Anamorphic List
This is a list of discs that are 16x9 enhanced. These discs contain additional picture information that can be used by anamorphic capable widescreen TV sets to add the level of detail in the image. If you know of any anamorphic discs that are not in this list, please let us know so that we can make this list as complete as possible.
10 (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
The 1000 Eyes Of Dr. Mabuse (16x9)Image Entertainment
12 Monkeys (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
12 Monkeys: Collector's Edition (16x9)Universal Home Video
The 12 Monkeys (Special Edition) / Jackal (16x9)Universal Home Video
13 Ghosts (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*9/11/2001
The 13th Warrior (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
15 Minutes: Special Edition (DTS/16x9)New Line Home Entertainment*8/14/2001
187: Special Edition (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
200 Cigarettes (16x9)Paramount Home Video
2010 (16x9)Warner Home Video
28 Days: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
3 Days Of The Condor (16x9)Digital Leisure
3 Days Of The Condor (16x9)Paramount Home Video
3 Strikes (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
3000 Miles To Graceland (16x9)Warner Home Video*8/7/2001
32 Short Films About Glenn Gould (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
4th Man: Special Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*4/24/2001
The 6th Day (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*3/27/2001
7 Faces Of Dr. Lao (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
8 1/2 Women (16x9)Universal Home Video
8 Seconds (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
8MM (Eight Millimeter) (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Abominable Dr. Phibes (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
The Abominable Snowman (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
About Last Night (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Above The Law (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Absence Of Malice (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Absence Of The Good (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Absolute Power (16x9)Warner Home Video
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Across 110th Street (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*10/16/2001
Addams Family Values (16x9)Paramount Home Video
The Addams Family (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Addicted To Love (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Adjuster (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*4/10/2001
Adventure of Milo and Otis (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Adventures Of Baron Munchhausen (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Adventures of Rocky And Bullwinkle (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
The Adventures of Sebastian Cole (16x9)Paramount Home Video
An Affair Of Love (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Against All Odds (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Agent Red (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*4/10/2001
Agnes Browne (16x9/PS)USA Entertainment
Air Force One (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Air Rage: Special Edition (16x9)Paramount Home Video*7/24/2001
Airplane: Special Edition (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Airplane 2: The Sequel (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Akira: Special Edition (16x9)Pioneer Entertainment*7/24/2001
Akira (16x9)Pioneer Entertainment*7/24/2001
Aladdin's Magic Lamp (16x9)Image Entertainment*7/24/2001
The Alamo (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Alarmist, The (aka Life During Wartime) (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Alceste: Gluck: Theatre Musical De Paris (16x9)Image Entertainment*3/27/2001
Alfie (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Alice (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Alien: 20th Anniversary Special Edition (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Alien 3 (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
The Alien Legacy: Box Set (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Alien Nation (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment*3/27/2001
Alien Resurrection (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Alien Visitor (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Aliens: Director's Cut (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
All About My Mother (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
All I Wanna Do (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
All That Heaven Allows: Special Edition (16x9)Criterion Collection*6/19/2001
All The President's Men (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
All The Pretty Horses (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
All The Vermeers In New York (16x9)World Artists*7/31/2001
Almost Famous: Director's Cut (16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment
Aloha, Bobby and Rose (16x9/PS)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Along Came A Spider (16x9)Paramount Home Video*9/25/2001
Altered States (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Alvarez Kelly (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Amadeus (16x9)Warner Home Video
American Beauty: Special Edition (DTS/16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment
American Buffalo (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
American Flyers (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
American Gigolo (16x9)Paramount Home Video
American Graffiti: Collector's Edition (16x9)Universal Home Video
American History X: Platinum Edition (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
American Ninja (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*10/2/2001
American Pie (16x9)Universal Home Video
American Pie (R Rated Version): The Ultimate Edition (DTS/16x9/PS)Universal Home Video*7/31/2001
American Pie (Special Edition/ Unrated Version) / Half Baked (16x9)Universal Home Video*5/22/2001
American Pie (Unrated Version) (16x9)Universal Home Video
American Pie (Unrated Version): The Ultimate Edition (DTS/16x9/PS)Universal Home Video*7/31/2001
American Pimp (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
American Pop (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
American Psycho: (Unrated Version) (16x9)Universal Home Video
American Psycho: (R-Rated Version) (16x9)Universal Home Video
An American Werewolf In London: Special Edition (16x9)Universal Home Video*9/18/2001
Amistad (DTS/16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment
Amistad (16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment
Anaconda (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Analyze This (16x9)Warner Home Video
And God Created Woman (16x9)Criterion Collection
And God Created Woman (16x9)Pioneer Entertainment
And Justice For All (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
And Now For Something Completely Different (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
And The Band Played On (16x9)HBO Home Video
Angel Heart (16x9)Live Entertainment
Angela's Ashes (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Anguish (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Animal Factory (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Anna and the King: Special Edition (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Annie (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Another Woman (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Antitrust: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Antz: Signature Selection (16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment
Antz (DTS/16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment
Any Given Sunday: Special Edition Director's Cut (16x9)Warner Home Video
Any Given Sunday: Special Edition (16x9)Warner Home Video*8/7/2001
Anywhere But Here (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
The Apartment (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*6/19/2001
Apocalypse Now (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Apollo 13 (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
Apollo 13: Collector's Edition (16x9)Universal Home Video
Apt Pupil (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Aquaria (16x9)DVD International
Aria (16x9)Image Entertainment
Arlington Road (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Army Of Darkness: Limited 2-Disc Special Edition (16x9/PS)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Army Of Darkness: Director's Cut (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Army Of Darkness: Theatrical Version (16x9/PS)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Around The Fire (16x9)A-Pix
The Art Of War (16x9)Warner Home Video
As Good As It Gets (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Assassins (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
The Assignment (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Astro Zombies (16x9)Image Entertainment
The Astronaut's Wife (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
At Close Range (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
At First Sight (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
The Audrey Hepburn Story (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Austin Powers (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me: Collector's Edition (16x9)Steeplechase
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me: Platinum Edition (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
Autopsy (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Autumn In New York (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Autumn's Tale (16x9)Tai Seng Video Marketing
Avalon (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*3/13/2001
The Avengers (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Awakenings (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
B. Monkey (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Babe: Pig In The City (16x9/PS)Universal Home Video
Bach: Brandenburg Concertos: Freiberg Baroque Orchestra (16x9)Image Entertainment*9/4/2001
Bach: Mass In B Minor: Neubeuern Choral Society (16x9)Image Entertainment
Bachelor Party (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
The Bachelor (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Bad Boys (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Bad Boys: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Bad Boys (16x9)Artisan Entertainment
Bad Lieutenant (16x9)Artisan Entertainment
Bad Moon (16x9)Warner Home Video
Badlands (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Bagdad Cafe (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*7/24/2001
Bait (16x9)Warner Home Video
Bamboozled (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
Bananas (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Bandits: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Barb Wire (16x9)USA Entertainment
Barbara the Fair with the Silken Hair (16x9)Image Entertainment*7/24/2001
Barbarella (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Barefoot In The Park (16x9)Paramount Home Video
BASEketball (16x9)Universal Home Video
The Basketball Diaries (16x9)USA Entertainment
Bat 21 (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Batman (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Batman & Robin (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Batman Forever (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Batman Returns (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Bats (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Batteries Not Included (16x9)Universal Home Video
Battlefield Earth (16x9)Warner Home Video
Beach Blanket Bingo (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Beach Party (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
The Beach (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
The Bear (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Beast Within (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*8/28/2001
Beautiful (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Beautiful Joe (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*5/22/2001
Beavis and Butt-Head Do America (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Bed Of Roses (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
Bedazzled (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment*3/13/2001
The Bedroom Window (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Beethoven's 2nd (16x9)Universal Home Video
Beethoven's 3rd (16x9)Universal Home Video
Beetlejuice (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Before Sunrise (16x9/P&S)Warner Home Video
The Beguiled (16x9)Universal Home Video
Being John Malkovich (16x9)USA Entertainment
Being There (16x9)Warner Home Video*4/3/2001
Bell, Book and Candle (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Belly (16x9)Artisan Entertainment
Ben Hur (16x9)Warner Home Video*3/13/2001
Benny And Joon: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Beowulf (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Besieged: Special Edition (16x9/FS)New Line Home Entertainment
Best In Show (16x9)Warner Home Video
Best Laid Plans (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
The Best Man (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
Best Of Tina Turner, The: Celebrate! (DTS/16x9)Image Entertainment
A Better Tomorrow 2 (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
A Better Tomorrow (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
A Better Way To Die (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Beverly Hills Ninja (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Beyond The Clouds (16x9/FS)Image Entertainment
The Beyond: Limited Edition Tin (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
The Beyond (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Bicentennial Man (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
The Big Blue: Director's Cut (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Big Bully (16x9)Warner Home Video
The Big Chill (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Big Country (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*3/20/2001
Big Daddy (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Big Hit (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Big Kahuna (16x9)Universal Home Video
The Big Lebowski (16x9)USA Entertainment
Big Momma's House: Special Edition (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Big Night (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Big Red One (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Big Trouble In Little China: Special Edition (DTS/16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment*5/22/2001
Billy Liar: Special Edition (16x9)Criterion Collection*7/10/2001
Billy Madison (16x9)Universal Home Video
Bird (16x9)Warner Home Video
The Bird With The Crystal Plumage (16x9)Magic Lantern (VCI)
The Birdcage (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
The Birds (16x9)Universal Home Video
Birdy (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Bizet's Carmen (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Black And White (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Black And White: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Black Beauty (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Black Caesar: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
The Black Cat (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*6/12/2001
Black Dog (16x9)Universal Home Video
Black Mama, White Mama (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
The Black Mask (16x9)Artisan Entertainment
The Black Mask (16x9)Tai Seng Video Marketing
Black Moon Rising (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Black Robe (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*7/10/2001
Black Sabbath (1963) (16x9)Image Entertainment
Black Sunday (16x9)Image Entertainment
Black Tight Killer (16x9)Image Entertainment
Blackout (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*6/19/2001
Blade: Platinum Edition (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
Blade In The Dark (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*5/29/2001
Blade Runner: Director's Cut (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Blade Runner: Collector's Edition: Collector's Edition (16x9)Creative Design
Blair Witch 2: Book Of Shadows (16x9)Artisan Entertainment*3/13/2001
Blame It On Rio (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*5/22/2001
The Blank Generation (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Blast From The Past (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
Blazing Saddles (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Blazing Saddles: Collector's Edition: Collector's Edition (16x9/PS)Creative Design
Bless The Child (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Blind Fury / Omega Doom (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Blind Side (16x9)HBO Home Video
The Blob (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*9/11/2001
The Blob: Special Edition (16x9)Criterion Collection
Blood Dolls (16x9)Amazing Fantasy Entertainment
Blood From The Mummy's Tomb (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*8/7/2001
The Blood Spattered Bride (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Blow Out (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment*8/28/2001
Blown Away (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Blue Collar (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Blue Hawaii (16x9)Paramount Home Video
