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Infogrames becomes Atari becomes Infogrames becomes Atari again

  Sometimes you really have to wonder about how companies are being run. No, I am not talking about years-behind-the-curve auto manufacturers or banks-with-no-common-sense. I am talking about .
  After having had a rough fiscal year, just announced that the company will rebrand as . One really has to wonder what kind of retards are running these companies, seriously. The reason I am saying this is because French publisher used to do pretty well for themselves during the 80s and early 90s, growing to a major international player. At one point the company bought the Atari brand name and as a company in 2001, essentially beginning to put the Atari stamp on all their products. Things didn't go so well, the Atari name got tarnished by bad product and the branding was dropped. Silently Infogrames and Atari was sort-of put to rest. So, here we are in 2009 and the Infogrames name is tarnished with mediocre product and dwindling revenues, so what's a conscientious publisher to do? Heck, let's spend a couple hundred millions - the we do not have - to rebrand and . No one remembers the stigma, no one remembers the poor products, it's heck of a brand name… and in a few years when things don't go so well anymore, they'll just switch it back to Infogrames, spending another fortune, which they probably won't even have.
  Like I said, what kind of retards are running these companies? It pains me to see what the computer and video games industry has turned into. I helped create this industry in the early 80s and it fills me with anger to see how for the past 15 years it has become the playground for megalomanic corporate idiots. I don't even remember the last time I played a really good computer or video game.

When one chooses the use of words such as "retards". Then perhaps one should gaze into a mirror to see the true meaning of the word ! ! !

5/30/2009 2:12:36 PM

Plenty of good videogames out there- Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Little Big Planet, Lumines...

5/30/2009 1:11:32 AM

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