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Amazon Kindle for Christmas

  Have you started your yet? If you haven't one reason might be that you are still looking for the perfect present for someone special. Well, let me speak up for a very good friend of mine... the
  In our digital age, books often seem outdated, yet at the same time - if not more. Just think of all the websites you're visiting, all the emails, all the tweets and not to forget, all those SMS messages. While it doesn't do a lot of good to the world's spelling abilities, we are certainly a society of readers.

  With that in mind, the is a great addition. I admit, at first I did not know what to do with it. I like the feel of paper, the way a book weighs in my hand and the way they smell. Nonetheless, I reluctantly got a Kindle at some point and
  Once you read on the Kindle, you will soon forget that you're not holding a book in your hands but a digital device. The handling is so easy, the screen so sharp and the experience every bit as absorbent as reading a book. On top of it, you can grab new books within seconds. You can browse the Amazon book store from the device and have books delivered to you with the press of a button. You will be surprised at the wealth and breadth of books available in digital form this way, and they are typically much cheaper than their cousins on paper. Or, you can upload materials yourself, such as public domain books or PDF files, for example.
  So, if you need a gift this year for someone who seems to have it all, give the a closer look. Like most Kindle users, it may turn you into a fan within a few short seconds.

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