version
Steal This MovieUnknown
Steel Magnolias1:12:59, before chapter 19
Stephen King's SleepwalkersUnknown
Stigmata: Special Edition0:54:31, before chapter 15
Stir Of Echoes: Special Edition0:52:53, before chapter 18
The StormridersUnknown
The Story Of Us (DTS)0:42:40, before chapter 10
Strange Days1:09:37, in chapter 12
Strange Woman / Moon Over Harlem: Edgar Ulmer Collection #1Unknown
Street Fighter: Collector's EditionUnknown
Streetcar Named Desire: Andre PrevinUnknown
Stuart Little: Special EditionUnknown
Suicide Kings: Special Edition1:06:56
Summer Of SamUnknown
Superman 2Unknown
Superman: The Movie: Special EditionUnknown
The Suspect0:50:47, in chapter 10
Suspiria: Limited Edition (DTS)1:08:43, before chapter 18*9/11/2001
Suspiria (DTS)1:08:43, before chapter 18*9/11/2001
The Talented Mr. Ripley1:21:03, in chapter 17
Tarzan: Collector's EditionUnknown
Taxi Driver: Special Edition1:29:37, before chapter 23
Teaching Mrs. Tingle (DTS)Unknown
The Temptations1:26:11
The Ten Commandments#1 - 1:06:56 / #2 - 0:35:03, #1 - in chapter 15 / #2 - in chapter 37
Tender Loving CareUnknown
Terminator 2: Judgement Day1:19:45
Terminator 2: Judgment Day: Ultimate Edition (DTS)Unknown
The Terminator: Special EditionUnknown*10/2/2001
Terms Of EndearmentUnknown*4/10/2001
There's Something About Mary0:55:29
They Shoot Horses, Don't They?Unknown
Thin Line Between Love And HateUnknown
The Thin Red Line1:21:36, Before chapter 15
The Thin Red Line (DTS)Unknown
The Thing: Collector's EditionUnknown
The Third Man1:22:33, in chapter 20
Thirteen Days: infinifilm Edition1:41:09, in chapter 23*7/10/2001
Thirteenth Floor: Special EditionUnknown
This Is My FatherUnknown
Three Kings: Special Edition1:16:06, in chapter 21
Thunderball: Special Edition1:33:58, in chapter 33
Time Bandits1:02:25
The Time Machine: Collector's EditionUnknown
The Time Machine0:54:06, in chapter 16
Titan A.E. (DTS)Unknown
Titanic1:48:06, before chapter 18
Titanic: TV MovieUnknown
Titus: Special EditionUnknown
To Catch A KillerUnknown
To Kill A Mocking Bird: Collector's Edition1:47:42, before chapter 32
Tom Clancy: Box SetUnknown
Tom Cruise: Box SetUnknown
Tomorrow Never DiesUnknown, between versions
Tomorrow Never Dies: Special Edition1:24:13
Tomorrow Never Dies: Special EditionUnknown
Topsy-Turvy1:22:41, in chapter 23
Tora! Tora! Tora!Unknown
Tora! Tora! Tora!: Special EditionUnknown
Torn CurtainUnknown*3/6/2001
Total Recall: Special Limited EditionUnknown*9/18/2001
Touch Of EvilUnkown
The Towering InfernoUnknown
Toy Story / Toy Story 2: The Ultimate Toy Box1:04:12, before chapter 26
Toy Story / Toy Story 21:04:12, before chapter 26
The Tragedy Of Richard IIUnknown*6/6/1966
Tremors: Collector's EditionUnknown
Trial And ErrorUnknown
Triumph Of The WillUnknown*4/3/2001
The Trouble with HarryUnknown*3/6/2001
True Crime1:10:29
True Lies1:04:57, before chapter 21
Twister (DTS)1:09:24, in chapter 20
Two If By SeaUnknown
U-571: Collector's Edition (DTS)1:03:16, in chapter 12
The Unbearable Lightness Of Being: Special EditionUnknown
Unbreakable: Special Edition (DTS)Unknown*6/26/2001
Under SuspicionUnknown
The Unsinkable Molly BrownUnknown
The UntouchablesUnknown
Vertigo: Collector's Edition0:40:12, before chapter 11
A View To A Kill: Special Edition1:21:01, before chapter 24
Virgin Suicides1:06:40, in chapter 12
Virus (DTS)0:52:52
Von Ryan's ExpressUnknown
Wages Of FearUnknown
Waking The Dead: Special EditionUnknown
A Walk In The CloudsUnknown
Walking with DinosaursUnknown
Wall StreetUnknown
The War1:14:09
Waterworld (DTS)1:11:06
Way Of The GunUnknown
The Way We Were1:15:57, before chapter 16
The Wedding Planner: Special EditionUnknown*7/3/2001
West Side Story1:20:50, before chapter 6
What Dreams May ComeUnknown
What Lies Beneath (DTS)1:14:35, in chapter 14
What Women WantUnknown
When Harry Met Sally: Special EditionUnknown
White Men Can't Jump0:58:00, before chapter 10
The Wicker Man: Limited Edition0:13:50, in chapter 5*8/21/2001
The Wicker Man0:13:50, in chapter 5*8/21/2001
Wild Wild West: Special Edition1:13:20
Wind In The Willows / The Willows In WinterUnknown
Wings Of HonneamiseUnknown
Wisley Through The SeasonsUnknown
The Wiz1:25:00
The Wizard Of OzUnknown
The Wizard Of Oz: Deluxe Edition Gift SetUnknown
The Wolf Man: Classic Monster CollectionUnknown
The World Is Not Enough: Special Edition0:42:17, before chapter 12
Wrestlemania #15: The Ragin' ClimaxUnknown
Xerxes: Handel: English National Opera1:46:55, before chapter 28
The X-Files: The Movie0:40:12, before chapter 7
The X-Files: The Movie (DTS)Unknown
X-Men: Special EditionUnknown
X-Men: The Phoenix Saga0:12:32, in episode 3
The YardsUnknown*4/17/2001
Yellow Submarine0:25:44, in chapter 11
You Only Live Twice: Special Edition1:02:37, in chapter 18
Young FrankensteinUnknown
You've Got Mail1:18:23, in chapter 23
Zardoz: Special EditionUnknown*3/27/2001