The Blue Lagoon (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Blue Sky (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Blue Streak (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Blue Thunder (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Blue Velvet (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Bluebeard (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Blues Brothers: Collector's Edition (16x9)Universal Home Video
Blues Brothers 2000: Collector's Edition (16x9)Universal Home Video
Blues Brothers 2000 (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
Body Double (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Body Heat (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Body Shots (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
The Body (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*7/3/2001
Boiler Room (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
The Bone Collector (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
Bonnie And Clyde (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Boogie Nights: 2-Disc Special Edition (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
Boogie Nights: Platinum Edition (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
The Book Of Stars (16x9)WinStar Home Video
Booty Call (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Borrowers (16x9/PS)USA Entertainment
Bossa Nova: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*TBA
Bottle Rocket (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Bounce: Special Edition (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment*4/10/2001
Bounty Hunters 2: Hardball (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
The Bounty (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Bowfinger (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
The Boxer (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
The Boxer: Collector's Edition (16x9)Universal Home Video
Boxing Helena (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*4/10/2001
Boys And Girls (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Boys Don't Cry (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Boys Next Door: Special Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*4/17/2001
Boys On The Side (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Boyz N The Hood (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Bram Stoker's Dracula (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Brannigan (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*10/2/2001
Braveheart (16x9)Paramount Home Video
The Break Up (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Breaker! Breaker! (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Breakfast At Tiffany's (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Breakheart Pass (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
The Breaks (16x9)Artisan Entertainment
Breeders (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*8/28/2001
Brian's Song (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Bride Of Chucky (16x9)Universal Home Video
Bride Of Chucky / Child's Play 2: Chucky's Back (16x9)Universal Home Video*8/28/2001
The Bride (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*9/11/2001
Bridge On The River Kwai: Limited 2-Disc Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Bridge On The River Kwai: Movie-Only Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
A Bridge Too Far (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Brigitte Bardot Collection (16x9/PS)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Bring It On: Collector's Edition (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
Bringing Out the Dead (16x9)Paramount Home Video
The Broken Hearts Club (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*3/6/2001
Bronco Billy (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Brothers: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*7/31/2001
Buck and the Preacher (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Bucktown (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*10/16/2001
Buddy (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Buddy Holly Story (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Buffalo 66 (16x9)Universal Home Video
A Bug's Life (16x9/PS)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
A Bug's Life: Deluxe Edition (16x9/PS)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Bugsy (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Bull Durham (16x9)Image Entertainment
Bulletproof (16x9)Universal Home Video
Bullitt (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Bullitt: Collector's Edition (16x9/PS)Creative Design
The Burbs (16x9)Universal Home Video
But I'm A Cheerleader (16x9)Universal Home Video
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Butterfield 8 (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Bye Bye Birdie (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Bye Bye Birdie (16x9/FS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Bye Bye Monkey (16x9)Image Entertainment
C.H.U.D. (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
The Cable Guy (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Caddyshack: 20th Anniversary Edition (16x9)Warner Home Video
The Caine Mutiny (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Camelot: Special Edition (16x9)Warner Home Video
Canadian Bacon (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*5/22/2001
Candy: Special Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*4/10/2001
Candy: Regular Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*4/10/2001
Candyman (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Cannibal Man (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
The Cannonball Run (16x9)HBO Home Video*6/6/1966
Can't Hardly Wait: Special Edition (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Car: Collector's Edition (16x9/PS)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Carnival Of Souls (16x9)Trimark Home Video
Carrie: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*8/28/2001
Casino (16x9)Universal Home Video
Casper's Haunted Christmas (16x9/PS)Universal Home Video
Cast Away: Special Edition (DTS/16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment*6/12/2001
The Castle (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Cat Ballou (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Cat O' Nine Tails (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*7/10/2001
Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Catch 22: Special Edition (16x9)Paramount Home Video*5/22/2001
Caught Up (16x9/PS)Artisan Entertainment
Caveman's Valentine (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video*7/17/2001
Cecil B. Demented: Special Edition (16x9)Artisan Entertainment
The Cell: Platinum Series (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
Center Stage: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Central Station: Special Editon (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Chamber (16x9)Universal Home Video
Chances Are (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Changeling (16x9)HBO Home Video
Charlie's Angels: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*3/27/2001
Charlotte's Web (16x9)Paramount Home Video*6/19/2001
Chasing Amy: Special Edition (16x9)Criterion Collection
Cherry 2000 (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Chicken Run: Special Edition (DTS/16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment
Children Of A Lesser God (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Children Of The Corn (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*4/10/2001
Child's Play 2: Chucky's Back (16x9)Universal Home Video
Chill Factor: Special Edition (16x9)Warner Home Video
China Syndrome (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Chinatown (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Chinese Connection (16x9)Goodtimes Home Video
Chocolat (2000): Special Edition (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment*8/7/2001
Christiane F. (16x9)Image Entertainment*7/3/2001
Christine (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Chuck And Buck (16x9)Artisan Entertainment
The Cider House Rules (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Cinema Paradiso (16x9)HBO Home Video
Circuit 4 (16x9)Warner Home Video
Circuitryman: Double Pack (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*9/25/2001
Circus (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*4/3/2001
Cirque Du Soleil: Dralion (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Cirque Du Soleil: Dralion / Cirque Du Soleil: Quidam (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
City Hall (16x9)Warner Home Video
City Of Angels: Special Edition (16x9)Warner Home Video
The City Of Lost Children (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
City Of The Living Dead (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
City Slickers (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Claim (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*6/26/2001
Class (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Clay Pigeons (16x9/PS)USA Entertainment
Cleopatra: Five Star Collection (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment*4/3/2001
Cleopatra Jones (16x9)Warner Home Video
The Client (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Cliffhanger (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Cliffhanger: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Clockers (16x9)Universal Home Video
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (DTS/16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*5/29/2001
Clue: The Movie (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Clueless (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Cobra: Special Edition (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Cobra Verde (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Cockfighter: Special Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Code Of Silence (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Coffy: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
The Color Of Money (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Color Of Paradise (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Color Purple (16x9)Warner Home Video
Colors (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*10/2/2001
Coma (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Come Dance with Me (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Comes A Horseman (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*9/4/2001
Committed (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Communion: Special Edition (16x9)Elite Entertainment
Companeros (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*7/24/2001
Conan The Barbarian: Collector's Edition (16x9)Universal Home Video
Concertante / Black Cake: Hans Van Manen (16x9)Image Entertainment
Coneheads (16x9)Paramount Home Video*4/17/2001
Confessions Of Sorority Girls (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Congo (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Conspiracy Theory (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Contact: Special Edition (16x9)Warner Home Video
The Contender: Special Edition (16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment*3/6/2001
The Conversation: Special Edition (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Cook, The Thief, His Wife And Her Lover (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*3/13/2001
Cool Hand Luke (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Cop And A Half (16x9)Universal Home Video
Coppelia: Maguy Marin: Lyon National Opera Ballet (16x9)Image Entertainment*8/14/2001
Copycat: Special Edition (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Cornbread, Earl and Me (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*10/16/2001
Corpse Grinders: Special Edition (16x9)Image Entertainment*9/25/2001
Corrina, Corrina (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
The Corruptor (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
The Cotton Club (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*7/10/2001
Cotton Comes To Harlem (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Cotton Mary (16x9)Universal Home Video
Count Yorga, Vampire (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*8/28/2001
Coup De Torchon (16x9)Criterion Collection*3/13/2001
Courage Under Fire (DTS/16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
The Court Jester (16x9)Paramount Home Video
The Cowboy Way (16x9)Universal Home Video
The Cowboys (16x9)Warner Home Video
Coyote Ugly (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Cradle Will Rock (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
The Craft: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Craft (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Crash (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
Crazy in Alabama (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
CreepShow (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Creepshow 2 (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*4/10/2001
Crew (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment*3/13/2001
Cries And Whispers (16x9)Criterion Collection*6/19/2001
Crime & Punishment In Suburbia (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Crimes And Misdemeanors (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Critical Care (16x9/PS)Live Entertainment
Crooklyn (16x9)Universal Home Video
Crossfire Trail (16x9)Warner Home Video*7/10/2001
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Crow: Salvation (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment*3/20/2001
Cruel Intentions (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Cruel Intentions / Cruel Intentions 2: Special Edition (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*3/13/2001
Cruel Intentions 2 (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*3/13/2001
The Crush (16x9)Warner Home Video
Cutaway (16x9)Artisan Entertainment
Cutter's Way (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*7/10/2001
The Cutting Edge (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Dakota (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Damage (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
Damien: Omen 2 (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Damn The Defiant! (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Dance With Me (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Dancer, Texas (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Dances With Wolves: Special Edition (16x9)Image Entertainment
Dances With Wolves (DTS/16x9)Image Entertainment
Dancing At Lughnasa (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Dandelion Crown: Janacek (16x9)Image Entertainment
Dangerous Beauty (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Dangerous Liasons (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Dante's Peak: Collector's Edition (16x9)Universal Home Video
Dante's Peak (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
Dark City: Platinum Edition (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Dark Comedy 2-Pack: The Big Lebowski / Very Bad Things (16x9)USA Entertainment
The Dark Crystal (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Dark Crystal, The / Labyrinth (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Darkman (16x9)Universal Home Video
Das Boot (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Dave (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
The Day The Earth Caught Fire: Special Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*6/12/2001
Daylight: Collector's Edition (16x9)Universal Home Video
Daylight (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
Days Of Heaven (16x9)Paramount Home Video
The Daytrippers (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Dead Again (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Dead Alive (16x9)Trimark Home Video
Dead Calm (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
The Dead Zone (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Death And The Compass: Special Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*4/17/2001
Death Warrant (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Deconstructing Harry (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Deep Blue Sea: Special Edition (16x9)Warner Home Video
Deep Cover (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Deep Red (aka. Profondo Rosso) (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
The Deep (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Def Con 4 (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*7/10/2001
Defending Your Life (16x9)Warner Home Video*4/3/2001
DeJohnette, Hancock, Holland, Metheny: In Concert (16x9)Pioneer Entertainment
Deliverance (16x9)Warner Home Video
Demetrius And The Gladiators (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Demolition Man: Special Edition (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
The Dentist 2 (16x9)Trimark Home Video
The Dentist (16x9)Trimark Home Video
Desert Blue (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Desert Hearts (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Desert Heat (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Desperado (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Desperado/El Mariachi: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Desperate Measures (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Deterrence (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Detroit Rock City: Special Edition (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
