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New Kindle coming soon

  As faithful readers may recall some time ago I have begun publishing my own dime novel series which has since constantly gathered success and critical acclaim throughout the media. One of the cornerstones of the series is its availability in eBook form. While not limited to eBooks - the volumes are also available in print - I have always been a proponent of digital distribution, as it makes it so much easier and faster for fans to access content.
  I was very happy to see that has not only slashed the price of their fabulous eBook reader Kindle recently, but this week they also announced a brand new re-design of the device, bringing the to market in late August.
  As anyone who owns a Kindle can attest, this device is a revelation, giving you access to any book in the within seconds, and making the reading experience every bit as involving as a print book - without the dead-tree syndrome. With its new improvements I am very likely to replace my own Kindle with this new version when it becomes available, and I think your should give it a look too.
  Of course, no Kindle is complete without a good selection of stories on them, so make sure to check them out on or on

Like, totally tubeular!

8/18/2010 8:10:01 PM

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