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Status Quo in search of the Fourth Chord

  It is hard for certain bands to get a real foothold in the US, even though they are institutions overseas. Case in point, , a quality rock band that has been around for over 40 years and has celebrated countless successes and chart topping hits, not to mention a seemingly never-ending string of albums.

   is now bringing the band's latest album to the US. What is interesting about this move is the fact, that this album was originally released in Europe in 2007, and it took the music 2 years to make it across the pond. Be that as it may, though, the self-irreverent titled 'In Search…' was well worth the wait.
  For decades now, Status Quo has been synonymous with their particular style of . To call it a trademark would be an understatement. They practically own the category and no one strums these upbeat tunes like . The denim and t-shirt look they made popular long before anyone else may have made room for slightly more sophisticated clothing, and the music may have developed over the years, but still, the band manages to capture the listener with songs that sound foot-tappingly fresh and peppy.
  Fans of the band will find great gems on this disc in particular. Harking back on this album to great classics such as 'Mystery Song' and the 'Blue For You' era, the band has long found the fourth chord, and managed to incorporate it - along with the fifth and sixth chord, into their easy going music - to keep their legacy alive and interesting.
  Check it out and let the good times roll.

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