The Devil And Max Devlin (16x9/PS)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Devil In A Blue Dress (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Devil Rides Out (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Devil's Advocate: Special Edition (16x9)Warner Home Video
Devil's Own (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Diamonds (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Diamonds Are Forever: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Diary Of A Chambermaid (16x9)Criterion Collection
Dick: Special Edition (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Die Hard: Five Star Collection (DTS/16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment*7/10/2001
Die Hard 2: Die Harder (DTS/16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Die Hard With A Vengeance (DTS/16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Die, Monster, Die! (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Digimon: The Movie (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Dillinger (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Dinosaur: Movie-Only Edition (DTS/16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Dinosaur: Special Edition (DTS/16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Dinosaurus! (16x9)Image Entertainment
Dirty Harry: Collector's Edition (16x9/PS)Creative Design
Dirty Harry (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Disclosure (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Discreet Charm Of The Bourgeoisie / A Proposito De Bunuel (16x9)Criterion Collection
Disturbing Behavior (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Diva (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*6/12/2001
Django / Django Strikes Again: Double Feature (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Do The Right Thing: Special Edition (16x9)Criterion Collection
Dog Day Afternoon (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Dogma (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Dogma: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Dolores Claiborne (16x9)Warner Home Video
Donnie Brasco: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Donnie Brasco (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Donovan's Reef (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Don't Mess With My Sister (16x9)Elite Entertainment
Don't Torture A Duckling (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Double Impact (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Double Jeopardy (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Double Team (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Down To Earth (16x9)Paramount Home Video*7/10/2001
Down To You (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Dr. Goldfoot And The Bikini Machine (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Dr. No: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Dr. No (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Dr. Phibes Rises Again (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Dr. T And The Women: Special Edition (16x9)Artisan Entertainment
Dragnet (16x9)Universal Home Video
Dragonheart: Collector's Edition (16x9)Universal Home Video
Dragonheart (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
Dreamlife Of Angels (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Dreamlife Of Angels (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Dreamscape: Special Edition (DTS/16x9)Image Entertainment
Dressed To Kill: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*8/28/2001
Drive Me Crazy (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Drop Dead Gorgeous (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Drop Squad (16x9)Universal Home Video
Drop Zone (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Drowning Mona (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Drugstore Cowboy (16x9)Artisan Entertainment
Dudley Do-Right (DTS/16x9/PS)Universal Home Video
Duets: Special Edition (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Dumb and Dumber (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Dune (16x9)Artisan Entertainment*3/20/2001
Dungeons And Dragons: Special Edition (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment*5/22/2001
Dunwich Horror (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*8/28/2001
Earth Girls Are Easy (16x9)Artisan Entertainment
East / West (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
East Is East (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Eastside: Special Edition (16x9)Artisan Entertainment*3/20/2001
Easy Rider (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Ecstasy Of The Angels (16x9)Image Entertainment
Eddie And The Cruisers (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*9/4/2001
EDtv: Collector's Edition (16x9)Universal Home Video
Edtv (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
Edvard Grieg: What Price Immortality? (16x9)Image Entertainment
Edward Scissorhands: 10th Anniversary Edition (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Eight Men Out (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*5/8/2001
El Dorado (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Election (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Element Of Crime (16x9)Criterion Collection
Elizabeth (16x9)USA Entertainment
Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*8/21/2001
Elvis: That's the Way It Is (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Elvis: That's The Way It Is (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
The Emerald Forest (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
The Emperor And The Assassin (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Emperor's New Groove: Special Edition (DTS/16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Emperor's New Groove: The Ultimate Groove: Special Edition (DTS/16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Empire Records (16x9)Warner Home Video*4/3/2001
End Of Days: Collector's Edition (16x9)Universal Home Video
End Of Days / Virus (Special Edition) (16x9)Universal Home Video*5/22/2001
The End Of The Affair (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The End Of The Affair (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Enemy At The Gates (16x9)Paramount Home Video*8/14/2001
Enemy Mine (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment*3/27/2001
Enter The Dragon: Special Edition (16x9)Warner Home Video
Enter The Dragon: Collector's Edition (16x9)Steeplechase
Entrapment : Special Edition (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Eraser (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Erin Brockovich (16x9)Universal Home Video
Erin Brockovich / Primary Colors (16x9/LBX)Universal Home Video*5/22/2001
Escape From New York (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Essex Boys (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment*6/12/2010
Eternal (16x9)Trimark Home Video
Evening Star (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Evergeny Kissin: Gift Of Music (16x9)BMG Entertainment
Everlasting Piece (DTS/16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment*8/7/2001
Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex But Were Afraid To Ask (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn: Limited Tin Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn: Special Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Excalibur (16x9)Warner Home Video
Excess Baggage (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Executive Decision (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
eXistenZ (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Exorcism (16x9)Synapse Films*10/30/2001
The Exorcist 3 (16x9)Warner Home Video
The Exorcist: Special Edition (16x9)Warner Home Video
The Exorcist: Collector's Edition (16x9)Steeplechase
The Exorcist (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
The Exorcist: The Version You've Never Seen (16x9)Warner Home Video
The Extreme Adventures Of Super Dave (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Extreme Chan Action Pack: First Strike / Mr. Nice Guy / Rumble In The Bronx (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Extreme Measure (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Eye Of The Beholder (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Eyes of Laura Mars (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Face/Off (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Fade To Black (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
The Falcon And The Snowman (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
The Fall Of The House Of Usher: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*4/24/2001
Fallen: Special Edition (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Falling Down (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Family Man: Special Edition (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video*7/17/2001
Family Plot (16x9)Universal Home Video*3/6/2001
A Family Thing (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
The Fan (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Fantasia 2000: Special Edition (DTS/16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Fantasticks: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Far And Away (16x9)Universal Home Video
Faraway, So Close! (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Fargo (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Farinelli (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Fast Times At Ridgemont High (16x9)Universal Home Video
Father's Day (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Fear (16x9)Universal Home Video
Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas (16x9)Universal Home Video
Fear City (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Felicia's Journey: Special Edition (16x9)Trimark Home Video
Fellini Satyricon (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*4/10/2001
Female Convict Scorpion: Jailhouse 41 (16x9)Image Entertainment
Female Vampire (16x9)Image Entertainment
Ferris Bueller's Day Off (16x9)Paramount Home Video
A Few Good Men (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
A Few Good Men: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*5/29/2001
Fiddler On The Roof (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Fiddler On The Roof (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*10/2/2001
Fiend Without A Face: Special Edition (16x9)Criterion Collection
The Fifth Element (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Fight Club (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Filth And The Fury: The Sex Pistols (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
Final Destination: Platinum Edition (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
Final Programme: Special Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*6/12/2001
Finding Forrester (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*4/24/2001
Finding Graceland (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Fire Down Below (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
The Firm (16x9)Paramount Home Video
First Blood: Rambo (16x9)Artisan Entertainment
First Knight (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
First Power (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*8/28/2001
First Strike (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
The Fisher King (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Fitzcarraldo (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Five Easy Pieces (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Five Senses (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Flatliners (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Flawless (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
The Flesh and the Fiends Double Feature (16x9)Image Entertainment*7/24/2001
Fletch (16x9)Universal Home Video
The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
The Flintstones (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
The Flintstones: Collector's Edition (16x9)Universal Home Video
Flowers In The Attic (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*4/10/2001
The Fly / Return Of The Fly (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
The Fly / The Fly 2 (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Fly Away Home: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*8/7/2001
FM (16x9/PS)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Fools Rush In (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
For Love Of The Game (16x9)Universal Home Video
For Pete's Sake (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*4/3/2001
For Richer Or Poorer (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
For Richer Or Poorer (16x9)Universal Home Video
For Sale (16x9)Image Entertainment*TBA
For Your Eyes Only: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Forbidden Planet (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Forbidden Planet (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Forces Of Nature (16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment
Forget Paris (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Forrest Gump: Special Edition (16x9)Paramount Home Video*8/28/2001
The Forsaken (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*9/25/2001
Fortress 2: Re-Entry (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Fortune Cookie (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*3/6/2001
Four Times That Night (16x9)Image Entertainment
Foxfire (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Foxy Brown: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Frank and Jesse (16x9)Trimark Home Video
Franke And Jesse (16x9)Trimark Home Video
Frankenstein Created Woman (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Free Willy (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Freejack (16x9)Warner Home Video
The French Lieutenant's Woman (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*9/4/2001
Frenzy (16x9)Universal Home Video*3/6/2001
Frequency: Platinum Series (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
Freshman (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Friday (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
Friday Foster (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Friday Fresh Pack: Friday / Next Friday: Special Edition (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
Friday The 13th (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Friday The 13th 4: The Final Chapter (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Friday The 13th 5: A New Beginning (16x9)Paramount Home Video*9/25/2001
Friday The 13th 6: Jason Lives (16x9)Paramount Home Video*9/25/2001
Friday The 13th: Part 2 (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Friday The 13th: Part 3 (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Fried Green Tomatoes: Collector's Edition (16x9)Universal Home Video
Friendly Persuasion (16x9)Warner Home Video
Fright Night (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Frighteners (16x9)Universal Home Video
Frogs (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
From A Whisper To A Scream (16x9)WinStar Home Video*3/20/2001
From Dusk Till Dawn: Special Edition (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
From Russia With Love: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
From Russia With Love (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Fruits Of Passion: The Story Of "O" Continues (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
The Fugitive (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
The Fugitive: Special Edition (16x9)Warner Home Video*6/5/2001
Funeral In Berlin (16x9)Paramount Home Video*8/14/2001
Funny Face (16x9)Paramount Home Video*4/10/2001
Futuresport (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
G.I. Blues (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Galaxy Quest (DTS/16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment
Galaxy Quest (16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment
Gallipoli (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Gandhi (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*8/28/2001
Ganja & Hess: Special Edition (16x9)All Day Entertainment
Garden Of The Finzi-Continis (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*6/19/2001
Gattaca (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Gauntlet (16x9)Warner Home Video
The General (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The General's Daughter (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Gen-X Cops (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
George Balanchine's Nutcracker (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
George Benson: Absolutely Live (DTS/16x9)Pioneer Entertainment
George Benson: Absolutely Live (16x9)Pioneer Entertainment
Geronimo: An American Legend (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Get Carter: Special Edition (16x9)Warner Home Video
Get Carter (16x9)Warner Home Video
Get On The Bus (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Get Shorty (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Getaway (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Ghandi (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*8/28/2001
Ghost (16x9)Paramount Home Video*4/24/2001
Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai: Special Edition (16x9)Artisan Entertainment
The Ghost Goes Gear: Special Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Ghost In The Shell (16x9)Manga Entertainment
