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Happy Holidays!

  We are heading straight into the new year as I write this, and I wanted to take a moment to wish all our readers Happy Holidays!
This has been a very interesting year - a very busy one, too. With so many things going on, it was hard not to get completely frazzled. As you may know, aside from running DVD Review, this year saw the launch of my gothic horror dime novel series 'Jason Dark: Ghost Hunter.'
  Never would I have imagined the amount of work that would go into this project - and I am not even talking about the actual writing of these stories but rather all the stuff around it. All the effort and time that is necessary to promote a self-published series such as this is tremendous and can easily suck every spare minute out of your life.
  On the movie front there was surprisingly little development this year. DVD is fading rapidly as Blu-Ray has firmly established itself as the major format in homes. The big surprise, however, was how thin the release catalog was. It is evident that studios are focussing mostly on releasing new theatrical titles and give little thought on back catalogs, and if they do, it is really just the blockbusters of days past, making for a somewhat lackluster selection at times. While it makes business sense for the studios, I'm sure, for consumers looking for high def versions of the favorite movies. Sadly it also meant that we were bombarded with a slew of ridiculously bad movies, simply because they came fresh off their box office losses and were still making use of the marketing afterburners. The crap I've seen this year… wow!
  So, with that in mind, once again, let me wish you all Happy Holidays. Be safe and enjoy the company of your loved ones, and thank you very much for all your support!

Has there really been so little going on of interest in the world of DVD and Blu ray that this section hasn't been updated in nearly 6 months? Surely there must be something worth reporting or commenting on in the world of digital movies??

6/15/2011 3:28:47 AM

Actually, there appeared to me to be a growth of catalog titles on Blu-ray and DVD from mid-2010 to the present, if you take into account the progressively more prolific Criterion releases, Paramount's better-late-than-never re-entry into catalog releases, Olive's Paramount licensed titles, and MGM is churning them out from Sony and Criterion and store exclusives. I am optimistic.

6/10/2011 7:46:17 PM

William Reid from Canada
With regard to the low number of good catalogue titles, I have my own theory:

DVD looked back, BD looks forward.

To elaborate, DVD looked back and drew on 100 years of film making. Thanks to this medium just about every film a person could want is already part of his/her collection. While these films can look even better on BD most people seem quite happy with their DVDs. Few catalogue BDs have sold very well. That's because BD is not about the past. It's future lies with the latest releases, good and bad, and new technologies (CGI, 3D). I expect the studios to release a few "prestige" titles on BD usually around Christmas but I don't ever expect them to offer the whole slate of their catalogues as they did for video tape and DVD. There aren't enough customers to justify the effort and cost and artistry of remastering/cleaning up/repairing a classic film to BD's level of quality. BD is now and will always be a niche market.

That's my take on this subject and a Merry Christmas to you all.

12/24/2010 12:19:13 PM

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