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Witch Creek fund raiser

  Film fans listen up! I want to bring to your attention today a small independent movie production called , that is being written and directed by , a San Diego-based first-time filmmaker and friend of mine who is originally hailing from the computer games industry.
   is a psychological thriller/horror film that features some great talent and holds a lot of promise. Sadly, however, the production has run into a bit of a and the small production to continue its shoot. From what I understand, a large portion of the principal photography has been completed but another round of shooting days is required for pick-up shots to complete the project.
  since this is a completely privately funded independent film, the production team is reaching out to the public to raise some additional money and you, too, can help if you send them a little money through . For more information about the production and its status you can also check this page. You will find there a whole lot of additional information on the production and the people involved and as you can see also, not a whole lot of money is needed. So, if you wish to support and independent film project and help it to come to completion, maybe you, too, can donate a few dollars for the cause. And, as an added bonus, - how's that?

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