Ghostbusters (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Ghostbusters: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Ghostbusters 2 (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Ghosts Of Mississippi (16x9/FS)Warner Home Video
The Gift (16x9)Paramount Home Video*7/17/2001
Gigi (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Girl (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Girl Hunters (16x9)Image Entertainment
The Girl Who Knew Too Much (16x9)Image Entertainment
Girl, Interrupted (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Girlfight (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*3/27/2001
Girls Just Want To Have Fun (16x9/PS)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Giselle: La Scala (16x9)Image Entertainment
Gladiator (DTS/16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment
Gladiator (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Glimmer Man (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Gloria (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Glory (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Glory: Special Edition (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Go: Special Edition (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Go, Go, Second Time Virgin (16x9)Image Entertainment
The Godfather Collection (16x9)Paramount Home Video*10/9/2001
Gods And Monsters: Collector's Edition (16x9)Universal Home Video
Godspell (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Godzilla: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Godzilla 2000 (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
GoldenEye: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
GoldenEye (16x9/PS**)MGM Home Entertainment
Goldfinger (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Goldfinger: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Gone In 60 Seconds (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
The Goodbye Girl (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Gorgeous (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Gorillas In The Mist (16x9)Universal Home Video
Gorky Park (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
The Governess (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Goya In Bordeaux (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Grace Of My Heart (16x9)Universal Home Video
Grand Canyon (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment*3/13/2001
The Grandfather (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
The Greatest Story Ever Told (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*3/6/2001
Greedy (16x9)Universal Home Video
The Green Mile (16x9)Warner Home Video
Gremlins (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video*8/21/2001
Gremlins (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Grey Owl (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Grifters (16x9)HBO Home Video
Groove: Special Edition (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Groundhog Day (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Groundstar Conspiracy (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
The Guardian (16x9/PS)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Guarding Tess (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Guess Who's Coming For Dinner (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Guinevere (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Gummo (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment*3/20/2001
Gun Shy (16x9/FS)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
The Guns Of Navarone (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
H.O.T.S. (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Hackers (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Half Baked (16x9)Universal Home Video
Halloween: Special Edition (16x9/PS)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Halloween: Extended Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*8/7/2001
Halloween: Limited 2-disc Special Edition (16x9/PS)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Halloween 5: The Revenge Of Michael Myers (16x9/PS)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Halloween 5: The Revenge Of Michael Myers: Limited Tin Edition (16x9/PS)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Hamburger Hill (16x9)Artisan Entertainment
Hamlet (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment*6/6/1966
Hang 'em High (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Hanging Up (16x9/FS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Hannibal: Special Edition (DTS/16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*8/21/2001
Hanover Street: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*7/31/2001
Happy Texas: Special Edition (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Hard Core Logo (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment*6/12/2001
Hard Eight: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Hard Target (16x9)Universal Home Video
Hard Times (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Hard to Kill (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
The Hard Way (16x9)Universal Home Video
Harley Davidson And The Marlboro Man (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Harold And Maude (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Hatari! (16x9)Paramount Home Video*7/24/2001
Haunted Honeymoon (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*8/28/2001
The Haunting: Special Edition (DTS/16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment
The Haunting: Signature Selection (16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment
Head Over Heels (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video*7/31/2001
Heart And Souls (16x9)Universal Home Video
Heart Of Dixie (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*10/2/2001
Heat (16x9)Warner Home Video
Heaven And Earth (16x9)Warner Home Video
Heaven Can Wait (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Heavy Metal: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Heavy Metal 2000 (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Heavy Metal 2000 / Heavy Metal: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Hell Comes To Frogtown: Special Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*7/10/2001
Hell Is For Heroes (16x9)Paramount Home Video*5/22/2001
Hell Night (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Hell Up In Harlem (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*10/16/2001
Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 (16x9/PS)Anchor Bay Entertainment*7/24/2001
Hellraiser: Special Edition (16x9/PS)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Hellraiser: Inferno (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Henry V (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Here On Earth (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Hero (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Hidden Fortress (16x9)Criterion Collection*5/22/2001
The Hidden (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
High Fidelity (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
High Noon (2000): Special Edition (16x9)Artisan Entertainment*6/19/2001
High School High (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Higher Learning (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*7/3/2001
Highlander 3: Final Dimension / Highlander 4: Endgame (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Highlander 4: Endgame (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Highlander: Endgame (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Hi-Lo Country (16x9)USA Entertainment
The Hitcher (16x9)HBO Home Video
Hollow Man: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Hollywood Knights (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Holy Smoke (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Home For The Holidays (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*9/4/2001
Home Fries (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Homegrown (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Hometown U.S.A. (16x9/PS)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Hoodlum (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Hook (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Hook / Little Women (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Horror Classics #2: Indestructible Man / Trans.Man (16x9)Roan Group
Horror Of Frankenstein (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*8/7/2001
Horror Vision: Special Edition (16x9)Full Moon Pictures
The Hot Spot (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
House: Special Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*6/26/2001
The House By The Cemetery (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*6/12/2001
House On Haunted Hill: Special Edition (16x9)Warner Home Video
House on Haunted Hill (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
House On Sorority Row (16x9)Elite Entertainment
House Party (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
House Party 2 (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
House Party 3 (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
House Party 4: Down To The Last Minute (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment*8/14/2001
House Party Party Pack: House Party 1-3 (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Housesitter (16x9)Universal Home Video
Howard's End (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Howling (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*8/28/2001
Howling 3: The Marsupials: Special Edition (16x9)Elite Entertainment*7/3/2001
Hudson Hawk (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Hudsucker Proxy (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Human Condition 3 (16x9)Image Entertainment
Human Traffic (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
The Hunted (16x9)Universal Home Video
Hunter (16x9)Paramount Home Video*8/14/2001
Hurlyburly (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
The Hurricane: Collector's Edition (16x9)Universal Home Video
Hush (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
I Dreamed Of Africa (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
I Know What You Did Last Summer (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
I Know What You Did Last Summer / I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
I Shot Andy Warhol (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
I Vampiri (16x9)Image Entertainment*7/3/2001
Ice Castles (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Ice Storm (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment*3/13/2001
An Ideal Husband (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
If Lucy Fell (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Iguana (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
I'll Never Forget What's 'Is Name (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Ilsa, Harem Keeper Of The Oil Shieks (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Ilsa, She Wolf Of The SS (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Ilsa, The Wicked Warden (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Immoral Tales (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Immortal Beloved (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Immortality (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment*3/13/2001
In & Out (16x9)Paramount Home Video
In Dreams (16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment
In God's Hand (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
In Harm's Way (16x9)Paramount Home Video*5/22/2001
In Love And War (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
In Pursuit (16x9)Paramount Home Video
In The Company Of Men: Special Edition (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
In The Heat Of The Night (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
In The Line Of Fire (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
In The Line Of Fire: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
In the Mouth of Madness: Special Edition (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
In The Name Of The Father (16x9)Universal Home Video
Incognito (16x9)Warner Home Video
Independence Day (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Indestructible Man / Amazing Transparent Man (16x9)Roan Group
Indochine (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Inferno (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
The Inheritors (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Insider (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Insomnia (16x9)Criterion Collection
Interceptor (16x9)Trimark Home Video
Interiors (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Interview With The Vampire: Special Edition (DTS/16x9)Warner Home Video
Interview With The Vampire (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Invaders From Mars (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*8/28/2001
Inventing the Abbotts (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment*3/13/2001
Irma LaDouce (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*9/18/2001
Iron Eagle (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Iron Giant (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
The Island Of Doctor Moreau (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Island Of Dr. Moreau (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*8/28/2001
Isn't She Great (16x9)Universal Home Video
It Could Happen To You (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*9/18/2001
It's The Rage (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Jack Frost 2: Revenge Of The Mutant Killer Snowman (16x9)A-Pix
Jack The Ripper (16x9)Elite Entertainment*6/6/1966
The Jackal (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
The Jackal: Collector's Edition (16x9)Universal Home Video
Jackie Chan 3-Pack: Gorgeous / Miracles / Who Am I (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Jackie Chan Is The Prisoner (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Jackie Chan: Who Am I? (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Jacob's Ladder: Special Edition (16x9)Artisan Entertainment
Jagged Edge (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Jailhouse Rock (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Jake Speed (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*3/13/2001
Jakob The Liar: Special Edition (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
James Bond Collection, The #3 (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
James Bond Giftset (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
James Brown: Live: House Of Blues (DTS/16x9)Image Entertainment
Jane And The Lost City (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*3/13/2001
Jane Doe (16x9)Image Entertainment
Jason And The Argonauts: Special Edition (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Jawbreaker: Special Edition (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Jaws: 25th Anniversary Collector's Edition (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
Jaws 2 (16x9)Universal Home Video*5/22/2001
Jennifer 8 (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Jeremiah Johnson (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Jerry and Tom (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Jerry Maguire (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Jesus' Son (16x9)Universal Home Video
Jet Li's The Enforcer (Aka: My Father I A Hero) (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
JFK: Special Edition (16x9)Warner Home Video
JFK: Director's Cut (16x9)Warner Home Video
Jill The Ripper: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Jim Carrey 2-Pack: Liar Liar (Special Edition) / Man On The Moon (Special Edition) (16x9)Universal Home Video
Jimi Hendrix (16x9/P&S)Warner Home Video
Jiri Kylian's Black And White Ballets: Nederlands Dans Theater (16x9)Image Entertainment*3/20/2001
John Waters Collection #1: Hairspray/ Pecker: Special Edition (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment*5/22/2001
Johnny Mnemonic (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Joseph: King Of Dreams (16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment
Josie And The Pussycats: Special Edition (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video*8/14/2001
Joy House (16x9)Image Entertainment
Judgement Day (16x9)Artisan Entertainment
Judgment Night (16x9)Goodtimes Home Video
Jumanji (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Jumanji: Collector Series (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Jungle Fever (16x9)Universal Home Video
Junior (16x9)Universal Home Video
Jurassic Park: Collector's Edition (16x9)Universal Home Video
Jurassic Park: Collector's Edition (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
Jurassic Park / The Lost World: Deluxe Box Set (16x9)Universal Home Video
Jurassic Park/The Lost World Collection (16x9)Universal Home Video
The Juror (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Just Looking (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*4/24/2001
K-9 (16x9)Universal Home Video
K-911 (16x9)Universal Home Video
Kansas (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*10/2/2001
Keeping the Faith (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Keith Jarrett Trio: Live At Open Theater East (16x9)Image Entertainment*8/7/2001
Kelly's Heroes (16x9)Warner Home Video
The Kentuckian (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Kentucky Fried Movie: Special Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Keoma: Special Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*7/24/2001
