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Shimano Extreme Fishing

  Over the weekend I had the chance to check out the new video game for Wii. It is a new fishing game that offers not only traditional , but also includes for added diversity.

  This was the first time I really played a fishing game. Previously I had simply looked at screenshots and wondered how the experience of fishing could possibly be relayed through a video game. Since the Wii has introduced new game mechanics with its wireless controllers, I found myself much less sceptic and decided to give it a shot. In the end, I had quite a bit of fun. It is nothing like real fishing, but it's is enjoyable entertainment nonetheless.
  The game allows you to follow a career path in which you have to catch certain types of fish in increasing difficulty in order to progress. Difficulty here relates to how hard it is to actually locate the fish, to lure it and ultimately to fight it. In nature some fish are notorious fighters and take certain sets of skill in order to land. This wearing-out process is reproduced in the game nicely along with some other cool kicks.
  Of course, there's also a free fishing mode in which you can decide for yourself what you want to hunt for, or simply we a lure for the fun of it. Free fishing consists of a series of unlockable 'areas' introducing new species, lures and techniques as you go along.
  I had a great time with this weekend and thought I'd pass the info along to you, in case anyone else is interested in some indoor fishing - particularly as the season gets colder.

Guido Henkel

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