Kevin Costner 2-Pack: Field Of Dreams (Special Edition) / For Love Of The Game (16x9)Universal Home Video
The Kid (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Kikujiro (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Killer Klowns From Outer Space: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*8/28/2001
The Killing Hour (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Killing Zoe (16x9)Artisan Entertainment
The King And I (16x9)Warner Home Video
King Creole (16x9)Paramount Home Video
King Kong (16x9)Paramount Home Video
The King Of Marvin Gardens (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
King Of Masks (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Kingpin (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
The Kings And Queens Of Comedy Gift Set (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Kiss Of Fire (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Kiss The Girls (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Kissing A Fool (16x9)Universal Home Video
Knightriders: Special Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Knives of the Avenger (16x9)Image Entertainment*6/26/2001
Knock Off (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Komodo (16x9)Studio Home Entertainment (Sterling)
Komodo (16x9)Studio Home Entertainment (Sterling)*8/8/2000
Kool and the Gang: Live from the House of Blues (DTS/16x9)Image Entertainment*9/11/2001
Kull The Conqueror (16x9)Universal Home Video
Kwaidan (16x9)Criterion Collection
L.A. Confidential (16x9)Warner Home Video
La Bamba (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
La Traviata (16x9)Universal Home Video
Labyrinth (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Lady And The Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure (DTS/16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Last Action Hero (16x9/PS)Central Park Media
The Last Boy Scout (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
The Last Days Of Disco (16x9/PS)USA Entertainment
Last Detail (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Last Dragon: Special Edition (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*7/3/2001
The Last Hurrah (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Last Man Standing (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
The Last Of The Mohicans (DTS/16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
The Last Picture Show (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Last Starfighter: Collector's Edition (16x9)Universal Home Video
Last Tango In Paris (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
The Last Tattoo (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*5/29/2001
The Last Temptation of Christ: Special Edition (16x9)Criterion Collection
Law And Disorder (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Lawman (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*9/4/2001
Lawnmower Man: Platinum Edition (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
Lawrence Of Arabia: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*4/3/2001
Le Dernier Combat (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*8/21/2001
A League Of Their Own (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Leaving Las Vegas (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains The Same (16x9)Warner Home Video
Legend: Collector's Edition (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video*TBA
Legend Of Bagger Vance (DTS/16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment*4/3/2001
The Legend Of Drunken Master (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment*3/13/2001
Legends Of The Fall (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Legends Of The Fall: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Lemon Sisters (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Leon: The Professional (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Leon: The Professional (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Leprechaun 2 (16X9)Trimark Home Video
Les Miserables (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Let Sleeping Corpses Lie: Limited Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Let Sleeping Corpses Lie: Regular Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Lethal Weapon (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Lethal Weapon: Director's Cut (DTS/16x9)Warner Home Video
Lethal Weapon 2: Director's Cut (DTS/16x9)Warner Home Video
Lethal Weapon 3 (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Lethal Weapon 3: Director's Cut (DTS/16x9)Warner Home Video
Lethal Weapon 4 (16x9)Warner Home Video
Lethal Weapon Legacy #1-3: Director's Cut (16x9)Warner Home Video
Letters From A Killer: Special Edition (16x9)Studio Home Entertainment (Sterling)
Leviathan (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Liar Liar: Collector's Edition (16x9)Universal Home Video
Liberty Heights (16x9)Warner Home Video
Licence To Kill: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Liebestraum (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*7/24/2001
Life (16x9)Universal Home Video
Light It Up (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Limbo (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Limey (16x9)Artisan Entertainment
Link (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*8/21/2001
The Lion In Winter (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*3/6/2001
Little Man Tate (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*9/4/2001
Little Nicky (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
Little Princess (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
The Little Rascals (16x9)Universal Home Video
The Little Rascals (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
Little Shop of Horrors (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
The Little Vampire (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment*3/6/2001
Little Women (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Little Women: Collector's Series (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Live And Let Die: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Live Flesh (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*4/10/2001
The Living Daylights: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Living Legends Of Rock And Roll: Live From Itchykoo Park (DTS/16x9)Image Entertainment*8/14/2001
Living Out Loud (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
Local Hero (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Lock, Stock and Two Smocking Barrels (16x9)USA Entertainment
Logan's Run (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Logan's Run (16x9)Warner Home Video
Lone Star (16x9)Warner Home Video
The Long Kiss Goodnight (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Long Riders (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*3/20/2001
Look Who's Talking (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Look Who's Talking Too (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Lord Of Illusions: Unrated Director's Cut (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
The Lords of Flatbush (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Loser (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Loss Of Sexual Innocence (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Lost Boys (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
The Lost Continent (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Lost In America (16x9)Warner Home Video*4/3/2001
Lost In Space: Platinum Edition (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
Lost Souls: Special Edition (DTS/16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
The Lost World: Collector's Edition (16x9)Universal Home Video
The Lost World: Collector's Edition (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
Love And Basketball: Platinum Series (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
Love And Death (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Love and Death on Long Island (16x9)Universal Home Video
The Love Letter (16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment
Love Potion #9 (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Love Stinks (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Love Story: Special Edition (16x9)Paramount Home Video*4/24/2001
Love's Labour's Lost (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Lucky Numbers (16x9)Paramount Home Video*3/20/2001
Lust In The Dust (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*3/27/2001
Macabre (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*5/29/2001
Mach 2: Special Edition (16x9)Paramount Home Video*3/13/2001
Mackenna's Gold (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Macon County Line: Special Edition (16x9/PS)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Mad City: Special Edition (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Mad Max Beyond The Thunderdome (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Made Men (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Madeline (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Madman (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Madness Of King George (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*6/5/2001
Madonna: Truth or Dare (16x9/PS)Live Entertainment
The Magnificent Seven: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Magnolia: Special Edition (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
Major Payne (16x9)Universal Home Video
Making The Grade (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*10/2/2001
Malcolm X (16x9)Warner Home Video
Malice (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Mallrats: Collector's Edition (16x9)Universal Home Video
A Man For All Seasons (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Man from Laramie (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Man In The Iron Mask: Special Edition (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
The Man In The Moon (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Man On The Moon (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
The Man Who Knew Too Little (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
The Man Who Knew Too Much (16x9)Universal Home Video*3/6/2001
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (16x9)Paramount Home Video*6/5/2001
Man Who Would Be King (16x9)Warner Home Video
The Man with Bogart's Face (16x9)Image Entertainment*7/10/2001
The Man With The Golden Gun: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Manhattan (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Manhattan Baby (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*6/12/2001
Manhattan Murder Mystery (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Manhunter: Limited Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Manhunter (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Maniac: Limited Edition (DTS/16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*8/21/2001
Maniac (DTS/16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*8/21/2001
Mansfield Park : Special Edition (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Marnie: Collector's Edition (16x9)Universal Home Video
Mars Attacks! (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Mary Reilly (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Mask Of Zorro: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*8/28/2001
The Mask Of Zorro (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Matrix: Collector's Edition (16x9)Steeplechase
The Matrix: Special Edition (16x9)Warner Home Video
The Matrix: Platinum Mini-Box Collector's Edition (16x9)Creative Design
Maverick (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Maximum Overdrive (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*4/10/2001
Maximum Risk (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
May Morning (16x9)Magic Lantern (VCI)
The McCullochs (16x9/PS)Anchor Bay Entertainment
The McKenzie Break (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Me Myself I (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Me, Myself & Irene (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Meatballs (16x9)HBO Home Video
Meet Joe Black (16x9)Universal Home Video
Meet Joe Black: The Ultimate Edition (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video*7/17/2001
Meet The Parents (16x9)Universal Home Video*3/6/2001
Meltdown (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*6/19/2001
Melvin And Howard (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Memoirs Of A Survivor (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*6/12/2001
Men In Black: Collector's Series (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Men In Black: Collector's Series (DTS/16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Men In Black: Limited 2-Disc Special Edition (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Men Of War (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Mephisto (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*6/26/2001
Mercury Rising (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
Mercury Rising: Collector's Edition (16x9)Universal Home Video
Mercury Rising (16x9)Universal Home Video
Mercy (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Mermaids (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Message In A Bottle: Special Edition (16x9)Warner Home Video
Messenger, The: The Story of Joan of Arc (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Mexican: Special Edition (DTS/16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment*8/7/2001
Mickey Blue Eyes (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Midnight Express (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil (16x9)Warner Home Video
Mifune (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie / Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment*3/13/2001
Millenium (16x9)Live Entertainment
The Minus Man (16x9)Artisan Entertainment
Mio In The Land Of Far Away (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*4/10/2001
Miracles (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Mirror Has Two Faces (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Mishima: A Life In Four Chapters: Special Edition (16x9)Warner Home Video*8/7/2001
Miss Congeniality: Special Edition (16x9)Warner Home Video
Mission Impossible 2: Special Edition (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Mission To Mars: Special Edition (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Mississippi Burning: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Mister Roberts (16x9)Warner Home Video
Mo' Better Blues (16x9)Universal Home Video
The Mod Squad (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Moll Flanders (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Molly (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Mommie Dearest (16x9)Paramount Home Video*7/17/2001
Money Talks (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Money Train (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Monkeybone (DTS/16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment*7/10/2001
The Monster (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Moonraker: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Moonraker (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Mortal Thoughts (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Mosquito Coast (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Most Wanted (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Mother (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Mother Night (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Mountaintop Motel Massacre (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*4/17/2001
Mousehunt (16x9/PS)Dreamworks Home Entertainment
Mousehunt (DTS/16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment
Mr. Death: The Rise And Fall Of Fred A. Leuchter Jr. (16x9)Universal Home Video
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Mr. Jones (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Mr. Nice Guy (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Much Ado About Nothing (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Multiplicity (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Mumford (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
The Mummy: Collector's Edition (16x9)Universal Home Video
The Mummy's Shroud (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
The Muppet Movie (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*6/5/2001
Muppets From Space (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Muppets Take Manhattan (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*6/5/2001
Murder at 1600 (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Murder In The First (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Murphy's Romance (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Muse (16x9/PS)USA Entertainment
The Music Man (16x9)Warner Home Video
Music Of The Heart: Special Edition (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Mutant (16x9)Elite Entertainment
My 5 Wives (16x9)Artisan Entertainment
My Best Fiend (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
My Best Friend's Wedding: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*7/3/2001
My Best Friend's Wedding (16x9/LBX)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
My Cousin Vinny (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
My Dog Skip (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
My Fair Lady: Premiere Collection (16x9)Warner Home Video
My Giant (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
My Life (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*4/24/2001
My Life So Far (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
My Son the Fanatic (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
My Stepmother Is An Alien (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Mystery Men (16x9)Universal Home Video
Mystery, Alaska (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Mystic Pizza (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
The Myth Of Fingerprints (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Naked Gun 2 1/2, The: The Smell Of Fear (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Naked Gun 33 1/3, The: The Final Insult (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Naked Gun, The: From The Files Of Police Squad! (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Narrow Margin (16x9)Artisan Entertainment
Nashville: Special Edition (16x9)Paramount Home Video
National Lampoon's Animal House: Collector's Edition (16x9)Universal Home Video
National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Natural Born Killers (16x9)Warner Home Video
The Natural (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*4/3/2001
Naughty Girl (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
The Negotiator (16x9)Warner Home Video
The Negotiator: Special Edition (16x9)Warner Home Video
The Net (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Network (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Network (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Never Say Never Again (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Never Talk To Strangers (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
New Blood (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The New Eve (16x9)Image Entertainment
New Jack City (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
New York Ripper (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
The Next Best Thing (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Next Friday: Special Edition (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
The Next Karate Kid (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*8/28/2001
Next Stop, Wonderland (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Nice Dreams (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*6/12/2001
Nicholas And Alexandra (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Nick Of Time (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Night Flier (16x9)HBO Home Video
Night In The Life Of Jimmy Reardon (16x9)Image Entertainment
The Night Of The Living Dead (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Night Shift (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Nightbreed (16x9)Warner Home Video*8/21/2001
Nightmare On Elm Street 2, A: Freddy's Revenge (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Nightmare On Elm Street 3, A: Dream Warriors (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Nightmare on Elm Street 5, A: The Dream Child (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
A Nightmare On Elm Street: Box Set (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
A Nightmare On Elm Street (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Nightwatch (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*3/27/2001
The Ninth Gate (16x9)Artisan Entertainment
No Code Of Conduct (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
No Mercy (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
No Way Back (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
North By Northwest: Special Edition (16x9)Warner Home Video
Not One Less (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Not Without My Daughter (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*10/2/2001
Notting Hill: Collector's Edition (16x9)Universal Home Video
Notting Hill: The Ultimate Edition (DTS/16x9/PS)Universal Home Video*7/17/2001
Now And Then (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Nowhere To Run (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Nuremberg (16x9)Warner Home Video
Nutcracker, The: Tchaikovsky: Maurice Bejart (16x9)Image Entertainment
Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps (16x9)Universal Home Video
Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps Uncensored: Special Edition (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video*5/22/2001
The Nutty Professor (16x9)Universal Home Video
The Nutty Professor (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
The Nutty Professor (16x9)Paramount Home Video
O Brother, Where Art Thou? (DTS/16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment*6/12/2001
Oasis Of The Zombies (16x9)Image Entertainment*4/3/2001
October Sky (16x9/PS)Universal Home Video
Octopussy: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
The Odd Couple (16x9)Paramount Home Video
The Odessa File (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
An Officer And A Gentleman (16x9)Paramount Home Video
The Old Man And The Sea (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video*3/13/2001
Oliver! (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Omen 3: The Final Conflict (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
The Omen (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
On Deadly Ground (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Once Upon A Time In China: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Once Upon A Time In China 2 (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*5/29/2001
One Day In September (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*4/24/2001
One False Move (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
One Magic Christmas (16x9/PS)Anchor Bay Entertainment
One Night Stand (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
One Tough Cop (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
One True Thing (16x9)Universal Home Video
Only You (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Operative: Special Edition (16x9)Studio Home Entertainment (Sterling)
Opposite Of Sex (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Ordinary People (16x9)Paramount Home Video*8/28/2001
The Original Kings Of Comedy (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Orlando (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Orloff And The Invisible Man (16x9)Image Entertainment*4/10/2001
Othello (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Out For Justice (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Out Of Africa: Collector's Edition (16x9)Universal Home Video
Out Of Sight (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
Out Of Sight: Collector's Edition (16x9)Universal Home Video
Out Of Towners, Thfe (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Outbreak (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
The Outlaw Josey Wales (16x9)Warner Home Video
Outrageous Fortune (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Outside Providence (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
The Outsiders (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Oxygen (16x9)Image Entertainment
Pacific Heights (16x9)Warner Home Video
The Package (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Paint Your Wagon (16x9)Paramount Home Video*7/24/2001
Pajama Game (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Pajama Party (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Pal Joey (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Pale Rider (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
The Pallbearer (16x9/PS)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Palmetto (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Panic: Special Edition (16x9)Artisan Entertainment*6/19/2001
Papillon (16x9)Warner Home Video
Paradise Road (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment*3/13/2001
The Parallax View (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Paris When It Sizzles (16x9)Paramount Home Video*4/10/2001
Partners (16x9)Image Entertainment*7/31/2001
A Passage To India (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*3/20/2001
Passenger 57 (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Passion Fish (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Passion Of Mind (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Patch Adams (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
Patch Adams: Collector's Edition (16x9)Universal Home Video
Patch Adams: The Ultimate Edition (DTS/16x9/PS)Universal Home Video*7/17/2001
The Patriot (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Patton (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Paul McCartney: Live at the Cavern Club (DTS/16x9)Image Entertainment*6/19/2001
Paulie (DTS/16x9/PS)Dreamworks Home Entertainment
Paulie (16x9/PS)Dreamworks Home Entertainment
Pay It Forward (16x9)Warner Home Video
Payback (16x9)Paramount Home Video
The Peacemaker (DTS/16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment
The Peacemaker (16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment
Pecker (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
Pee Wee's Big Adventure (16x9)Warner Home Video
Peggy Sue Got Married (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Pelican Brief (16x9)Warner Home Video
Pelle The Conqueror (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*4/10/2001
People vs Larry Flynt (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
A Perfect Murder: Special Edition (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
The Perfect Storm: Platinum Mini-Box Collector's Edition (16x9)Creative Design
The Perfect Storm: Collector's Edtion (16x9)Creative Design
The Perfect Storm: Special Edition (16x9)Warner Home Video
The Perfect Storm: AUTOGRAPHED Collector's Edition (16x9)Creative Design
Permanent Midnight: Special Edition (16x9)Artisan Entertainment
Persuasion (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Pest (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Pet Sematary (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Pet Sematary 2 (16x9)Paramount Home Video*9/25/2001
Peter Frampton: Live In Detroit (DTS/16x9)Image Entertainment
Phantasm 4: Oblivion (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
The Phantom Of The Opera (16x9/PS)A-Pix
The Phantom (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Philadelphia (16x9?PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Philadelphia Experiment (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Picking Up The Pieces (16x9)Artisan Entertainment
Picnic (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Pillow Book (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Pin: Special Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*4/10/2001
Pink Floyd: The Wall (16x9)Sony Music
Pit Stop: Special Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Pitch Black (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
Pitch Black (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
Place Without Limits (16x9)World Artists*5/29/2001
The Plague of the Zombies (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Planes, Trains And Automobiles (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Platoon: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*6/5/2001
Platoon (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Play It To The Bone (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
The Player (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
The Players Club (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Playtime (16x9)Criterion Collection*5/22/2001
Pleasantville: Platinum Edition (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
Please Not Now! (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
The Pledge (16x9)Warner Home Video*6/19/2001
Poetic Justice (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Point Of No Return (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Poison Ivy 1 (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Poison Ivy 2: Lyli (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Poison Ivy 3: The New Seduction (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Pola X: Special Edittion (16x9)WinStar Home Video*4/10/2001
Pollock: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*7/24/2001
Poltergeist (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Popcorn (16x9)Elite Entertainment*7/31/2001
Porky's/ Porky's 2: The Next Day (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Positive I.D. (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Possession: Special Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Postcards From The Edge (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Postman (16x9)Warner Home Video
Powers Pack: Austin Powers / Spy Who Shagged Me: Special Edition (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Practical Magic (16x9)Warner Home Video
Prancer (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*10/2/2001
Predator (DTS/16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Prelude To A Kiss (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Primary Colors (16x9)Universal Home Video
Primary Colors (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
The Prince And The Pauper (16x9/PS)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Prince Of Darkness (16x9)Image Entertainment
Prince Of Egypt: Special Edition / DTS (DTS/16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment
Prince Of Egypt (Special Edition) / Joseph: King Of Dreams (16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment*3/6/2001
The Prince Of Egypt (16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment
The Princess Bride: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*9/4/2001
Princess Caraboo (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*4/24/2001
Princess Mononoke (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
The Professional (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Professionals (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Proof Of Life: Special Edition (16x9)Warner Home Video*6/19/2001
The Prophecy III: The Ascent (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
The Proposal (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment*4/17/2001
Psycho (1998): Collector's Editio (16x9)Universal Home Video
Pump Up The Volume (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
The Punisher (16x9)Live Entertainment
Pure Country (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Pusher: Special Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Python: Special Edition (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Queens Of Comedy (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Quest For Camelot (16x9)Warner Home Video
The Quick & The Dead (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Quigley Down Under (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*9/4/2001
Quills: Special Edition (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Race Against Time (16x9)Warner Home Video
The Radioland Murders (16x9)Image Entertainment
Rage At Dawn (16x9)Roan Group
Rage, The: Carrie 2 (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Rain Man (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Raising Cain (16x9)Universal Home Video
Rake's Progress, The: Stravinsky: Salzburg Festival (16x9)Image Entertainment
Rambo 3 (16x9)Artisan Entertainment
Rambo: First Blood Part 2 (16x9)Artisan Entertainment
Rancho Deluxe (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Randy Travis: Live: It Was Just A Matter Of Time (DTS/16x9)Image Entertainment*8/28/2001
Rangers: Special Edition (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment*4/17/2001
Rasputin: The Mad Monk (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Ready To Rumble (16x9)Warner Home Video
Real Life (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Reality Bites (16x9)Universal Home Video
Rear Window (16x9)Universal Home Video*3/6/2001
Rebel Without A Cause: Special Edition (16x9)Warner Home Video
Rebirth of Mothra 1 & 2 (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Recess: School's Out (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment*8/7/2001
Red Corner: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Red Letters (16x9)Paramount Home Video
The Red Violin (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
Reform School Girls (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*3/13/2001
Reindeer Games (16x9/PS)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Reindeer Games: Director's Cut (16x9/PS)Buena Vista Home Entertainment*3/27/2001
Relative Values (16x9)Image Entertainment
The Replacement Killers (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Replacements: Special Edition (16x9)Warner Home Video
Repo Man: Special Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Repo Man: Limited Tin Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
The Reptile (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Reptilian (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*8/21/2001
Requiem For A Dream: Special Edition (16x9)Artisan Entertainment*5/22/2001
Rescuers Down Under (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Resurrection (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Retribution: Special Edition (16x9)Studio Home Entertainment (Sterling)
Return Of The Magnificent Seven (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Return To Me (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Return To Paradise (16x9/PS)USA Entertainment
Revenge (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Revenge Of The Nerds/ Revenge Of The Nerds 2 (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Revenge Of The Pink Panther (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Reversal Of Fortune: Special Edition (16x9)Warner Home Video*3/13/2001
Ride With The Devil (16x9)Universal Home Video
The Right Stuff (16x9)Warner Home Video
The Right Temptation (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Ring Of Bright Water (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Rio Bravo (16x9)Warner Home Video
Risky Business (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
A River Runs Through It (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The River Wild (16x9)Universal Home Video
The River Wild (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
The River (16x9)Universal Home Video
River's Edge (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
The Road To El Dorado (DTS/16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment
Road Trip (DTS/16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment
Road Trip (DTS/16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment
The Road Warrior (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Rob Roy (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Robocop (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*10/2/2001
The Rock: Special Edition (DTS/16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment*3/13/2001
Rocky: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*4/24/2001
The Rocky Horror Picture Show: 25th Anniversary Special Edition (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Rogue Trader (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Romeo And Juliet (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Romeo Must Die (16x9)Warner Home Video
Romper Stomper (DTS/16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Ronin (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Rosemary's Baby (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Rosewood (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Round Midnight (16x9)Warner Home Video
Roustabout (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Roxanne (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Ruckus (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer: The Movie (16x9)Goodtimes Home Video
Rudy (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Rudyard Kipling's The Second Jungle Book: The Story Of Mowgli And Baloo (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Rugrats In Paris: The Movie (16x9)Paramount Home Video*3/27/2001
Rules Of Engagement: Special Edition (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Rumble in the Bronx (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Run Lola Run (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Runaway (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Runaway Bride (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Running Free (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Running Mates (16x9)Warner Home Video
Running Scared (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*10/2/2001
Rush Hour (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
Rushmore - Criterion Collection (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Sacco And Vanzetti (16x9)Magic Lantern (VCI)
Safe (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*8/21/2001
The Saint (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Salvador: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*6/5/2001
Sand Pebbles (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Santa Claus: The Movie (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Save The Last Dance: Special Edition (16x9)Paramount Home Video*6/19/2001
Saving Grace (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Saving Private Ryan (16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment
Saving Private Ryan (DTS/16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment
Saving Silverman (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*7/17/2001
Saving Silverman (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*7/17/2001
Savior (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Scandal (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Scanners (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*8/28/2001
Scars Of Dracula (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*8/7/2001
Scary Movie (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Scent Of A Woman (16x9)Universal Home Video
Schlock (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*8/21/2001
School Daze (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The School Of Flesh (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
School Ties (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Scream 3 (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Screamers (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Screw Loose (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Screwed (16x9)Universal Home Video
Scrooged (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Se7en: 2-Disc Platinum Edition (DTS/16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
The Sea Wolves (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Seamless (16x9)Artisan Entertainment
Searchers (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Searching For Bobby Fischer (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Second Skin (16x9)Artisan Entertainment*4/10/2001
Secret Garden (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
The Secret Of Roan Inish (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Selena (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Semiramide: Rossini: Metropolitan Opera (16x9)Image Entertainment
Sense And Sensibility (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
September (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*6/5/2001
The Serpent And The Rainbow (16x9)Image Entertainment
Set It Off (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Seven Days In May (16x9)Warner Home Video
Seven Years In Tibet (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Seven Years In Tibet / Legends Of The Fall (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Seventh Sign (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Seventh Voyage Of Sinbad (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Sex, Lies & Videotape: Special Edition (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Sgt. Bilko (16x9)Universal Home Video
Shadow Of Doubt (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*3/13/2001
Shadow Of The Vampire: Special Edition (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video*5/29/2001
Shadows And Fog (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*6/5/2001
Shadrach (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Shaft (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Shaft (2000) (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Shaft In Africa (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Shaft's Big Score (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Shakes the Clown (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Shakespeare In Love: Special Edition (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Shakespeare In Love (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Shanghai Noon (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Shanghai Triad (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Shawshank Redemption (16x9)Warner Home Video
Sheba Baby (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
She-Devil (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*10/2/2001
She's Having A Baby (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Shine (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
Shock (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Shocker (16x9)Universal Home Video
Shooting (16x9)Magic Lantern (VCI)
Shootist (16x9)Paramount Home Video*7/24/2001
Short Circuit 2 (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*8/7/2001
A Shot In The Dark (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Shower (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Sid And Nancy (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
The Siege (DTS/16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Silence Of The Lambs: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*8/21/2001
Silverado (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Simon Sez (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Simpatico (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
A Simple Plan (16x9)Paramount Home Video
A Simple Wish (16x9)Universal Home Video
Sinbad And The Eye Of The Tiger (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Sinbad Collection: 7th Voyage/ Golden Voyage/ Eye Of The Tiger (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Single White Female (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Singles (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Sister, Sister (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Six Ways To Sunday (16x9)A-Pix
The Sixth Sense: Special Edition (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Skeletons In The Closet: Special Edition (16x9)Artisan Entertainment*7/24/2001
The Skulls: Collector's Edition (16x9)Universal Home Video
Slap Shot (16x9)Universal Home Video
Slaughter (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Slaughter's Big Rip-Off (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
SLC Punk (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Sleepaway Camp (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Sleeper (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Sleepers (16x9)Warner Home Video
Sleepless In Seattle: Special Edition (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Sleepless In Seattle (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Sleepy Hollow (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Slugs (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Small Soldiers: Signature Selection (16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment
Small Soldiers (DTS/16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment
Small Time Crooks (16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment
Smilla's Sense Of Snow (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment*3/13/2001
Snatch: Special Edition (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*7/3/2001
Sneakers (16x9)Universal Home Video
Sniper (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Snow Day (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Snow Falling on Cedars (16x9)Universal Home Video
So I Married An Axe Murderer (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Soldier (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Soldier of Orange: Special Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*4/24/2001
A Soldier's Story (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Solo (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Solomon And Gaenor (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Someone To Watch Over Me (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Something To Talk About (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Something Wild (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*6/5/2001
Sommersby (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Sons Of Katie Elder (16x9)Paramount Home Video*6/5/2001
The Sopranos: The Complete First Season (16x9)HBO Home Video
Soul Food: Director's Edition (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment*4/3/2001
The Sound Of Music: Five Star Collection (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
South Park: Bigger, Long, Uncut (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Southern Comfort (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*5/22/2001
Space Cowboys (16x9)Warner Home Video*4/17/2001
The Spanish Prisoner (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Spartacus (DTS/16x9)Criterion Collection*4/24/2001
Spawn: The Movie: Platinum Edition (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
Specialist (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Specials: Special Edition (16x9)Pioneer Entertainment*3/20/2001
Species (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Species 2 (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Sphere: Special Edition (16x9)Warner Home Video
Spice World (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Spike Lee Collection: Crooklyn / Jungle Fever / Mo' Better Blues (16x9)Universal Home Video
Spin The Bottle: Special Edition (16x9)First Run Feature*5/29/2001
The Spitfire Grill (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
The Spy Who Loved Me: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
The Spy Who Loved Me (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Stand By Me: Special Edition (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Stand By Me (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
A Star Is Born (16x9)Warner Home Video
Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Star Trek: First Contact (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Star Trek: Insurrection (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Star Trek: Movies: Box Set (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace: Special Edition (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment*10/16/2001
Stardust Memories (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Stargate SG-1 #2 (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*5/22/2001
Stargate SG-1: Season 1 (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*5/22/2001
Stargaze: Hubble's View Of The Universe (DTS/16x9)DVD International
Starman (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Starship Troopers: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
State And Main: Special Edition (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment*6/19/2001
Stay Tuned (16x9)Warner Home Video
Stealth Fighter (16x9)Trimark Home Video
Steel Magnolias (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Stephen King's Sleepwalkers (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Stepmom (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Stiff Upper Lips (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Stigmata: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Still Smokin' (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Stir Of Echoes: Special Edition (16x9)Artisan Entertainment
The Stoned Age: Special Edition (16x9)Trimark Home Video
Storm Catcher: Special Edition (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Story Of Us (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
Straight Story (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Straight To Hell: Special Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*4/17/2001
Strangeland (16x9)Artisan Entertainment
Stranger Than Paradise (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Strapless (16x9/PS)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Streetcar Named Desire: Andre Previn (16x9)Image Entertainment
Striking Distance (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Stripes (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Stuart Little: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Stuart Saves His Family (16x9)Paramount Home Video*4/17/2001
The Stuff (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Submerged (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Substitute 2: School's Out (16x9/PS)Artisan Entertainment
Substitute 4: Failure Is Not An Option: Special Edition (16x9)Artisan Entertainment*4/24/2001
The Substitute, The / Substitute 3 (16x9)Artisan Entertainment
The Suburbans (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Suddenly, Last Summer (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Sugar And Spice (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment*7/17/2001
Suicide Kings: Special Edition (16x9)Artisan Entertainment
Summer Rental (16x9)Paramount Home Video*4/17/2001
Sunset (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Sunshine (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Super Speedway: The Mach II: Special Edition (DTS/16x9/FS)Image Entertainment*9/18/2001
Supergirl: Limited 2-Disc Special Edition (16x9/PS)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Supergirl: Special Edition (16x9/PS)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Superman 2 (16x9)Warner Home Video
Superman Box Set (16x9)Warner Home Video
Superman: The Movie: Special Edition (16x9)Warner Home Video
Supernova (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Superstar (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Support Your Local Sheriff (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*3/20/2001
Sure Fire (16x9)World Artists*7/31/2001
Surviving The Game (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Suspect (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Swashbuckler (16x9)Universal Home Video
The Sweet Hereafter: Platinum Edition (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Sweet November (16x9)Warner Home Video*7/24/2001
Swept From The Sea (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Switch (16x9)HBO Home Video
The Sword and the Sorcerer (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*4/24/2001
The Tailor of Panama (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*9/11/2001
The Talented Mr. Ripley (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Tales From The Crypt: Bordello Of Blood (16x9)Image Entertainment
Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight (16x9)Image Entertainment
Tales From The Darkside: The Movie (16x9)Paramount Home Video*9/25/2001
Tales Of Ordinary Madness (16x9)Image Entertainment
Tales Of Terror (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Talk Radio (16x9)Universal Home Video
Talking Heads: Stop Making Sense (16x9)Rykodisc
The Taming Of The Shrew (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Tango: Special Edtion (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Tank Girl (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*4/10/2001
Tao Of Steve (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*3/20/2001
Tapeheads (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*3/13/2001
Tarzan: Collector's Edition (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Tarzan (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Taxi Driver: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Taxi Driver (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Teaching Mrs. Tingle (DTS/16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Telling You (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
The Ten Commandments (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Tender Mercies (16x9)Artisan Entertainment
Tequila Sunrise (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Terminator 2: Judgement Day (16x9)Live Entertainment
Terminator 2: Judgment Day: Ultimate Edition (DTS/16x9)Artisan Entertainment
The Terminator: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*10/2/2001
Terms Of Endearment (16x9)Paramount Home Video*4/10/2001
Terrorist (16x9)WinStar Home Video
Testament Of Dr. Mabuse/ The Crimes Of Dr. Mabuse (16x9)Image Entertainment*7/25/2000
Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
That Old Feeling (16x9)Universal Home Video
That'll Be The Day (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
That's The Way I Like It (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
There's Nothing Out There: Special Edition (16x9)Image Entertainment*9/18/2001
They Call Me Mister Tibbs (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
They Live (16x9)Image Entertainment
They Might Be Giants: Special Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
The Thief (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Thin Line Between Love And Hate (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
The Thin Red Line (DTS/16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
The Thin Red Line (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Things Are Tough All Over (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*6/12/2001
Things Change (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment*7/10/2001
The Third Miracle: Special Edition (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Thirteen Days: Special Edition (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment*7/10/2001
Thirteenth Floor: Special Edition (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
This Is My Father (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
This Is Spinal Tap: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
The Thomas Crown Affair (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Three Businessmen: Special Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*4/17/2001
Three Kings: Special Edition (16x9)Warner Home Video
Three To Tango (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Threesome (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Through Fire, Water and Brass Pipes (16x9)Image Entertainment*7/24/2001
Throw Momma From The Train (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Thumbelina (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Thunderball: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Thunderheart (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Time And Tide: Special Edition (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*8/7/2001
The Time Machine (16x9)Warner Home Video
A Time to Kill (16x9)Warner Home Video
Times Square (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Tin Cup (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
The Tingler: 40th Anniversary Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Titan A.E. (DTS/16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Titus: Special Edition (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
To Die For (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
To Sir, With Love (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Tokyo Raiders (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*4/10/2001
Tomcats (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*8/14/2001
Tommy (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Tommy Boy (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Tomorrow Never Dies: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Tomorrow Never Dies (16x9/PS)MGM Home Entertainment
Tomorrow Never Dies: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Tootsie (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*5/29/2001
Topaz (16x9)Universal Home Video*3/6/2001
Topsy-Turvy (16x9)USA Entertainment*6/20/2000
Topsy-Turvy (16x9)USA Entertainment
Tora! Tora! Tora!: Special Edition (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Tora! Tora! Tora! (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Torn Curtain (16x9)Universal Home Video*3/6/2001
Torso (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Total Eclipse (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Total Recall: Special Limited Edition (16x9)Live Entertainment*9/18/2001
Touch Of Evil (16x9)Universal Home Video
Tourist Trap (16x9)Amazing Fantasy Entertainment
Toy Story (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment*3/20/2001
Toy Story / Toy Story 2 (16x9/PS)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Toy Story / Toy Story 2: The Ultimate Toy Box (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Toy Story 2 (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment*3/20/2001
Traffic (16x9)USA Entertainment*5/29/2001
Trail And Error (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Tremors (Special Edition) / Tremors 2: Aftershocks (16x9)Universal Home Video*8/28/2001
Trespass (16x9)Goodtimes Home Video
Trial And Error (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Trial By Jury (16x9)Warner Home Video
Trick (16x9)New Line Home Entertainment
Trigger Effect (16x9)Universal Home Video
Trippin' (16x9/PS)Monarch Home Video
Tristan Und Isolde: Wagner: National Theater Munich (16x9)Image Entertainment*4/10/2001
Trixie (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Trois (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Trouble with Harry (16x9)Universal Home Video*3/6/2001
Truck Turner (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
True Believer (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*4/3/2001
True Crime (16x9)Warner Home Video
True Grit (16x9)Paramount Home Video
The Trumpet Of The Swan (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*7/31/2001
Truth Or Consequences (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Tucker: The Man And His Dream (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Tuff Turf (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*3/13/2001
Tumbleweeds (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Turbulence (16x9)HBO Home Video
Turkish Delight: Special Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*4/24/2001
Turn It Up (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment*3/20/2001
Twilight (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Twin Falls Idaho (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Twin Warriors (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Twister (DTS/16x9)Warner Home Video
Twister (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Twister: Special Edition: Collector's Edition (DTS/16x9)Creative Design
Twitch Of The Death Nerve (a.k.a. Bay Of Blood) (16x9)Image Entertainment
Two If By Sea (16x9)Warner Home Video
The Two Jakes (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Two Lane Blacktop: Limited Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
U Turn (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
U.S. Marshals (16x9)Warner Home Video
U2: Rattle & Hum (16x9)Paramount Home Video
U-571: Collector's Edition (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
Ultimate DVD: Gold (DTS/16x9/P&S)A-Pix
Ultimate DVD: Platinum (DTS/16x9/P&S)A-Pix
Ultimate DVD: Silver (DTS/16x9/P&S)A-Pix
Ultraviolet (16x9)Rykodisc*6/26/2001
The Unbearable Lightness Of Being: Special Edition (16x9)Criterion Collection
Unbelievable Truth (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*3/13/2001
Unbreakable: Special Edition (DTS/16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment*6/26/2001
Uncle Buck (16x9)Universal Home Video
Uncommon Valor (16x9)Paramount Home Video*5/22/2001
Under Fire (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*9/4/2001
Under Siege (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Under Suspicion (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Underneath / Village Of The Damned (16x9)Universal Home Video*8/28/2001
Unforgiven (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Universal Soldier: The Return (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Unsinkable Molly Brown (16x9)Warner Home Video
Untamed Heart (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
The Untouchables (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Up In Smoke (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Urban Legend (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Urban Legend/ Urban Legend: Final Cut (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Urban Legend: Final Cut (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
V: The Original Miniseries: Special Edition (16x9)Warner Home Video*7/3/2001
Valentine: Special Edition (16x9)Warner Home Video*7/24/2001
Vamp (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*8/21/2001
Vampire Happening (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Vampires (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Vampires / Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Vampyres: Special Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Varsity Blues (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Velocity Trap (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Vengeance (16x9)Image Entertainment
Vera Cruz (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*3/20/2001
Vertical Limit: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*5/22/2001
Very Bad Things (16x9/PS)USA Entertainment
The Very Thought of You (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Victor / Victoria (16x9)Image Entertainment
Victory (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Video Essentials (16x9/PS)Image Entertainment
A View To A Kill: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Village Of The Damned (16x9)Universal Home Video
Vince Vaughn 2-Pack: Clay Pigeons/ Return To Paradise (16x9/PS)USA Entertainment*TBA
The Vineyard (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*4/17/2001
Virgin Suicides (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Virtual Sexuality (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Virtuosity (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Virus (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
Virus (16x9)Universal Home Video
Volunteers (16x9)HBO Home Video
Von Ryan's Express (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
The Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea / Fantastic Voyage (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Wag The Dog: Platinum Edition (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Waking The Dead: Special Edition (16x9)USA Entertainment
A Walk In The Clouds (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Walking The Edge (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Walking with Dinosaurs (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Wall Street (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Wanted Dead Or Alive (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*5/29/2001
The War (16x9)Universal Home Video
Warlock: The Armageddon (16x9)Trimark Home Video
The Watcher (16x9)Universal Home Video
Waterworld (16x9)Universal Home Video
Waterworld (DTS/16x9)Universal Home Video
Way Of The Gun (16x9)Artisan Entertainment
The Way We Were (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Wayne's World: Special Edition (16x9)Paramount Home Video*7/10/2001
Wayne's World 1 & 2: The Complete Epic: Special Edition (16x9)Paramount Home Video*7/10/2001
Wayne's World 2: Special Edition (16x9)Paramount Home Video*7/10/2001
Wedding Party (16x9)Image Entertainment*9/11/2001
The Wedding Planner: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment*7/3/2001
The Wedding Singer (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
Welcome To The Dollhouse (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Wes Craven's New Nightmare (16x9/PS)New Line Home Entertainment
West Side Story (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Westworld (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Westworld (16x9)Warner Home Video
What A Blast: Special Edition (DTS/16x9)A-Pix
What Dreams May Come (16x9)USA Entertainment
What Lies Beneath (16x9)Dreamworks Home Entertainment
What Planet Are You From? (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
What Women Want (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Whatever Happened To Aunt Alice? (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Whatever It Takes (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
When Harry Met Sally: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Where the Buffalo Roam (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Where The Heart Is (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Where's Marlowe? (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Whipped (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
White Christmas: Special Edition (16x9)Paramount Home Video
White Men Can't Jump (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
White Sands (16x9)Warner Home Video
Whity (16x9)Fantoma
Who: Live At The Royal Albert Hall (DTS/16x9)Image Entertainment*9/25/2001
The Whole Nine Yards (16x9/FS)Warner Home Video
Who's Harry Crumb? (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Why Do Fools Fall In Love (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Wicked Ways (16x9)Image Entertainment
The Wicker Man: Limited Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*8/21/2001
The Wicker Man (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*8/21/2001
Wild America (16x9)Warner Home Video
The Wild Angels (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Wild Bill (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*3/20/2001
Wild Things: Special Edition (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Wild Wild West: Special Edition (16x9)Warner Home Video
Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Wings Of Honneamise (16x9)Manga Entertainment
The Winslow Boy: Special Edition (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
The Winter People (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*5/22/2001
Wirey Spindell (16x9)WinStar Home Video
Wishful Thinking (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Wishmaster (16x9/PS)Live Entertainment
The Witches Of Eastwick (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
The Witches (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Witchouse 2: Blood Coven (16x9)Amazing Fantasy Entertainment
Without Limits (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Witness (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Wolf (16x9/PS)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Wolves Of Kromer: Special Edition (16x9)First Run Feature*5/22/2001
The Woman In Red (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*9/4/2001
Woman On Top (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*4/10/2001
Wonder Boys: Special Edtion (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*3/13/2001
Wonderland (16x9)Universal Home Video
The Wood (16x9)Paramount Home Video
Woodstock: Director's Cut (16x9)Warner Home Video
Woody Allen Collection 1987-1992 (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*6/5/2001
Working Girls: Special Edition (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment*4/17/2001
World According To Garp (16x9)Warner Home Video*4/3/2001
The World Is Not Enough: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Woyzeck (16x9)Anchor Bay Entertainment
Written On The Wind (16x9)Criterion Collection*6/19/2001
X: The Man With The X-Ray Eyes: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment*6/5/2001
Xanadu (16x9)Universal Home Video
The X-Files: The Movie (DTS/16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Xiu Xiu: The Sent Down Girl (16x9)Image Entertainment
X-Men: Special Edition (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
The Yards (16x9)Buena Vista Home Entertainment*4/17/2001
The Year Of Living Dangerously (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Year Of The Gun (16x9)Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Yi Yi: A One And A Two (16x9)WinStar Home Video
You Can Count On Me: Special Edition (16x9)Paramount Home Video*6/26/2001
You Only Live Twice: Special Edition (16x9)MGM Home Entertainment
Young Guns 2 (16x9)Warner Home Video
Your Friends & Neighbors (16x9/PS)USA Entertainment
You've Got Mail (16x9)Warner Home Video
Zardoz: Special Edition (16x9)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment*3/27/2001
Zero Effect (16x9/PS)Warner Home Video
Zombie Lake (16x9)Image Entertainment*3/27/2001
Zorro, the Gay Blade (16x9)Image Entertainment*7/10/2001